Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Life Talk | Everyday Small Joys

Yes, you are looking at a HomeWorx three wick candle by Harry Slatkin.  It's fragrance partner, Deck the Halls is sitting next to me. Unlit, it is filling my space with the scent of the holidays with the wax being warmed just by the evenings temperatures - I am lost in the fragrance memories it conjures on cold.  I cannot wait until I light them tomorrow.

No, the person who received my QVC purchase in error Monday did NOT do the honorable thing and return to me what was mine.  I don't understand it, but it is on their heart. 

Yesterday's post about these was one part silliness at myself at the exhausted behavior at 1am of my scouring the hydrangeas and flower bushes looking for my "wax babies" ordered in July and one part disappointment that not only did I not get something I was so looking forward to and someone else did...but I had to wonder about my personal info.

I had to call QVC again today to remove and change some information on my account to try to ensure no damage could be done in my name because of the info on the invoice. And they assured me next week I will get what I ordered.

Ugh, Next Week???  Being a woman is hard enough...I can't be expected to be Patient Too!

Today after taking care of my father in law and going to two doctors visits with him  I came home to find a package on my porch.  Yes, My Porch! {I guess that secret UPS beacon I installed on the roof was working.}

And this time the tears were of joy that someone thought so much of me to make sure I had something to make me smile this week.

Small Joys.

I am a faithful person.  Don't get me wrong I suffer with how I think things should be and I am surprised most times at how they are not.  And in times when I recognize I need to be more patient and trust that my needs {and wants} will be fulfilled, not necessarily when I think they should be I am shown over and over again to have faith.  In people and in life.

Small Joys.

That is what I hope for each day.  Just a small joy.  

Ten years ago, next Thursday all I could hope for was to Breathe.  Each moment to the next. And I did. We did.

So when I say I am so moved and so thankful for this kindness and generosity, it comes from deep inside a grateful heart.

Today's Small Joy...

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Life Talk | Searching in the dark for Wax Babies

My days are much longer now with taking care of my father in law. I am not sure what I expected they would be since June when we were asked to help him with some of life's most basic of things.  A failed surgery called for much more in depth care and we were on call for it all.  

I will admit I have had my feelings hurt more than once with random comments that have made me feel less than important in his life. But I am there because I chose to be....and because no one else will be.

I have found in these past months a wealth of information that could not have been learned but for the sheer experience of all that was before us.  Generally, I believe life's every day is meant to be a learning tool for the "next" thing to come.  I have found that people will take advantage of someone up in years if you are not dillegent and pay attention as their advocate. And I have found that there are moments when I want to scream out over the weight of it all, but I cry in the shower instead.
Everyone of us has things in their lives that affects them...  I am just a big sharer. :)

With my balancing act of my life...and that of my 81 ( going to be 82 soon ) father in law, I don't sleep well.  One thirty...two thirty...four thirty...I am still awake.  Thinking.  Balancing.  Try as I might, I cannot get everything rattling around in there to I read my email of the day that I have missed...( I know, the worst thing to do when you need sleep ) and I stare out the window waiting for the sand man.  

The past few nights have been horrid for sleep.  Hot flashes...and a next door neighbor who likes to scream at someone at 1am and 2:15am.... ( I don't know what is going on, haha ) so come 4:30 am I am still looking out through the blowing sheers waiting for sleep.

I was exhausted yesterday but had to push through all that needed to be done and when my hubby asked if I had grocery shopping left in me, I went.  Hey, a girl gotta eat right?

I was grateful for the sight of my the end of the day and I put the food away while my hubby brought the car around to the garage.  I received a text from my aunt that my uncle was in the ER out of town seriously ill and he will be admitted and have surgery but she had to leave him there because she has nightblindness and cannot drive in the dark.  They were in the ER waiting since 11am.  I offered to come get her after he was admitted ( he was still in the ER as of 7am this morning) and take her home and we would drive her back to the hospital this morning to visit and retrieve her car but she declined. The hospital is 45 minutes from both of us.
After catching up with everything needing my attention with a food break in between, I found it was 12:30am and I still needed to shower. My husband was already asleep when I crawled into bed a bit after one.  First on my list, check to see if I missed anything important in my email.  With sleepy eyes I scroll and scroll and came upon a UPS Email Notice that my order had been delivered.
Well that caught my attention, so I clicked on it to read just what order it was. You order things, you forget... Here it is QVC...Harry Slatkin Candles.... CHRISTMAS IN JULY WAX BABIES.

  I sat straight up in bed.  Now you have my complete attention.  Delivery time... 5:57pm.
Wait. I was home then and there was nothing on the porch.  My hubby stirred at my movement and asked was there anything wrong.  Usually I would say no and go about whatever I needed to do.  This time I said, " Yes, my Christmas in July Harry Slatkin Candles were delivered and we forgot to get them." and I got up and made my way to the creaky steps to retrieve them.  "Wax Babies I am coming for you!"

I need to remember the security system is active when I am approaching the doors.  I did forget once and learned just how loud and strong the noise is (meant to knock you down...and it does) when you open the door without disarming it.  Looking out through the glass I didn't see anything, just darkness, so I pushed the door open and heard the night critters fussing and stepped back in to turn on the porch light.  It is no fun getting sprayed by a skunk. 

I checked everywhere....nothing.  No boxes. Drats.

Now what.  Overtired and now unhappy I made my way back inside, armed the system and talked to myself as I walked up the steps.

My husband was now awake and of course asked where was the box. No boxes.  He said when he left to put the car in the garage the UPS truck rounded the corner here so fast he couldn't pull out onto the road and he saw it stop up in the next block to make its deliveries.  ( it was very late to still make a delivery) He reminded me to pull up the history on the front video camera to see if the UPS driver made the delivery here and to see if it was taken off of the porch or if it never was delivered.

So I started looking through the feed of what went on here yesterday..  Boring.  Happily boring considering.  I get to the time we came home...there we are. 5:32pm.  Hubby rounds the corner to the front of our home at 5:36 to put the car away. 5:37pm the UPS truck comes past our house and goes up the street.  And  Nothing delivered or seen for the rest of the night. Drats again.
Now if it was delivered to the wrong address, they have my invoice info and my wax babies.  Maybe they will return them?

I called QVC, yes I thought the customer service gals were there after 2 am...haha, I told you I was exhausted and delirious - and I was told to call back at 7am.

Having loved the Slatkin name of products so long I was heartbroken when Bath and Body Works stopped carrying his name and his quality products.  But you make do and hold onto the few gems to remind you of what good was once like.

Now I was sad too.  I have been waiting for these since July and I didn't even want to read any reviews from my friends in the wax community who also have been waiting to try these and who will be getting them, because I wanted it to be an uninfluenced opinion on my part.
With all that has been on my mind and yes, much more important things comparatively...I knew that these would be shipped around the time I needed to get my daughter's memorial to the paper....I just didn't recognize that time was now.

So the time passed as I stared out the windows miffed and tired...and I finally fell asleep sometime after 3am.

My first call was to QVC to confirm the information I see was correct and she confirmed it was.  I explained what had happened with video proof if needed and she asked me if I wanted a refund or a new shipment of things if they were still available.

I told her a new Shipment please, I have been waiting since July... and we both laughed.  She said if I should happen to get them returned to me before a replacement shipment arrives to please contact them as I couldn't get anything before next week. And if they find their way back to me after I received my replacement I need to return them.  

 Honestly, I wanted to go up in the next block and knock on all of the doors sniffing for the heavenly scent of Christmas wax babies. 

Ha, ha not in this neighborhood.  You will find my face on a milk carton.  ;)
I did call UPS to fill out a not delivered report and they will keep in contact with QVC as to what they find out.  So that is that. 

It's funny how, as you age your "Late Night" experiences were much different when you were younger.  Now I lay waiting for the hotflashes to stop - the things to do in my head to settle down - the sand man to come and the critters to not chase me when I am searching in the darkness for Wax Babies...

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Life Talk | September Parole

Today's Food For Thought:

We were informed via mail that the ass who robbed our home is coming up for Parole this month and I am not thrilled, to say the least.

But, how odd is it that the man who robbed my home (and wasn't charged for it) received more time in jail than the man who killed my child did.

Life Inside the Page | Blog Sale Update

Because shipping costs are high, many who have shopped my blog sale have asked me if I post on the Mercari App.
I didn't then, but recently have started using that app.  I am not a huge fan of the wait time for payments to be released to me after the buyer rates me when they receive their items days later, OR the 10% I will lose, but if it can help reduce shipping charges for the items you really want, I am willing to do it.
With Mercari, the shipping charges are simple, you pay:
Boxed up weight:
0 to .5 ounces - $4.00
.5 ounces to 3 pounds - $6.00
3 pounds to 10 pounds - $9.00
10 pounds to 20 pounds - $15

With many of the Bath and Body Works items I have that I am de-stashing having some weight to them (candles, signature fragrance bottles, etc.) so this shipping rate should help.  This is for priority mail too!
The one thing to make note of is if you plan to buy more that one item that is shown on my blog post or Mercari posts for sale, combining must be done prior to making the purchase. I cannot adjust the shipping rates afterwards.
Just email me your list and I will make a specific post for you and I will email you the link to it. Just be ready to pay as the post is public and we don't want anyone to get what you wanted.
The ceramic Rae Dunn items I may occasionally offer are better shipped separately depending on the item.
Here is the link to my Bath and Body Works items,
Life Inside the Page Blog Sale Post

and hopefully I can get more candles and body care listed.  Be sure to check the posting often for new.

For additional savings, be sure to do what I do before I visit any shopping site on the web...EBATES. I love getting paid to shop.

My email address-

Bath & Body Works | New Essential Oils Body Collection | Canada Reveal

I received these two photos today from a friend of my blog who received the coupon in a Canadian store. I really appreciate all who follow what I share and those who love to share what they find for others to enjoy too!
I am not sure if this is something the states will see, or when but I wanted to make a post to archive it.

Essentials Oil Collection- 
 ( infused with natural olive oil and peppermint oil )
Mint Leaf and Bergamot
Ginger and Cardamom
Lavender Sandalwood

Forms Available:
  • Body Scrub
  • Body Cream
  • Body Wash
  • Fine Fragrance Mist
  • Body Oil
  • Triple Body Butter

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Bath & Body Works | Pure Simplicity Body Care Collection | Online Today

New, and online today, Pure Simplicity Body Care.
Formulated without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, petrolatum, artificial color & gluten, our promise is pure & simple: gentle and hypoallergenic products specially crafted for those who believe that less is more.  

Pure Simplicity Body Care  Collection
100% Hypoallergic
Formulated Without - Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Petroleum, Artificial Colors, Gluten

Fragrances are:
  • Rose Water -
  • Acai Berry -
  • Fragrance Free -
  • Almond Milk -
Available in these forms:
  • Oil Rollerball
  • Fun Size Body Wash
  • Body Polish
  • Body Wash
  • Body Oil
  • Body Milk
  • All Over Refresher 

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Bath & Body Works | Holiday Test Candle Preview | September 7th

Released today in Bath and Body Works (test) stores today, here are more of the new holiday candles testing currently.  
I must say I am liking all that I am seeing and I really like the Camp Winter labels.
White Barn Collection: colored glass
  • Blue Cypress and Vetiver - blue cypress, fresh vetiver, patchouli leaves
  • Golden Amber and Oak - golden amber, rose petals white oak
  • Grapefruit Gin Fizz - ruby red grapefruit, sparkling water, juniper gin
  • Merry Mimosa - sparkling champagne, red apple slices, iced sugar crystals
  • Spiced Graham Cracker - ground cinnamon, cardamom, golden graham cracker
  • Peppermint Rosemary - fresh peppermint, iced rosemary, eucalyptus
Decor Label: (embossed lid with snowflakes)
  • Champagne Toast -
  • Cinnamon Caramel Swirl
  • 'Tis the Season -
  • Vanilla Bean Noel -
  • White Mint Latte - fresh peppermint, white chocolate, whipped milk
  • Winter Candy Apple -
Camp Winter Collection: (embossed lid with trees and stars/snowflakes)
  • Camp Fire Donut - notes of powdered sugar, glazed donut and cedarwood essential oil
  • Flannel -
  • Fresh Balsam -
  • Frosted Cranberry -
  • Frozen Lake - notes of juniper berry, eucalyptus and lavender essential oils
  • Hot Cocoa and Cream -
  • Snow Mountain Lodge - notes of smoked embers, pine and patchouli essential oil
  • Spiced Apple Toddy -
  • Winter -
Naturals Collection:
  • Currant - notes of red currant and geranium essential oil
  • Frankincense - frankincense and clove essential oils and notes of amber
  • Myrrh - notes of myrrh and clove leaf essential oil
  • Peppermint - peppermint essential oil and notes of creamy vanilla
  • Pomander - bitter orange essential oil and notes of clove
  • Spruce -
Courtesy of @_scentsgalore on Instagram

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Bath & Body Works | Upcoming Wallflower Special - September 16th

Scheduled for September 16th -
$2.95 Wallflowers and an exclusive Pierced Pumpkin Wallflower Heater released for that day only.
I don't think a coupon is required for this sale.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Bath & Body Works | Holiday Test Candles List | September 2017

Yesterday we saw our first look at some of the new holiday test candles that are coming out and today there were a few more found on Instagram. Check these out! 

I talked with a store that is going to be putting the new out and was told we will see them in stores this Thursday, September 7th.  I am looking forward to seeing what direction Bath and Body Works is going towards this holiday season.  I was told after the managers meeting that the next few months is going to be big with over 800 products with all new items geared towards formulations for your skin.

Last year, on September 7th, I shared the First Look of the Holiday Body Care that was testing.  So far I haven't heard anything.  If you remember way back at the beginning of the year I shared an in store survey test that was happening for holiday body care and I am curious if any of those scents made it from survey to testing.

Here is a small list of what we have seen so far as testing Candles:
White Barn Collection: colored glass
  • Blue Cypress and Vetiver - blue cypress, fresh vetiver, patchouli leaves
  • Grapefruit Gin Fizz - ruby red grapefruit, sparkling water, juniper gin
Decor Label: (embossed lid with snowflakes)
  • White Mint Latte - fresh peppermint, white chocolate, whipped milk
Camp Winter Collection: (embossed lid with trees and stars/snowflakes)
  • Snow Mountain Lodge - notes of smoked embers, pine and patchouli essential oil
  • Camp Fire Donut -
  • Frozen Lake - 

(photo credit @_scentsgalore) 
(photo credit @heretoday20)