Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Bath & Body Works | Easter Arrives | February 16, 2016

February 17, 2016

We had a bit of wintery weather here yesterday so my planned visit to check out the Easter items finally released at Bath and Body Works was delayed by a day. After seeing the display I was glad we didn't take any chances on slippery, rain covered roads. Nothing much to see here.

For weeks I had been sharing the items for the Easter display so we knew what should be out.  There wouldn't be any surprises of new and I was glad that the company did put the effort into making more than one or two items and calling it a day. We love all of the holidays being represented.

What I still don't understand is why...oh why is the display NEVER near the front of the store? 

Slap some marketing on the A frame sign to drive people to come into the empty stores.

I walked through the doorway of the first store looking for something Bunny-like....making my way to the cash wrap...still looking. 

On the tall entegre stand was a sign that faced the register...three bunnies; one of them hanging awkwardly on the sign.... a dozen of the Happy Easter Candle now priced $12.50, a bin of the mini candles that you would pass over not realizing they were also Happy Easter Minis because the labels were face down, and the two canvas bags laid one atop the other.

I, knew what to look for. Anyone else wouldn't know about the many things that were missing.

When I asked where they were I was told that maybe a larger sales volume store would have them but they, did not. This display was not inviting to me at all.

I grabbed a candle, three minis and the rabbit, and left.

My husband offered to take me to the mall that offers two stores that I love, a hour off we went.

Now these stores know how to market.  They had all of the products that should have been out placed exactly as you would expect. Beautifully displayed on a white shelf end cap,
with signage that catches your eye, and the products placement to show their use.

The register area offered the two different pocketbac refills as well as the bunny holder with the new Pretty as a Peach signature fragrances and it looked lovely.
Perfect impulse buys.

What the first store needs to do is get those two canvas bags off of each other and put a candle in that canvas bunny bag to give it form...sure you may not want it for a child with a candle but you can see it would make a cute basket when you can see the size. {a piece of round cardboard in the bottom would help it keep its shape.

What is perplexing to me is the Sales levels of stores in regards to the merchandise received.  I understand what markets support what items....but how in the world can a C sales level store ever reach A level status when they NEVER receive the same products to make those numbers?

How utterly frustrating it must be for managers in those stores to try to reach for the golden ring with a ladder that is always pulled out from under them.

It is just as frustrating as the customer who must drive hours to grab the simplest of things while supporting another market out of their area.

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