Thursday, February 27, 2014

Little Miss Write A Lot

February 27, 2014
As February races to close and March is close on its heels...{along with another snowstorm here for Monday I may add} I wanted to take time to post a quick blog.
Let me begin by saying, yes I know I write a lot. And it's not because I don't have anything to do all day and all I do is sit in front of the's really more that I have a lot floating around my little head and it needs to get out.  More for me but if it's interesting then for my readers too.
And the trouble with writing a lot is sometimes, the occasional reader does not know where things are.
I get it.  I write it and I can't find it too. :)
I just wanted to reiterate that my blogging is also shared on other social media sites. 
Twitter postings won't help you find a specific thing, and instagram shows you pictures usually after they are blogged, but it is cool to see things there. 
Pinterest won't help find blogs but it is fun to look at. 
But Facebook is a good connection to my more.  Some times I post things, random notes of sales and such there and they may not get blogged.  And I am using the Facebook PHOTO ALBUMS to house a bunch of pictures connected to Bath and Body Works products.
I keep them well organized in groupings of how they are released to the public ( line names)  and in the order they are released. 
And what I wanted to point out is I also have an album named QUICK LINKS TO BLOGS right at the top where I post a link to a post that I try to keep updated for quick information.
For example:  I just updated the Hawaii posting and added all of the new products shown online and from my blog last night.
So, click on the quick links to blogs, see the different pictures representing the links, click the Hawaii pic and there is the link to the most up to date photos and information for the upcoming March 9th Aloha, Hawaii launch.
Sure I have things organized here on the blog under blog categories, but for those "hey, I know she posted scent notes for this" and I don't want to look through all of Spring 2014 category...this may help.
As time allows, I will make sure and update the links in the pics as I add more, so you may want to bookmark that page for future reference.
As always, thank you for stopping by.... hugs, Tess

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