Sunday, August 14, 2016

August So Far.....

August 14, 2016

August has been an interesting month for sure.  The weather here has been unbearably hot and humid and the severe thunderstorms that we are experiencing almost daily are proving to be quite annoying.  Especially when the rain falls so hard that it not only flooded the streets, the walkways, my yard but my basement as well.

What happened on August 2nd, has never happened here before in the 22 years we are living here and to see your entire yard become a swimming pool was one thing.  The photographs can't do it justice. The depths of it were thigh high as I waded to the garage for the larger broom with the squeegee on it and the major concern then became from the fact the waters were not piercing through the chain link fence into the neighbors yards. Our yard became the pool I had always wanted.

The alley way behind our garage became flooded and the corner sewers meant to take the run-off were full. The standing water found the only place it could drain...around my slightly raised  garage into my lower than the road back yard.

Having no where to go as the rains continued to pound hard, the waves of water washed up the sidewalk and under the outside basement door.  Passing through the first door and down the stairs, the waves of dirty water passed underneath the inside door and into the basement.

At the same time the waters rushed from outside, the standing water between mine and my neighbors homes soaked the grounds to capacity and they, too, sought out somewhere to go...finding a place to penetrate the basement wall.  At the bottom of the stairs and at the outer door wall; two small paint chips were weakened by the rushing waters pressure and sprayed water out of the wall like faucets turned on high.

A day spent out shopping in the bluest of skies turned into a nightmare that would take hours into the dark of night to get under control.

The next morning came and the entire days focus should have been only on bleaching everything in sight in the basement that needed to be cleaned up.  Sadly I let other, out of my control misery in and reacted to something that was bothering me for days.  My reaction was in no way meant to mean...because mean I could have been; this wasn't a first time for this particular misery.  I simply stated my feelings and was done with it. Others were not.  And when days passed into weeks some saw fit to try to stir things up again. That is on them and their character. I was done the minute I clicked POST.

But in the havoc of the days,  I realized some things...  Realizing after many, many conversations with my husband who is WAY OVER all of this. 


I mean what do you say to a man who finds-- as you are scrubbing and can't get to a dinging phone as another comment came in...someone posted a vulgarity along with a vulgar photo on your page?  How do you explain to this man who does NO social media ever, doesn't even have an email address...this is typical behavior for some?

He knows of the time I spend doing all of this. He knows of the care I put into clearing out some of the excess while having blog sales and making sure packages leave the same day. But this other stuff....He is over having me upset, when I am not suppose to be health wise.

If he could have figured out the buttons to do it, it all would have been gone. Deleted.

So we talked and talked...and I found some things I needed to change for myself. 

I blogged well before my daughter was killed and it was a fun thing to keep track of my life and interact with others from all over the world.  Blogging then was never met with meanness or deceit.  Strangers were kind and fun and we laughed!

When I went through the grief of the loss, blogging became the shoulder to my pain.  A release through the keys as though each word written came from that place of pain...and I no longer had to keep that moment in me. And people were kind...yet honest as I shared the day to day.

I can barely get through reading some of the posts from then. It is like it was a different person writing them....something I am thankful be on the other side of that.  When I imported the blogs into this site, they got out of order so slowly, when I have time I organize them before revealing them again.

After five years, and being in a different place emotionally, I opened myself up to share in all of the things I loved...namely the bubble monkey on my back, Bath and Body Works more publically, and I was met with a different kind of unexpected kind of misery that I didn't have on the other site, jealousy. 

And day after day, weeks and years away from all of that nonsense now,  I work to keep doing what I love.  For me...  Regardless of the haters. I am not going anywhere.

It would seem though, I lost part of that it seems as I spent more time focusing on what others wanted of me over what I wanted.  So I decided to go back to what I enjoyed more and that is keeping track of things via my blog...and sharing that information via a differently named Facebook extension of a blog category : Bath and Body Works | Daily Finds

I chose that name to be easier to find me on Facebook as some mentioned they didn't know about me until they searched google. And it will be a place to share all that I find from this brand I love. ALL that I find.  I do the work.

So there will be a Bath and Body Works named Facebook Page, while keeping my Life Inside the Page Facebook page as a place for me to share everything as an archive for myself now.

I know the transition will be difficult for some....I have already received numerous emails asking if I was "shut down" by some one. 

Happy to say no. Truly, it's fine. Trust me...if it was ---  y'all would be the first to know even if I had to use carrier Pigeons.

The info is all still there, just unpublished.  Nothing is deleted contrary to belief.  Every comment made is intact, every photo arranged as it was. At a moments notice I can click the publish button and it goes back as it was.

I did make a FB posting on the page letting people who read me know that I have a Bath and Body Works | Daily Finds  page on Facebook for all of the GREAT information that you have come to expect from me so That won't change.  Be sure to share its link with your friends who may have followed me previously.

And as time allows I will keep the IG page updated, ....and Twitter posts automatically from every blog I share and IG post  I share so that is covered too.

So that is my "August" so far thoughts....  Who knew dirty rain water could be so cleansing....


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