Friday, March 15, 2013

letting the Bella italia genie out of the bottle

Unless you live under a rock, any full time Bath and Body Works lover who frequents Facebook and other blog sites knows that there were pictures released of the new Bella Italia signature fragrance line coming sometime in April or May last night.

There was so much ado about the person posting the blog and showing the pictures so early because she actually had the products in hand....that everyone their on the fan page complaining forgot to comment on the actual product itself.  Something that I think BBW had intended in the first place....her posting the photos and getting some free advertising/marketing and lure for an item coming out in a few months.  Not the craziness that later ensued when everyone was told they too....couldn't get it.

They do this all of the time.  Do you ever see a BBW ad on television or in print? Nope.  They are smart enough to utilize social media to their benefit now...either through twitter, facebook, youtube or  personal blogs...their message is hitting right where they want it to.

And through all of the green eyed jealously they can gauge viewership response.

Go into a BBW store now and ask to see a bottle of Beautiful Day shower gel or body lotion.  Not happening.  Forgettabout it.  We got the preview mini pocket mist earlier and that's what they wanted us to have.  Nothing more.

Call customer service or write social media and ask them what are the fragrance notes of a scent we know is coming out in a month, two months or more and you will get...."I am sorry we only have the information about the next floor set."


So, do we actually think that somewhere, somehow BBW isn't aware that she was going to get them....?


Do we think they would let that link posting remain if they didn't want us to know?

Let's move onto the important issues....

Those bottles....
Personally, being Italian myself I half expected the labeling to be fantastic and reminiscent of beautiful Italy and all that it makes up.

These bottle designs look cheap to me.  I was also hoping for colored bottles like the summer lines sometimes use.  I thought they would make it richer looking.

Again, my first impressions of seeing a photograph, not the actual bottle in hand.

Glancing at my PinTerest Board that I keep for my Bath and Body Works inspirations a few of the pics I found as inspirations of what I thought the Bella Italia line would be seem to make a wonderful label.....again, just my thoughts....
on a berry colored bottle, a melon colored bottle....and a cream colored bottle.....

Venice Dolce Berry,  Capri Seaside Cirtus, Roma Honeysuckle Amore


Hopefully, BBW will get the $1.00 previews out so we all can experience the fragrance interpretations  of "beautiful Italy"....

they have already .....let the genie out of the bottle.....