Friday, June 28, 2013


June 28, 2013

I am sitting here at the keys wondering where to start first as the past two days have been somewhat of a whirlwind in my mind.  I have been pulled in what seems like a hundred different directions and I am just sitting here in the quiet of the birdsong trying to get it all out.

First, as I am sure a lot of you have read....yesterday there was a conversation held with the help of a third party between Cia and myself.

Within a matter of months last year, what started out as a small dusting of snow had turned into a major snowstorm with us....with constant snowball fights and ultimately an to speak.  And sometimes it isn't easy to dig yourself out from under all of it....and you do need help.  And with writing or texting...sometimes the words aren't interpreted to the meaning that was intended.  Speaking to one another was necessary.  So as hard as it was for both of us, as well as our mediator....we got to a place where we can both do what we love....which is share with all of you....without the other looking over their shoulder waiting for another "snowball".  :)

We are not the first bloggers I am sure who have had troubles....but we are glad to be out of that fray.  Happily there are a lot of bloggers who write about Bath and Body Works products so there is ever changing information to be seen.  We each have our own styles that we share with our readership that I hope will make for a pleasurable experience wherever you get your information from.

Lately, we all have been doing updates to our pages to fit the way we want them to feel in reflection to ourselves.  It's hard to go to blogspots templates and figure out in one shot what you want your page to look like.... that reflection of yourself.  It is limiting.   It is just as hard....or maybe time consuming is the word, to work on your own web page....back end....filling in your framework and learning what that do.  So we muddle through....checking out other pages we faithfully read....seeing what their style is and what is it about their page that draws you in.  Then we go back and muddle more.

When looking for a template for my page, my brother said.... stop looking at the colors...look at the layout.  You need to find that theme that you want and worry about the colors later.  I am a visual person...I see things differently at first so that was the hardest part.  But eventually you get there, as I am. More about that in a minute.

We know that Cia  is working hard on her page and now has revealed she is getting a little help in getting it all tied together for her anniversary coming up.  We look forward to seeing her page when she is done as I am sure it is going to be fabulous.

Yesterday,  Sincerely Kelley xoxo launched her new look and it is absolutely lovely and fresh.  Definitely what I think of when I see her name.  I love her logo I tried it out for her on my page earlier this morning.  What an adorable way to share a link of other bloggers on your page. 

Sincerely Kelley xoxo

Brandon at Bath and Body Works News recently updated his page for an awesome fun in the sun look for this writer of B&BW things from a guys point of view, so check him out.

Donovan at Real Talk about BBW Candles reached out to me last week to share his blog and I enjoy reading another guys perception of candle scents.

And Serena at Musings of a Mouse is another great blog read that makes me smile every time I read check her out too.

Now a little bit about my new changes.  Earlier this week I mentioned about my "Life ...Community" page section was opened to allow visitors to create their own profile pages, and even submit their own blog writings making their own social communities within my page.  And it doesn't mean they have to be blogs about Bath and Body can be about anything they chose to share (legally...haha...) .  Which would in turn build a knowledgeable  place where anyone can find a mix of subjects to read about.

"Life...Discussions" was added last night as a place where anyone can come and interact with each other about any subject.  I remember some time ago Bath and Body Works had a discussions forum open where people would come and discuss about anything B&BW.  Which was great if you wanted to ask a certain person where they found something your store may not have had.  So that is here should anyone want to ask about anything.

You may have noticed my Twitter is connected to my web page and automatically updates when I post a new article.  Which is fine if your just a twitter fan and not much of a blog reader.  I will  also have it auto posting to my Facebook page as well.

So yes, there be lots of changes happening here in our little blog world....  And change is good.