Thursday, March 27, 2014

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March 27, 2014

I am still trying to finish up with my taxes but I am so distracted that may not be happening again today. 

At Christmas time, a season I love,  I get visions of sugarplums dancing around my head as all focus goes to getting everything decked out for the holiday.... and as soon as I hear the words...Test Candles....ocd steps in.

And we have had big groupings of our beloved test candles come through already for the new year...Fresh Picked,  Sweet Shop, Garden Party, Coastal Cool, Destinations, Provence....that you would sort of think we are done for a time.... only to hear that there is another  line waiting in the wings.

While that is exciting, I really prefer and LOVE my Fall and Holiday Test Candles.

Usually starting in July, after the rush of Semi Annual Sale is over we can look forward to seeing some re-dos under different names and a few new, new.

The hardest part then is....trying to afford them all at once.  I mean really, 30 candles launching at once is pretty cost or no sale.  I did cut back on my purchases of them last season, I had to. 

What I would love to see is testing Fall scents and Holiday scents .... now.  Not all at once.  Start early and launch maybe 6 or 8.  Every month from now until when the Fall candle line would drop for a floorset....test out your candle choices and see what customers are thinking.

Plus, B&BW, you have an arsenal of BBWinsiders who would love to try them out.... Um, show of hands who would like to test new candles scents???

Use the minis... or masons...or 4oz. sizes. Any sizes.

Don't label them if you want your line to remain un-copied.  White label...plain.... no pictures....let us tell you what we think of it.

Can you tell I love my wax?

Okay...that is enough candle talk for now.  I must get my taxes finished.....

I have Provence Candles to buy!

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