Wednesday, June 12, 2013

SASS-ING {Semi Annual Sale Shoppin'}

June 12, 2013

So it's 10 o'clock here now and I missed out on Bath and Body Works Semi Annual Sale day one. 

Bummer.  But it couldn't be helped.

And as my grandmother always said, "tomorrow's another day."

For now I am catching up on my blog reading, blog writing and picture posting all while checking out everyone else's hauls from their first day sass-ing.  Semi Annual Sale Shoppin'.

And there are some really great hauls being shown....both big and small... and I am glad everyone is,  for the most part, enjoying the experience.

I think this is the pre-game show for what's about to come in July and August and a lot of folks are ready for FALL stuff.

I've read at least two other bloggers that write B&BW themed blogs, sincerely Kelley xoxo and bath and body works news, wrote blogs tonight and seem to agree with my thinking that those four names I blogged about earlier today

  • aspen caramel woods
  • napa autumn blackberry
  • sweet cinnamon pumpkin
  • Vermont honey apple

  • could very well be the  next traditions signature body care names.  I was surprised the blogger who posted the lip gloss names didn't see it....or wasn't told that information as well... and who knows with B&BW, they may very well not be.

    When I read the lip gloss names that were posted it was the first thing I thought of but I have been a Fall frame of mind for about a week now.  I think its the Pumpkin Cupcake 3 wick candle that is filling the air that is doing it to me.

    I really need to put that candle aside and get to checking out the boxes of candles that arrived from numerous places to see how some of those are.  I do love B&BW candles, but The Kringle Candle Co. sure does give them a run for the money.  I haven't really found one I didn't love yet.  Plus there is a box of Yankees that just came calling to me to smell their new Fall scents.

    With candle names like November Rain and Sweater Weather... How could I not be thinking about the fall?

    But first.... SASS time.