Thursday, June 20, 2013

Victorias Secret Beach Dreams Collection & Paradise Collection new

June 20, 2013


I am just in from watering in all of the flowers and veggies and I am finally taking the time to clear off some of the junk that is all over my desktop.  I call it junk, but it is really just ..... bills.  And mixed in the piles of AARP newsletters and JcPenny's sale catalog (finally they came back to their senses) is a stack of Victorias Secret catalogs.  It would seem I get a new one every three days.  I am not sure if they think I don't buy enough or is it that I buy enough and they want me coming back for more...but needless to say I do get a lot of pink catalogs.  And usually I order online or stop in the store when I am at the mall so these are pretty much wasted on me....unless it is holiday time.  So I remove my information from the back cover and inside order form and usually just toss them.  But this morning I noticed on one of the catalogs there was an insert for ten dollars off any order.

Nice.  That's shipping for free even on a small order.  And here I almost tossed it away.

So I am here sipping sweet tea and I log into my Victorias Secret page and wow.  This store is not playing when it comes to summer fragrances.  And these look fabulous....and are being ordered immediately.  Their Brights collection was fabulous, as was their Sorbets. 

This packaging design  on these Beach Dreams is beautiful and reminds us how sexy should be.  Personally, Bath and Body Works should take a lesson with their designs.



Here are the names of the VICTORIAS SECRET Limited Edition Beach Dreams Collections products and they are available in these product forms:
Fragrance mist, Hydrating body Lotion, Brilliant Sheen Sheer Lotion, Bronzing Shimmer Stick  (love this idea)

  • ocean blooms {Get swept away in Ocean Bloom, an irresistible blend of sea breeze and apple blossom from the limited-edition VS Fantasies Beach Dreams collection}

  • beach dreams {Fall in love with Beach Dreams, a flirty blend of juniper berry and watery freesia from the limited-edition VS Fantasies Beach Dreams collection.}

  • sparkling sun   { Live the island life in Sparkling Sun, a bright blend of lemon chiffon and sun-kissed orchid from the limited-edition VS Fantasies Beach Dreams collection}

Here are the names of the VICTORIAS SECRET Limited Edition Paradise Fragrance Collection and they are available in these forms:
Eau de Parfum, Luxurious body Mist, Luxurious Body Lotion,
  • fabulous in paradise {Fabulous in Paradise, a fresh, irresistible blend of pink frangipani, Mediterranean mimosa and beach coconut}

  • heavenly in paradise {Make the ultimate summer escape with limited-edition Heavenly in Paradise, a glowing, airy blend of Tuscan tangelo, icy vanilla gelato and blonde olive wood}

  • bombshell in paradise {Embark on a glamorous summer getaway with limited-edition Bombshell in Paradise, a lush, sparkling blend of island fig, passion flower and ocean cypress}

I am not seeing a body wash available but I am willing to give these a try....after all...tomorrow is the first day of summer and who isn't dreaming of beaches and paradise?