Friday, July 12, 2013

LyonsbyDesign my web page designer

July 12, 2013

I have so much to blog about I am not sure what to start with first....candle reviews or more new-ness or......okay.

Let me start with answering the question I am asked a lot of who designed my    page.  Here is the link to my brothers page:

Most bloggers start off writing on the free sites that are out there and that is perfect for their needs.  But if you are thinking about having a more professional looking web page wanting a URL name of your own to reflect just who you are, then this consultant is a great place to start.  And contacting them is free.

Checking out the other blog pages we read everyday is a great place to help us figure out what it is we want our page to be.  But keep in mind, it's not all about the pretty colors and the graphics we see but truly about the format of the page that will keep people coming back.

For me, that was the hardest part.  I know what I want my page to look like....I just needed someone to show me how I could achieve that look.  Plus, with the foundations I chose, I have so many more options available to me as my ideas grow.  And as my ideas can my page.

The Community section implemented in  my blog allows other bloggers to submit their own writings should they want to expand their viewership while still allowing this to remain my own.  Perhaps they aren't into blogging and really just want to post a few things here and there without maintaining a "page" of their own.  They can do that here....and be seen...with all of the privacy access they need.

And within the community there are areas for social exchanges.

Plus all of my social buttons aren't buttons but actual live updates shown on those site pages as I blog.  Not everyone reads blogs, or does Facebook.  Now, I can reach out to all of the social areas at once updating my readers with one click of my blog...

The E-Commerce section is also an exciting component that I will open up as soon as time allows.  What I love about this is I can offer so much of what I became a Powerseller on Ebay with, here, all under one roof so to speak....with all of the protections domestic and international customers require.

And then there is the section within my page where I have the options to share with select friends only.  Something the free websites can't offer.

So those are just a few of the many things that I have going on....with my blog dot com page.

With so much more you can offer your readership, just click the link above and take a look to see if  Lyonsbydesign has something to change your blahg.....into BLOG!