Saturday, September 7, 2013

Currently "featured" on Life inside the Page

September 7, 2013

I just wanted to take a few moments to once again to post an update of the new features happening on my blog.

As you know, our goal was to always keep the look clean and keep the page updated and fresh.  And we are diligently looking for the newest things to implement into our page to make it easy to read.

We have now added more to our drop down menus to help consolidate the functionality of the page while keeping the front page looking simple.  My blogs are always organized by categories and you can find each under the life writings tab. 

We have also added a scrolling "featured" box to accompany our phasing photo box.  The photo box has been our original design feature and I love it as it allows us to showcase any and all photos we chose fitting to the theme of our page. 

A friend of mine recently mentioned that with all of the writing I do, and posting one after another...sometimes the really interesting things get pushed off of the front page.

The "featured" box is where all of the Important articles will be highlighted.  You will still see the current  articles posted daily in the order that they are posted on the front page....but the featured area is thee place we will be posting those must see NOW articles with great info as well as up to the moment coupons. And if your a fan of Bath and Body Works, recipes and crafts.... this is the place you want to be checking as the Holidays are coming!

My brother has been using this feature on his blog page and we thought why not add to mine too. 

So that's the update for now.  And please feel free to comment if there is something you would love to see added to the page.  Thanks for reading!

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