Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Before we hit the keys



When you write for public viewing, regardless of the topic....people will criticize and critique... everything.   It's the Nature of the beast.  It is who we are.

I don't "work" for this company that I write about.  Well, not in a traditional way that is.  My buying their products.... trying their products....and writing about all of that experience is work in a sense.... sure....  Just not as some would perceive as a "daily grind".

And to do all of this---- spend my hard earned monies on all of these things and share my thoughts about these things--- is done because of the respect and love for the products and for the company.  I may find things that cause me to ponder the reasoning behind some decisions that are made ... as well as let out a little cuss or two at times.  That too, is life. ...and Big business...  And both are a process.

When I wrote recently about my conversation with someone and her concerns about divulging too much "socially" it wasn't a finger pointing, hand slapping, go to your room kind of blog. And it certainly wasn't aimed at anyone in particular.   It was one of genuine concern from an employee of the company who loves her job and all it entails..... and her sharing her concern with me was just that she wanted to inform me of something,  the - behind the scenes -  that we as consumers who are sharers.... may or may not know. 

When I walk into a BBW store...I am not looking at the store next to it as a competitor...I am thinking what is there new to add to my already obscenely overstuffed cabinets. 

I am not thinking what is the back story to this business..... even though I am pretty well informed as to all of the goings on.  Maybe it is because I do know so much that the other stuff doesn't dawn on me... I don't know. I usually don't think of BBW as having competition.

So when I sit at the keys and begin my sharing of my haul I am not thinking that this new item is really a test item.....and my saying all that I do could be an issue. Because if it is out and I got it....any one else can get it too.  So that's not a problem.

I don't have anyone telling me the fragrance notes of an item well before its released and then sharing that information publically, so that doesn't apply to me either.  I am in no way jealous if that happens with others.  When I find out, I find out and I will buy it, try it and share. 

My thoughts about that are this: if it is a secret and if it is leaked early...they want it leaked out....and if they don't want it out....they will plug the leak. No more..no less.  And that is what I told the person I was speaking with.

Sure, as fragrance fans we all want to know everything ...  now!  ha ha... But sometimes we must temper our own drive for the bigger picture.

I appreciated my candid conversation with her and took it as a learning experience ----another facet in this gem of writing ---  and I shared that perspective in a blog. 

So you as the reader of this blog would also understand what's going on....and the choices we make...

before we hit the keys.......