Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A week in Review | vacation time

October 14, 2014
Vacation time is over and now begins the post-vacation time cleanup.  Sitting here before me in my office are bags and bags from purchases made these past ten days and everything is needing a place to be put...either before it gets wrapped up for gifts or after.
That's the trouble with vacations.  Your in the groove of sleeping in a bit and heading out for something fun every day then it suddenly stops and your faced with trying to get back into your regular routine groove.
No more long hikes in the sunshine that your shins ache for you to stop...no more sleeping in someone else's bed that you don't need to make... even though you did.  ;)
Eating out often is done...now its just a bowl of cereal for breakfast and a pack of crackers for lunch if you have time in between all of your daily things.
Ah life.
And my ten days of vacation time / anniversary time was pretty good. We love the fall and picked this time of year to get married now twenty seven years ago. And every year since this is our favorite time for vacationing.  Not too hot that your uncomfortable like the July vacation...this is the season of natures colored landscapes and cooler temps.
We traveled back to Penn State Main Campus last week and stayed two days there at The Nittany Lion Inn. The weather last week was beautiful.  Cool enough that you needed a sweater, yet the sun was out and warmed your face as we walked through droves of students now back at class. 
 We walked that campus from top to bottom checking out all of those things we once shared with our daughter and made a few new memories for ourselves. 
The other days off were spent traveling to different malls and I must say I am surprised at how sad the malls now are.  These huge malls with barely ten stores left in them. If not for the Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works stores no one would be in the one mall we stopped at.  Store after store we passed, the windows were boarded up or papered over and then you would see another small store with one clerk waiting for a customer to break up their day.
We have visited these stores every year for holiday shopping during the Columbus Day weekend of sales and every year there are less and less businesses left.  A sign of the times perhaps, where brick and mortar stores are slowing becoming extinct as the dinosaurs. And how could they compete with online sales?  Free shipping, coupons and right to your door service. Who doesn't love that.
Speaking of delivery to your door...my Bath and Body Works order from the first look email arrived yesterday bringing me a touch of Holiday Traditions that I couldn't get from the store. 
That's the downfall of knowing so much of what new is coming... I want it all now and I can't get it.
Not even a new pocketbac.  The stores everywhere I went claimed to not have anything on their IN/OUT wall.  Nothing new to put out.  They said this past Sundays floor set (move things around kind of set) was cancelled because the fall items are doing so well.  Which is great.  I want the company that I love to be successful. 
My order was just for some travel sized body care products and the new pocketbacs.  The body lotions were priced as a threesome for ten dollars while the actual loose travel items were priced three for twelve dollars.  I grabbed two of the lotion bundles, two of the pocketbac bundles, one each of the mini spray mist and shower gels and finished my order off with the iced gingerbread pocketbacs.
All arrived perfectly and I am loving the character  themes of the new labels. When I saw the Holiday Traditions test candle labels I wasn't sure what I would think about them because I had not yet seen the body care packaging.  I see today some of the new Holiday Traditions candles are online so they are all soon to arrive in stores.  I heard the November 3rd floor set.
I did try back in the first week of September to get all of the new Holiday test candles to share when they released.  I called over and over again to as many Bath and Body Works stores I could to get completed lists of all of the new names so everyone would know what was coming out and was told by a friend that she would go to the test store to get me any and all I wanted. Good Girls stick together.  And one excuse after another would come week after week, and she would buy for herself and be sure to share every new candle...and another new excuse.  Such is life I suppose. 
So now they are coming online and in a few weeks, in store. 
 I am really focused on the Made with Love Collection of candles and Hand Soaps.  Beautiful packaging is the way to my heart...and pocketbook. Hopefully we won't need to wait to long for those.
Well I better stop writing now and get back to work...I will share more photos from my week as well as NEW BBW info later today.
Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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