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Life Inside the Page Marketplace Blog Sale | Wallflowers

Life Inside the Page Marketplace Blog Sale | Wallflowers

I have begun my spring cleaning around here and part of it involves the cabinets and closets I store all of my goodies from Bath and Body Works.  As any devoted fan of all things smelly, we sometimes lose control of our collections and in looking at all I have here, I know there is no way to catch up and use it all with new coming monthly. So a sale is in order.

I had decided to stop using the wallflower items first, so I am going to list all of the new I have from a few years back up to current.

I have loose bulbs for sale and they are bagged up for ease of sale.  They will be sold in the grouping as they are packaged for the price shown below.

I have new single wallflower units also coming for sale.  There are so many, so so many.....I wanted to get started with the boxed units and the bulbs because I am getting emailed ten times a day and I hate making anyone wait. Then I will get to the single units and get them shown to be sold.  If you looking for  particular unit, please ask as I may have it.

Here are the terms:

❥I accept Paypal only as payment for my items.  With counterfeit bills, bad checks and fake money orders becoming the norm anymore, Paypal guarantees that I get paid....and your money is protected that I can ship it out immediately. And I do ship asap....usually next day.

❥Items will be paid for immediately please.  I had my blog sale previously and I had to suspend it for a time because of 8 people (one after another) not taking it seriously or just trying to mess with me by saying they wanted a bunch of things...then changing the order....then not following through or even responding back to emails.

If you see something and you are interested enough to want it, please expect to pay immediately.

❥Regarding shipping.  I am not a fan of the costs to ship items either but I cannot help what the US Post Offices charges.  Please note going into the sale they state what the cost is to ship to your zip code, but I will ship flat rate as much as I can to try and save you money.

Being I will be shipping glass wallflower bulbs I will wrap them in some kind of bubble product but I don't think a padded envelope will be enough to keep them from breaking...a box may be the best choice.

❥Please email me at  Tessie_f@yahoo.com  with your order and your ZIP CODE.  I will need it to get a shipping cost for your order.

I will get to everyone' email as fast as I can.  Usually when I start a blog sale I get slammed so please be patient with me.  I also don't get to update the photos as to what was sold immediately but I will try to keep it as current as possible.

I do send an invoice via paypal so you will know your exact amount to pay.  I will also be charged paypal fees to receive your  money...it doesn't always let me get it as a friend...or family.

USPS insures items up to $50.00 so if your order is more and you want extra insurance, please let me know so I can add that in.  Some people want it, some don't. I do pack very well but I will leave the insurance over $50 to the buyer.

Here is the link for Pocketbacs, Scentportables
Now for the cost:

Wallflower Bulbs are priced at $3.00 each 
We all know that in store they are Reg. Priced $6.50 each and the USUAL sale price is 4 for $20, or 6 for $24....making them $5.00 and $4.00 each.

For a super good sale, they are priced at $3.00 so that is what I am going to do. 

For the boxed wallflower units they will be priced below each picture. I may have only one of a boxed unit....so if you really want it...don't wait as I don't want to disappoint anyone. And I think they are all priced at the box price.

CONDITION of items:

All new and unused.  I did however accidently grab the boxed double snowflake unit wrong and spilled a bit of the winter bulb that was inside on me when I grabbed for it...it wasn't sealed in the packaging. That's why you may smell it. You can see in the pic its a bit lower but not from use.

I did plug each boxed unit in and snapped a picture so you can see how cute it looks lit up.

I greatly appreciate all who visit my sale....and thank you in advance for those who will be buying.  This will not be posted for long so please ask me any questions you have and Happy Scent Shopping!

slatkin Frankenstein boxed unit (2) available $13.00 each

slatkin bat haunted house $13.00

slatkin double bat $13.00
slakin ghost haunted house $13.00

slatkin ghost black cat haunted house $15.00

slatkin jack o lantern pumpkin $13.00

slatkin light up color changing snowflake $13.00

slatkin light up icy winter lights snowflake $15.00

slatkin double snowflake with WINTER refill bulb wintery white glow $15.00
this is the one that a little winter spilled and it smells.

slatkin snowman with snowflake fantasy rainbow lights
slatkin light up snowman red scarf (2 available) $13.00 each

snowman red scarf RARE scentbug- brand new, batteries included. $20.00


leaves unit and bulb (2 available) $6.00 each
(priced at $12.50)

autumn unit and bulb (2 available)  $6.00 each
(priced at 12.50)
fresh bamboo unit and bulb $6.00
(priced at $12.50)
lilac blossom unit and bulb $6.00
(priced at $12.50)
sweet pea unit and bulb $6.00
(priced at $12.50)

DUAL PACKAGES: $6.00 each

creamy nutmeg
caramel apple
cinnamon stick
twisted peppermint
island margarita
pumpkin pecan waffles (2 available)
pumpkin caramel latte
kitchen spice
salty caramel
mint chocolate
mahogany teakwood
watermelon lemonade


DISNEY alice in wonderland dual set
Honey Lavender bulbs $15.00 set
$3.00 each priced as packaged

coco lobo
3 bulbs $9.00
south bean sun
2 bulbs $6.00
2 bulbs $6.00
French lavender
2 bulbs $6.00
3 bulbs $9.00

3 bulbs $9.00 lilac blossom
2 bulbs $6.00 lilac blossom
3 bulbs $9.00 lilac blossom lady bug
2 bulbs $6.00 fresh cotton


2 bulbs $6.00
3 bulbs $9.00 sundrenched vineyard
3 bulbs $9.00 honeysuckle

2 bulbs tis the season $6.00

3 bulbs $9.00 spiced wreath, merry cookie and winter candy apple

2 bulbs $6.00 holly jolly Christmas and holiday


2 bulbs $6.00 pumpkin gingerbread

3 bulbs $9.00 gingerbread

1 bulb $3.00 winter wonderland

3 bulbs $9.00 fresh balsam tree
3 bulbs $9.00 fresh balsam

3 bulbs $9.00 fresh balsam

3 bulbs $9.00 evergreen

3 bulbs $9.00 merry mistletoe

2 bulbs $6.00 frosted gingerbread
2 bulbs $6.00 frosted gingerbread

2 bulbs $6.00 deco vanilla bean noel

2 bulbs $6.00 twisted peppermint deco green

3 bulbs $9.00 twisted peppermint
3 bulbs $9.00 peppermint bark
3 bulbs $9.00 winter
2 bulbs $6.00 frosted bulb-winter

beach day bulb $3.00
3 bulbs $9.00 palm leaves

2 bulbs $6.00
3 bulbs $9.00
American boardwalk
apple crumble
2 bulbs $6.00
3 bulbs $9.00

2 bulbs $6.00 kitchen spice
2 bulbs $6.00
white barn nutmeg and spice and white barn renew and refresh

2 bulbs $6.00 autumn night and autumn sky
2 bulbs $6.00 pumpkin apple and apple orchard

ski lodge
2 bulbs $6.00

3 bulbs leaves $9.00
2 bulbs $6.00 marshmallow fireside
2 bulbs $6.00
pumpkin patch
2 bulbs $6.00 sweater weather

3 bulbs autumn apple $9.00
2 bulbs $6.00 autumn
3 bulbs $9.00 bats sweet cinnamon pumpkin
4 bulbs $12.00 sweet cinnamon pumpkin

2 bulbs $6.00 heirloom pumpkin

2 bulbs $6.00 farmstand apple and
autumn mums

3 bulbs $9.00 pumpkin cupcake
2 bulbs $6.00
3 bulbs $9.00 pumpkin cupcake

3 bulbs $9.00 cinnamon stick
 (2) available black hat snowmen $6.00 each
snowman without arms $6.00
snowman with mittens $6.00
snowman skating $6.00
gingerbread house $7.00
beaded snowman (2) available nightlight $10.00 each
silver bell wreath wallflowers (2) available $6.00 each
silver bell wreath scentportable (no refill included) $5.00
ornaments $6.00 each
patina tree $6.00, double green tree night light $8.00
pearl night light tree $8.00
reindeer $5.00 each sparkly sold
test store penguin (not released wide) $5.00
snow covered branch $6.00
nightlight light set $8.00
silver trimmed snowflake $6.00
 clear snowflakes (2) available $5.00
silver snowflake $6.00
gold sparkly snowflake $6.00
intricate snowflakes white and blue $7.00 each
roosters patina and bronze $6.00 each
patina rabbits (2) available $7.00 each
birdhouses (2) available $7.00 each
grapes (1) available $7.00 each
honey bees (2) available $8.00 each
colorful flowers $5.00 each
 silver anchor $7.00
shell $6.00
Lighthouse night light $10.00
sea horse $7.00
(3) available pineapples $7.00 each
 Double Units not in any stores I have been in for some time
 dark pink double unit and light up pink single set $12.00
Boxed Luxe wallflower sets: $10.50 each
floral with garden party bulb
lemons with limoncello bulb
owls on branch $6.00 each
owls patina and cream colored $6.00 each
 pumpkins yellow and orange $6.00 each
acorn $5.00
night light (1) available leaf $6.00 each
red maple leaf $6.00
sunflowers- yellow and gold $7.00 each
squirrel $6.00
night light bats and moon $8.00

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