Friday, March 8, 2013

Semi Annual Sale scent reduction??

If I had to guess which Signature scents were going to become online exclusives this June during the semi-annual sale I would say it could be any one of these:

  • Country Chic
  • Carried Away
  • Secret Wonderland
  • Coconut Lime Breeze
I know, I know, we all have our LOVES....our trusted babies in our scent closets that we go to for our certain moods to reflect how we are feeling I believe scent is an emotional thing.....and none of us like losing them from the quick access in store purchases with coupons....but it happens.

But look around your area.....what are the other ladies buying every week when your shopping there?  What are they stocking up on for the Buy 3 get 3 sales???.

I know what I see a lot of going into those blue mesh bags and heading out to the registers....and those four above are not it.

Granted Cherry Blossom isn't at the register much either.....but in looking at the names of all of the fragrances....and not being a SA in the store to actually know the sales reports....for my area, my guess would be those above.

I would be surprised to see Sensual Amber gone to the online exclusive club as I think it has a following....I actually saw a young man yelling over to the woman he was with telling her how awesome that scent was and she had to get it....just this past Saturday. But it too is not one I see a lot of sales for.

I think there are certain scents that are staples.....their cores.....and there are those that we like, and or love....that we are there for the buy 3 get 3 free sales stocking up on. 

The last time I bought any of those six I just listed? 
What year is this?  Haha.... seriously, I think I got those when they first released...and maybe even then it was with a free signature item coupon.  The only one left in my cabinet full sized is Cherry Blossom.

I know when June comes and BBW makes their choices and gets out their axe, there will be a ton of folks freaking out on the FB page all claiming to NEVER shop there again...and how could they possibly think to discontinue carrying their favorite scent in store....they don't want to shop online.

My advice is this....remain calm.   In no time your favorite scent that just became an online exclusive will be reappearing in the store....just re did as another those before them.