Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bath & Body Works | Savings

May 31, 2014

For those who live in Florida I heard that there is something new going into affect relating to bad weather preparedness.

The governor there had issued something to help residents gather supplies they may need for bad weather...batteries, candles, generators ... things like that and for a limited time you would not need to pay sales tax.

My father lives in Florida and I wondered why he never mentioned that before and I came to find out it is something new.

Which is pretty awesome, really.  Save money where you can right?  So in my silliness I mentioned that I wondered if 3 wicks are included....They are candles.  I know...I know...they are thinking nice white save your life kind of candles...But it never hurts to ask.

Guess what?  Bath and Body does support that sales tax program and he told me that only candles under twenty bucks qualified and it's for something like one week only.  Today through June 8th. 

No one wants to deal with terribly bad weather and he has seen his share of it there.  But its a nice thing to be able to get something you like tax free once in a while.  Yay Florida!

Victoria's Secret | Bombshell SUMMER | Color Drama Lipstick

May 31, 2014

I purchased my Summer Bombshell Fragrance Mist a week ago from Victoria's Secret before they went on that great sale, of course.  But I wanted it and I had a money off coupon I wanted to use so I was willing to pay a little bit of shipping and got the fragrance and a Color Drama Lipstick for free.
The color of the lipstick is called Melt and it's this neutral lip mauve that is a bit dark on its own.  Perfect for fall by itself or with a lip balm under it to make it more translucent for summer wear.  I love the feel of this lip product is creamy, non sticky and wears all day.  Everything you want in a lip product.  I was a bit disappointed that the color is so dark, it appeared much lighter online.

It is difficult to buy lip products from a catalog or online because the camera really doesn't capture the true color.  I will try another color, this time going for something much lighter.  And if your reading my Facebook page daily getting all of the sale updates and articles you would have seen that article I posted yesterday on Victoria's Secret decision to eliminate makeup and clothing from their sales. So if your a lover of their cosmetics, keep an eye out for elimination sales to stock up.

Now for the Summer Bombshell fragrance.  Every year I get myself more Bombshell because it works perfectly with my chemistry.  But I did notice a slight difference to the scent of this years Summer Bombshell.  I am not sure if its notes have changed that much or my chemistry.  But it is a lovely scent that I would definitely recommend trying.


Friday, May 30, 2014

Bath & Body Works | Return Policy

May 30, 2014

Your wondering what is the return policy at Bath and Body Works, and did it change.  Here are some notes to help you along.

What is considered an even exchange?
  • An even exchange is the return of one item and the purchase of a like product. The products must be the same brand, size and form.  For example, Signature Collection Body Lotion for a Signature Collection Body Lotion or a 3 wick candle for a 3 wick candle.  Even exchange does NOT mean like for like price point.
What if I received a Body Lotion for a gift and I want to return it for a Body Cream.  Is that an even exchange?
  • No. If we return a Body Lotion without the receipt and the Sa is not able to lookup our transaction it will processed as a non-receipted return of a Body Lotion and the LOWEST selling price shown on the register. That return amount may then be applied towards the purchase of the Body Cream at the current selling price that is also displayed on the register. We are then required to pay any difference in price.
What if we purchased a Body Lotion in a new scent and after trying it at home we decide we don't care for it and we want our favorite, familiar body lotion. We paid cash but can't find the receipt...
  • This is an exchange of a like item, brand-size and they will return the body lotion we don't want for the lowest price on the register and then price override the body lotion we do want to match the lowest selling price of the item we are returning.
What if we want to return a 3 wick candle we already burned but we want a different scent and we don't have our receipt and the transaction can't be found?
  • This is an exchange of a like item, brand-size and they will return the 3 wick candle we don't want for the lowest price on the register and then price override the new 3 wick candle we do want to match the lowest selling price of the item we are returning.
What if we wanted to bring back an Anti-bacterial Foaming Hand Soap in exchange for a new Foaming Hand Soap?
  • This is an exchange of a like item, brand-size and they will return the Anti-Bacterial Foaming Hand Soap we don't want for the lowest price on the register and then price override the new Foaming Hand Soap we do want to match the lowest selling price of the item we are returning.
What if your husband went and bought you an Aromatherapy Body Lotion and you really don't care for the product and you really want your favorite Signature Body Lotion.  You don't have the receipt to check out the transaction so what happens now?
  • This is not an exchange of an like item so the Aromatherapy Body Lotion will be returned at the current price on the register and then that amount can be applied to the current selling price of the new Signature Body Lotion.  If there is a price difference, you would need to pay that, or in the case it is more, you would get a refund of that difference.
What if your returning the new Signature Collection Endless Weekend Lotion without a receipt and the lowest selling price was not the current promo price of Buy 3 get 3 free.  Will they override the price?
  • No. They are to trust the price at the register. Sometimes the lowest selling prices do not update at the same time store promos do.
What if your returning an Aromatherapy Body Lotion without your receipt and one day last week it was on a promo of "one day only" price. If It rings up full price, will the price be over-ridden to the one day only price as the lowest price?
  • No. They are to trust the price at the register.

Bath and Body Works is one of the only companies I know of that has a 100% Happiness Guarantee on their products.  And it would seem to me the easiest thing regarding exchanges, returns and gift giving to is ALWAYS keep your receipt to avoid any confusion at the register. 

I think some have become so accustomed to just grabbing what they no longer want and returning it without a receipt  that we have made it more difficult for them to continue the 100% Happiness Guarantee without adding a few tweaks here and there.

I hope this helps explain things....
Happy Shopping!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bath & Body Works | Peace Love Joy | "testing"

May 29, 2014

I saw earlier today on Facebook a picture of some new fragrances that are "testing" in a store ( I am not sure where but I can guess maybe Atlanta) and it was a set of three fragrances named...

Peace Love and Joy.

The picture quality of the story board is not very good and the writing is barely readable but you can see some of the photos and what looks like a four piece set.  Fragrance Mist, Shower Gel, Body Lotion and what could be a Triple Moisture Cream.

The size of the cream tube, if that's what it is, looks much shorter than what we are familiar seeing.  I wonder if the TMC bottle is soon to change???

The coloring for the products bottles are:

Red white and Blue-Joy

And they are definitely holiday themed letting me think they are possibly for after the Holiday Season and around the SAS time....remember when the Three Cheers line came out that year...?  Could it be for then?

One of the things I like to do is to see if I can find the art they use either on the product if its a candle photo or on the story board.

So far I have found two from the story board for the scent Peace.  If the picture was better I could easily find the others.  One is a couple kissing for love and the last one for Joy looks like a wedding with a woman smiling...  Maybe I'll get lucky and find those too!

Yankee Candle | Semi Annual Sale Begins Today

May 29, 2014
I was up at midnight checking out all of the sale items and if your in the market for anything Yankee Candle, this is the time to save.
Happy Shopping!




Bath & Body Works | Coupon | $10 off of $30 Coupon

May 29, 2014

Here is todays money saving $10 off of $30 Coupon

*$10 Off Any Purchase of $30 or More
Prior to tax and shipping and handling. Limit one offer per customer. No substitutions. To redeem the offer online, add $30 of merchandise to shopping bag, enter promotion code SURF30 during checkout, and prices will be adjusted on qualifying orders. This promotion code is not valid with any other offer that requires you to enter another promotional code at che...ckout. If another code is entered at checkout, this offer will be void. To redeem in stores, printed coupon must be presented and surrendered at time of purchase. Offer valid at select U.S. Bath & Body Works stores and through 11:59 p.m. EDT on May 31, 2014. Offer not valid at Bath & Body Works stores in Canada and White Barn Home stores

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Victoria's Secret | Beach Love | Summer Sun | Secret Oasis Review

I spotted these in stores and online May 17th and did the quick blog post { below } about them and after trying them I thought I would do a quick review.  I am sure you have spotted them also in your Vickies stores but if you haven't you may want to check them out.

When I made my purchase they were on sale {7 for $35.00 }in the store and when I bought 7 the next one was free.  I also had a $10 off of $30 coupon that was mailed to me and soon to expire so I applied that also making these a bit more affordable.

Packaging:  Beautiful summer colors of coral and pink, blue green and yellows.  A definite summer feel and pretty left out.

Scents:  Your typical summer themed scents.  Lighter notes which is what you want this hot time of year and I think my favorite is the Summer Sun after wearing them.  As you can see I grabbed almost the full line of Beach Love  when I smelled it in the store yet on me, of course, it changed.  It's pretty, don't get me wrong...I think I'm drawn more to the Summer Sun notes.

Forms:  I didn't get the lotions in these...Truth be told I have...ahem...enough lotions to smooth out all of the crocodiles in the for the great sale price I was getting, I wanted to try the bronzing body lotion and 2 in 1 hair and body oil more.



Here is how the Bronzing Lotion looks when it first comes out of the tube.  Be careful, it pours out fast.  As you rub it into your skin you can see a soft bronze color (be careful about transfer onto your clothes and CAR SEATS) and fine shimmer glitter.  Again, a light scent...I plan to use this on my legs and arms.  A nice product that was not greasy feeling at all.

2 in 1 Hair and Body Oil with Jojoba oil:  As the name implies...oily.  Softly scented too and a little goes a long way.  In the summer if you want you legs to have a nice shine to them...or your hair it is nice...and less is more with this product.
And the Fragrance Mist and Shower Gel are as they always are.  These are not strong scents on me at all.  You may find you need to reapply as well.
May 17, 2014
Some new spotted online at Victoria's Secret
Summer Sun-
Notes: Caribbean guava and pineapple
Secret Oasis-
Notes: Tropical mango and rose lily
Beach Love-
Notes: Coconut and Hawaiian sugarcane
  • fragrance mist
  • sun bronzed body lotion
  • sun buffing body wash
  • 2 in 1 hair and body oil

Victoria's Secret | Semi Annual Sale | Begins today online

May 28, 2014

I did get my early access email to the Victoria's Secret Semi Annual Sale the other day and yes I grabbed a few things.  Not that I needed them, persay...with two large dressers full of only undergarments I surely am not doing without...but I am supporting the economy.  That's what I tell myself anyway.  But how can you not want $52.00 bras for $15.99 and $19.99?  And a FREE tote bag with any $65.00 purchase!



Monday, May 26, 2014

I Dig Gardening | Willow

May 26, 2014

In all of the views outside my upstairs window, the one consistent view was that of our old willow tree.  Either covered in snow and ice on a cold winters day or drizzled in green leaves and sparkling in a setting was that one focal point that made us smile, since bringing it home as a small stick in a tiny pot years ago.

We loved that tree for numerous reasons so the decision to take it down was a difficult one.  But we did it nonetheless.

It took years to get to the size it was, and less than two hours to take down. It will be surely missed.

I dig Gardeming | Fairy Garden | Completed

May 5, 2014
UPDATED today, May 26, 2014

(photo credit: qvc on facebook)

I saw floating around on Facebook this week a picture of what was called a Fairy Garden, and in seeing that I thought...I could try that too.

It has often been said that you should leave a special part of your garden alone, reserved as a space where fairies may play.  Okay, I didn't come up with it....I just thought it was a bunch of lazy people trying to explain why one part of their gardens didn't look tended to. Personally I like that thought of fairies playing among my flowers at night.  All I ask is that they clean up after themselves, and stay away from the lawnmower when in use.  Cleaning bugs off of a car is hard enough, I don't even want to think about cleaning fairy off of the lawnmower.
Are you smiling yet?
Okay, so.....the picture shows a large clay pot.  I thought I had one of those around here somewhere, but on a quick look I don't see it so I grabbed a used smaller size but still perfect enough. And I bet you can use a large plastic flower pot as well.

I don't yet have my hens and chicks or my ferns and moss. I will get to the garden center this week to begin the assembly of it then but I wanted to see if I could get the pot taken care of first.  Oh, I did stop at Michaels Craft store and they have cute wooden houses on either jute or cord for a dollar should you want your fairy to have a house.
Now back to the pot.
I grabbed a used clay pot I had already.  You can buy new to try this, I just wanted something to play around with first as I figured out how I am going to do my garden.  I would hate to spend a lot of money on a new pot and smash it.
In the picture, it looked like someone cut it out with a Dremel hand saw or something.  I do have one of those but I wanted something more natural looking so I decided to control break my pot.
Before you start I suggest these few things:
  • safety goggles or glasses- no need to risk getting something in your eyes
  • a cheap white mask.  if your cutting this pot, it gets dusty and who knows what's in the clay so why breathe that in
  • duct tape - to control the break
  • pliers  --don't tell my husband I used his craftsman good pliers ;)
  • a solid place to work
  • a hammer

I laid the pot on my husbands basement work bench

I took some black duct tape in long strips and tore them in half lengthwise and lined the inside and around to the outside down to the bottom of the pot.

I wasn't sure just how big an opening I wanted as I wanted it to look natural. I began by GENTLY tapping the pot at the top between the tape with a hammer.  I know your reading this thinking how can I hit that pot without smashing it?  You don't really know...I gently tapped it and you can see I got a nice straight crack down the center.  I was tapping it to weaken it...not Smash it.  And yes, cutting it with a tool can be done too....but this is how I did it.

I used the pliers to chip small pieces away. The tape really helped it not break past where I wanted it to.

I worked my way down the pot...turning it and looking at it to see how I wanted the opening to look, and then chip a bit more.  Remember, you don't want to go too far down to the bottom because you need to add dirt there to start the first layer.  And flat clay trays or broken clay pot pieces will be added throughout to give that layered look.

I pulled the tape back when I was done to check if it was enough....and then carefully removed the rest of the duct tape.

And here is how it looks.  I love that raw look to the edge making it seem time worn.  I will be sure to pick out the plants for the pot in the appropriate size to the pot. This pot measures 8" tall with an 8.5" diameter opening at the top. Depending on the size of the pot, the house also needs to be in proportion and in looking at these Michaels houses I got they may be too big for this sized pot.  But I do have Christmas village houses with an English look to them that may work too.

However you lay your pot out, this is meant to be a whimsical, fun  project so no way is wrong.  As soon as I gather my greens I will update this blog in how I layered everything together step by step.  I hope that you try making a fairy garden as well and I look forward to seeing your photos on my Facebook page.

I grabbed a flower pot base and a smaller flower pot and these will be used in the layering of the dirt.
I dropped the small flower pot to break it and however it broke is how I was going to use it.

I put dirt in the bottom of the pot coming up far enough to the opening to tuck a few hens and chick inside...then I put the tray inside and more dirt.

I added some stone crop (on the left) some thyme (back) and a few hens and chicks, (front).

As luck had it, the small flower pot broke in half on one side so it was perfect to lay near the thyme and make it look like it was a potted flower laying down.  I added a creeping moss with tiny white flowers to the top and tucked another piece of broken clay pottery next to the hens and chicks.

I was going to add some more stones, and I still could but I only used one nicely shaped round one to be the front step of my English cottage retrieved from the attic Christmas decorations.

And this is my quick smaller version fairy potted garden.  I could add some more rocks and moss and greens to this base to extend the look as this is a raised terracotta pedestal I also made.

While at the greenhouse this weekend I saw an entire display of Fairy Garden items you can buy and the prices were crazy.  I will post those in the next blog of garden trail pics.  This was not expensive at all to do, and the pot of hens and chicks I bought on sale for $4.00 was divided over numerous flower pots as were the other greens.

I am tucking this in a corner of my patio on a table and I cannot help but smile every time I see it.