Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"Man plans, God laughs."

 November 19, 2013
"man plans, God laughs"
I spent the better part of the day yesterday outside taking in all of God's blessings.... both figuratively as well as literally.  I did plan on staying in and catching up on things indoors that need my attention, but after the high winds and rain storm we had Sunday and the blue skies and fifty degree temperatures we were having currently, I thought I best change my plans and take care of the yard as it was a mess.  And as I raked and raked, five and a half hours worth, I couldn't seem to free my mind of the devastation and loss of life that was happening a few states away....also from storms on Sunday. The news can show you only what it can show you... you know in your heart it is a million times worse. Those affected are in my prayers.
When I was done for the day with that project, 8- forty two gallon sized bags later (and more to come as it was windy again last night and the yard is full again) , I threw a pizza in the oven for dinner, rubbed muscle ache medicine on my already paining joints and sat down at the computer for a few.  Shockingly, the big news on Facebook private messages to me was regarding the candle sale that didn't happen. 
Which I already knew was going to happen.  Both I mean.  The fact that the sale was not going to happen (i heard  sunday evening) and that I would be getting blamed and hearing some flack over it. Yep, like it's all my fault... haha  Some people make me laugh.  You want the information so you seek it out, even when you publically name call the person sharing it.  Then when for whatever reason the information doesn't happen the second you think it should...there you are back to name calling.  When it does follow through {more often than not} there isn't a peep out of your miserable mouth.
I don't work for the company.  If I did, there may be things done differently sure.  All I know is what I hear and see and report because I like to journal my days and share in the fun of those things I like.  I don't get paid to do this...because if that was the case, I would need a few more zeros at the end of the check to deal with some people....
Social Media.
Those in the private groups and public groups on FaceBook all sharing what you hear and see in your own stores, then looking to bloggers for confirmations.  Or the reverse, you read what we say then ask around to see if its true. Word of mouth has been trouble since the beginning of time.  Probably back as far as Adam and Eve.  Forget the snake...it was probably the internet that started all of that too~~~!!!
These companies put up a Facebook fan page as a way to share and interact with their customers and then poo poo it when too much info gets out.  You cannot have it both ways I am afraid.  Keep us interested and we will buy...{ your not a mega buck company because we don't} And don't get mad at us because we are excited, then pull back the sale.  I love your products and I am happy to showcase them on my writings, just like I am giddy to see what other fans of the product find in their area. Granted, I was not on any fan pages, public or private, raving about all of the sales coming....I am here in my corner of the world sharing for anyone who stops by.  Then it is on them and how they share.
As far as the sale goes, the marketing was made...its all a matter of time now should the company want to have the sale or not. It is up to them....it always was.  And this isn't our first time a sale didn't happen as planned.  Goodness.
Man plans....and the rest is out of our hands.

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