Wednesday, May 21, 2014

#BBWInsider | How To

May 21, 2014

If you just read my latest product review for Bath and Body Works #BBWInsider you are probably wondering how you could become an insider too.

Well, it is super simple and super fun.

When this program first started last year, they reached out to me via email.  I had not heard anything about it prior to receiving the email.

I am so glad I filled out the application. I love having the opportunity to try these incredible fragrance products before they launch in the stores and then be able to share my thoughts about them with my friends and readers.

And it is not just for bloggers alone.  I use a lot of social media sites to share my writings and I see there are a lot of #BBWInsider (s) on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest too.

The first step is to fill out an application here. 

If your accepted you will get email notice when a new program launches and you then go to the app and accept your sample.  There are a limited number of samples available at any given time and there are a lot of insiders trying for them so don't be discouraged if you miss out on a few. 

In no time your box will arrive!

And then your fragrance journey begins.

The #BBWInsider app has the answers to any questions you may have being new to this review process including all the legalities.... there is also an email address for those questions not listed for a more personal interaction and there is also a personal profile place where you can share in the network to earn badges.  I just was notified today I earned my 4th badge for Pinterest.

So that is the Insider HOW TO scoop from me to you.  If your a fragrance fanatic like I am, let's celebrate the fun of fragrance together!

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