Thursday, June 13, 2013

Semi Annual Shopping trip and other stuff....

June 13, 2013

It was a super busy day here for me and it looks like it will continue to be a busy night for me as I must finish a project for my brother.  I am making 100+ purple little ribbons for his store employees to wear on their badges in support of a fellow employee who woke up for work yesterday and took ill immediately and ended up being on life flight to a trauma center. 
Her condition sounds very grave and her co workers wanted to wear ribbons in her favorite color tomorrow in support of her healing.  I am half way done with them, as they are time consuming with adding teeny tiny stitches in the center to hold its shape....but I will get's a labor of heart. 

She is in my prayers tonight.

I took a break at 3pm to go grab some Chinese as my husband was not forced to work 12 hours today, only ten and was able to sneak to the mall quick for SASS-ing.  This being my first trip and a rushed trip at that because I had more errands to run I made sure I did some damage and grabbed a few things I wanted now....with another planned stop tomorrow night and Saturday. That will be a more detailed trip checking out every bin and aisle.

But I must say my store has a lot of stuff.  There were candles from Christmas time both big and minis, and lip glosses from a few months ago.  The 75% off bins...(with the true blue things) were jamb packed that I could barely hold my two already filled shopping bags and root around.  I did notice the Vanilla-tini shower gels and lotions and grabbed some of those....but like I much stuff...too little time.

The metal sleeves and holders were on one of the tables and those bins were filled up too.  They were marked half off and I saw a bunch I want to get....  The bridal blog I posted with the pictures yesterday gave me a bunch of great ideas for those.  And not just for bridal use....perfect for girlfriend get together brunches as take away gifts /name holders.

They are also giving out along with Summer Chill bounce back coupons a post card  sized coupon with a free shipping code with a purchase of $25.00. Handy to have in case you want something that is an online exclusive.

So I ended up getting:

  • 6  three wick candles  (salted caramel, caramel apple and mint chocolate)  $11.  each
  • 3 dual boxed wallflowers (salted caramel, caramel apple and mint chocolate)  $11. each
  • 3 fresh cotton blossom mist  $3
  • 1 cherry blossom hand soap  $3
  • 1 ocean citrus hand soap  $3
  • 3 island margarita hand soap  $3
  • 1 cucumber melon lotion  $3
  • 1 cucumber melon shower gel  $3
  • 2 vanilla-tini shower gels  $2.75
  • 1 vanilla-tini lotion  $2.75
  • 1 pocketbac holder  25 cents
I will be sure to grab more Fresh cotton mist while its out....I love spraying the inside of the closets with that.  It makes the sheets and towels smell so clean.

Okay now that I finished chatting about SAS let's move onto Fall and yesterdays blog.

I fully expected there would be a follow up blog in reference to the post I made could there not be.  I mean the most hated blog girl figured out the names of this coming Falls Bath & Body Works Signature Traditions Body care line from reading the names of lip glosses and posted it....gasps...first.  And thank you to the person who emailed me that I was "not the smartest...but the most hated blogger."

Apparently the more I write about...and I am correct about...the harder others work to prove me wrong and to get more information to be better than me.  I did say thank you yesterday for the info on the glosses....btw

Like LBD and I said...who cares who gets what first....just find out what's new to come out and share it.

So after reading todays posting regarding that subject...It's nice to know
I was right and those are the correct names....for now....of the upcoming Fall Traditions Body Care. This isn't my first rodeo....and while I don't have "secret agent anonymous tipsters" leaving me breadcrumbs in my emails....I know a little about this subject and I alone do the work for my blog which lets me sleep like a baby.

I heard there was going to be a follow up to "The Sweetheart" line and wrote some time ago
that the two trademark names "the girls and dream girls" will most likely be those.

It was reported today that these are the names of those products and the notes:
Lotion, shower gel, fine fragrance mist, and hair glossing spray.

Sweet Dahlia Rush:
Wild Dahlia, Velvet Plum, Juicy Red Currant, Black Jasmine, Spiced Vanilla

Sweet Peony Dream: Lush Peony Petals, Hibiscus Nectar, Sweet Tangerine Waters, Flirty Pink Amber, Sugared Musk

Again....not my confirmed info....I don't have a secret tipster so I will assume that these notes are correct until I read otherwise. I can't imagine Bath & Body Works would let anyone post scent notes of a product that is suppose to be secret on a blog and then let that blogger post the links
on their fan FB page without working with them.  If no one knew what was new coming out, if there was a complete shut down of information released until the actual launch of a product...
people would lose interest.  They want the stir....the interest. We are all talking about Fall products in JUNE.  We know about items up to November. And they are loving it...all the way to the bank. ;)

The names were posted on the blog I read yesterday incorrectly....apparently tipsters get it wrong too...these names make more sense.

It was reported today that the Fall Traditions will also have a golden sugar scrub as well as a whipped shimmer body cream to go along with the lip gloss, fine fragrance mist, lotion and shower gel. And should be releasing August 19th. I am looking forward to trying  out the whipped body cream.

Scheduled for release possibly September 9th is another scent possibly the Trademark name

Amber Blush
coming out with lotion, shower gel, fine fragrance mist, shimmer mist, body soufflé and a new sheer perfume.
  • Raspberry Cordial, Gardenia Petals, Magnolia Blossom, Vanilla Suede and Crystallized Amber

I read that we as bloggers have an impact on our readers of the information that we share. Of course we do.  If I share that I found a certain something in a store in my area...and my readers like that item, they might want to know how to get that item.  So I post the stores information, the price....etc.


If I write that I was planning on going to a certain store....and I go....and I immediately show pictures of an item that everyone wants...but it doesn't come out for more than a month....but I have it in my hand...and I don't say that I got it for free...I let people think I bought it at my favorite store...
I just post that I have the first exclusive look at this product....again...commonsense that people are going to get pissed off because they want it too...NOW....and they want all of the info on how to get it and want to know how I did before them.

I can't then act surprised when I am told later that people called wanting that mad when they were told that it wasn't yet in store and hung up on the associate.

Stir the pot...feed the in sales.  Someone gave some freebies away to a person in the social media....and rather than saying listen, I got these for free to pass on this information to you.....all hell broke out....because people wanted it too. 

But this release mentality is you will get what you want when we give it to you.

The FTC has guidelines that the social media must follow regarding endorsements and testimonials and if I get something for free and I am sharing information about this product....I better be telling you "I got it for free." 

We all have an impact on those around us....and I do try my very best to share the truest information that I possibly can.  I am not sitting here making up things just to have something to say.  If I am told at my I was last August / September....there is an Italian line of products coming....with names and interpretations of scents....because the manager herself was at home office and saw and smelled these things....I am telling you what I know to be true.  And when I call a test store in Ohio and the manager there said yes there are candles coming....and then tells me a week later she was told they are pushed back for a later release....I know that my information was true.

And that's the best I can do.

Now I am off for a Vanilla-tini shower and more ribbon making.....

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