Saturday, September 7, 2013

Living the life....

September 7, 2013

If you know me personally, or you are a reader of my blogs you sort of have a slight idea that I am pretty easy going with a silly sense of humor and I try to always see the good of a situation, until the moment that I don't.  And over the past year, you know when that is too.  There is a lifetime of backstory to me that is not known, like everyone has sure, and I have had a lot of things happen that for some would make them question getting out of bed everyday.  But I do.  Gratefully as I know it is a blessing. 

And I eek out my life day by day doing what I do, not bothering anyone but the occasional chipmonk in my yard with my photography.

I write a blog; a sharing place and it's my virtual way of sharing a small part of myself with any who read it as if we were sitting in a room chit chatting over a cup of tea.  All are welcome whether you wipe your feet or not.

What isn't welcome is nonsense.  That you can check at the door.

This past week I wrote a quick blog about Test stores....and I got three comment responses about it.  From the same person.  I will get back to that in a minute.

When I started reading Bath and Body Works Facebook Page some time ago I started noticing a lot of people were showing pictures of their purchases from this place and that place and I came to find they were calling them test stores.  Unbeknownst to me at that time, there were stores out there that had a different grouping of products available at different times.  Who knew!  I have been buying from this company since the beginning...and you go from one store in your area to another and they all have the same how is the average person to know this stuff?  Facebook of course.

So I am reading it and taking notes and sure enough there are these stores around the country with items that you may want...and all you need to do is pick up the phone...and for $6.00 its dropped off at your door.

Great concept.  I am not a driver.  This enables me and anyone else who can't get to a store a way to have what we want.  Plus it enables us to get those things designed for a different demographic area as well.

So I read and found  people are kind enough to share where they got their treasures.  And sure enough lists are made and shared all over the internet. 

A few times a year, Bath and Body Works tests out their lines of candle collections and other things at their test stores.  And why they test them this way is still a mystery to those of us dedicated shoppers who buy them.  Sure, we all speculate what it is they are testing, but short of B&BW themselves coming out and explaining the EXACT procedure on facebook to is all speculation and nothing more. 

So in an age of social media with tweets and blogs, facebook posts and instagrams....the word of new test candles goes out faster than blowing out said candle.  You will see posts EVERYWHERE...the candles are coming... the candles are coming.....and everyone waits with baited breath for that LIST.  And then the list appears, and all hell breaks loose.

And we all run to our phones and get out our test store numbers and call and place our order.  This past time I bought 12.  Out of the 34 or so that were testing I chose my favorites that I knew I would love, that I buy every year....and that I would not return.  Plus I didn't think it was my sole job to buy one of everything to just say here they are and then march them back to the store unwanted because I hated the scent. 

As we know, there have been a lot...ALOT of changes the way B&BW is doing things and I think they are trying to blame social media for that.  Granted, I am sure we are part of a possible concern of theirs.  Maybe.  I don't know if I believe all of that though.  I mean if my business had a bunch of people WRITING blogs about it I would be happy.  If my business put out a fan based Facebook page for said people to talk about my products...well, again...I would be happy.  Don't tell us to come and "Like" your page..And TWEET..then get upset if information is posted on it.  That makes sense ....right?  A little?

Okay anyway.   Again, its not the front door you need to lock....

So we all hear about the test scents and we are bombarding the stores that we know are doing it. 
A.) hire enough people
B.) hire enough people

People need jobs...people need money... people with money want your product....  The problem is where?

If your honest with us B&BW....and tell us....your loyal patrons why it is you test where you do...maybe we can make it easier for you.

Key word... honest.

So suddenly...those key stores we know and love are suddenly no longer test stores. 

Show of hands here who is surprised?  Not me.

Last year, for whatever reason, one of my stores was a test store for pocketbacs and got in some that no other non-test store did at Christmas.  They haven't tested anything else since.  Things change.

So Easton and TN was out of the test store market for candles....from the beginning....regardless what was said...and we all moved to other stores on our list. 

I called, placed an my candles in two days FANTASTICALLY shipped and wrapped and that was it.  For me.

Some were not so lucky.  Some didn't know where to look....and when that happened it went out over the social sites and suddenly stores were being told....No phone orders at all for candles.  Now a new mess...I mean routine is going to be implemented.

I was told this----I call the store.  When they tell me they aren't testing I am to tell them I know they are...wink wink, tell them to give me some code...that I will then call CS with to place my candle order and wait for a call back.

To again quote Charlie Brown....good grief. 

And I felt horrible for those who never got the chance to get their candles the same way I did.  I felt guilty to show the pictures of the few I had...but at the same time I wanted everyone to see how beautiful they were.  {if you notice, I haven't blogged my thoughts about them yet as I was upset over it} 

So I got a map of Pa and started making a list of stores from the B&BW site that are here in Pa.  Who knew?  And I am slowly doing other states around me as we have another vacation week coming and it would be nice to hit the road and check out places I never knew had one of my fav stores.  So I am writing this list....and I am excited and I posted a quick blog about it.  I wanted my excitement to filter out to others to say hey ya... I saw these candles in my store and here is where I am at....and so on.... Socially sharing.

What did I get?  haha... without even posting a list, that isn't done yet....I got a comment left for me{same person using two different names because they didn't realize my comments are open yet moderated}    telling me that this person knew where the layered candle was purchased and she held back on posting where it was because if she did...then the discovered store will no longer be a test store available for anyone to get.

And I was told not to publish my list for the same reasons.
And then I was told not to publish the comments or user name for the public to avoid any negative backlash.

So, wait...let me understand this correctly.  According to you-- comment poster....its okay for me to know a test store....and you to know a test store...and maybe a few of your friends you share that information with.... Just as long as we don't share it with everyone?

That may be how you live your life...but don't ever try to tell me how to live mine.

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