Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bath and Body Works Holiday 2013 Pictures of NEW

October 2, 2013
All I know is....I am going to need three jobs.  That's all I am going to say, now after seeing the pictures shared on a fan facebook page by fellow BBW lover Moe.  I cropped the photos down to remove all of the contact information and company (none of our beeswax stuff) that was included but we don't want to read that anyway...right?  All we want to know is when...what...and how much do I need!
My day got started off by seeing some great pictures shared on FB by another fellow fan Nicole Ashley (pics shared here ) of items she found in her stores and was kind enough to share them with all of us.  I think I love the sockies the bestest but of course I am going to want it all. 

Then as I was getting ready to go have lunch out with my husband, I noticed that Moe being a man of his word...followed through and posted some pictures of more of the new coming...specifically the new Holiday Traditions 2013 Line.  A few blogs back when I first started writing about what I thought they would be, I was thinking they would bring back the plum because of something I had seen and thought all of the colors there represented the colors they would use in the line.
I even wrote I thought this years theme was going to include an Eskimo.  I know, you all read that and thought I lost my marbles....but it was guesses based on years and years of ingesting this product and watching for clues.
Sure enough assumptions were confirmed as to the pictures on the bottles as well as my posting Saturday what the new names were going to be.  And for the record I am really excited to see and BUY everything.  I think this is the first year that my excitement goes beyond my (santa complex got to buy this for everyone) and centers on Me.
I am a dedicated shopper to this brand and when they offer me things to keep my interest they will get my money.  Granted now things have changed and the sales associates are not willing to share too much with us and understandably so, making finding things out a bit more difficult. But I do my best to find out all of the information I can to share it with everyone.  Some may not like that I do...but they are usually the first ones at my blog page in the morning.
That being said, here is a list of the new and upcoming Holiday 2013
Room Sprays:
twisted peppermint
vanilla bean noel
cinnamon frosting
Limited Edition Shimmer Gel:
Japanese cherry blossom
sweet pea
paris amour
warm vanilla sugar
cashmere glow
pink chiffon
velvet sugar

LED pocketbac clips:
gingerbread house
owl with scarf
Hard case:
snowboy in snowglobe
Character Pocketbac Holders:
penguin with lights
cat in glasses with lights
elephant with presents
Designer series: metal keychains
silver with rhinestones
rose gold
silver with faux leather
gold lock with fux leather
Limited Edition Luxe Fragrance:
Forever Red Vanilla Rum

Holiday Traditions 2013
available in body lotion, shower gel, triple moisture cream, fine fragrance mist,  whipped shimmer cream, and bubble bath
Signature Fragrance
Velvet Sugar
available in shower gel, body lotion, triple moisture cream, fine fragrance mist
Red velvet creme, pink jasmine, sugared musk, plum and wild strawberries
Winter Fresh Picked Peek
Merry Mango

Holiday 2013 House Luminary
Snowman by house


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