Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Bath & Body Works | Something New Coming Soon | One Ounce Perfumes in Core Signature Scents

Weeks ago I shared on my Facebook Page some information about two new things that we will see testing out soon.  Here is a bit more of that information and a photo:

In select stores we will see two things testing:
One is a new Men's Signature Body Care Collection. We may see three new scents come out...One should be new, new and two will be repackaged.  As I get more information I will update this posting.

But tonight's post is more about this New Item: A Test of one ounce Perfumes in Core Signature Scents. The bottles are prepriced $15.00 but with sales I am sure we will see better pricing. As we get closer to seeing these in select stores I will be sure to update you.  I have heard whispers that we will see the Perfumes now in store leave.  So far they are only whispers but something I wanted to make note of in case you do use many of the perfumes and wanted to watch for sales.
Here is the list testing so far:
Sweet Pea
Warm Vanilla Sugar
Moonlight Path
Japanese Cherry Blossom
A Thousand Wishes
Beautiful Day

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