Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Consuming, Rewarding, Constant ~ the story of a logo ~

 October 23, 2013
In all of the years I have put pen to paper I never really gave any thought to the design of the area surrounding the words.  For me it was merely a venting out of all of those individual letters that formed words into a sort of readable journal of things around me.  Nothing more...nothing less.
Then I became more involved with computers and Blog-ging and thought...even better.
Most Blog sites way back when had pre-formed templates that you simply clicked the keys and chose whatever suited your mood.  And that is perfect for the creative person who is only thinking about mere words.
When the site I was writing on previously changed from hosting blogs to only sales I had to chose my next spot.  Or spots, as I chose two.  And these both offered templates. So I clicked my way around changing out the templates as I changed my moods or the seasons. It was fine, until it wasn't and then I had to start thinking what can I do to protect myself from those who made it their mission to make my life difficult.
Anyone can blog.  I hear it all of the time.  Absolutely you can.  If you can compose a word and a thought and's simple.  Now, blogging on a site of your own making, that's where the fun comes in.
Buying your URL, and figuring out who is going to do the hosting, the designing...all of that stuff is F U N.  Not.  I was lucky enough to have a brother who knows his way around a keyboard and after seeing what was going on convinced me to get my own space in the web world.  Poor guy, I bet there are days he wished I didn't.  Ha ha.  And I know I write about him a lot and yes, I do have sisters too, it is just I am into this particular project with him so it's natural I mention him more.  Not to worry I will write how my sisters make me crazy soon enough.  :)
So we figure things out, the basics.  But there is always something more.  This project isn't something that you start and then finish.  It is consuming and rewarding and constant.  I picked out the name fitting to me, so we went on from there to finding a look.
Women and appearance.  We are never satisfied with anything.  And that is true for me and my page.  Because the foundation I started with has soooo many possibilities I am not limited to a basic here it is as the "templates" of other blogging places have. 
So of new shoes...I must try them all on.
I don't need to tell you, as my daily readers  you know all too well that Tessie is over there trying on a new gizmo again when you log into the page and see something else.
And in these five months the one thing we haven't been able to come to terms with was the logo.  It's hard when you sort of know what you want...yet you can't put it into words or designs.  So you go with something else until it hits you.
He has mentioned to me numerous times that it is something I need to think about  seriously and try to figure out what it is I want.  That's like asking me dark chocolate or light.  Um, both.  And we had come to this point in discussions where he put it simply. "You think from a writers point of view and I think from a creative point of view."
And that was the problem. 
So I made it my focus, as I did the things throughout the day, to be more aware of the inspirations around me that are a reflection of me.
I told him numerous times I wanted a tree as part of the logo.  And I know what he must have been thinking.  But for me the tree symbolizes so much from my life.  I have a huge connection to them. 
My earliest childhood school memory was that of making a tree on construction paper with a big, fat old brown crayon in my little hand drawing its trunk. And daily I post a picture from my yard, my birds eye view...which is a yard full of trees planted by me almost two decades ago. They are life for me.
The night before last it sort of hit me and I sketched out my thoughts and sent them over to him...and I know, we are not talking about masterpieces is not a big deal to figure this stuff out.  But in choosing something I want it to be right for me and be able to work on numerous of formats should I decide I need a change. With his creative eye and a lot of patience, he figured out my logo. 
Simple. Yet meaningful for me.






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