Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bath & Body Works | Test Candle | Summer Sips

March 27, 2014

I have a girlfriend who is as crazy about Bath and Body Works as I am and when she loves something she is sure to tell me.  At times her store gets to test different things and while mine tests Pocketbacs...{don't get me wrong...I love my pocketbacs and because my store tested them in July last year I was able to name the holiday tradition signatures before anyone realized what they were}   her store tests candles which a lot more fun.  And here we are in March ..we sort of thought we were done with test candles for a time, I am pleased to say...we are not.

I did hear about it and blogged it for registered users because I wanted to be sure it was a real thing coming.  And I got a call back today that it is on the list as new. Which makes me excited for another reason...I was told it's one of the new candle line names on the list as new and coming.  Meaning...??? Are there others too?  Yay.

Now I am not getting all over excited and racing to a store to get these yet.  While the names sound great and the pictures are cute....I would bet these are a lot of re-dos.  So I will be patient.  And as far as the pictures go, so far after checking everywhere, the only pictures I see are currently  are on Ebay and they are not mine to post so I would suggest you go there to check them out. And no, I am not that seller, selling these.

The lids are done up with brightly colored stickers of the fruits they represent, and the candle label is of the drink holder the name implies. Cute...definitely.

So coming to a test store soon as it is on the list, Here are the :

Summer Sips

❥Pomegranate Spritzer-  A fun and fizzy blend of lush pomegranate and juicy guava

 ❥Nectarine Green Tea- Take a break with this soothing blend of Japanese green tea and ripe juicy nectarines.

 ❥Mango Coconut Cooler-  Mix this special blend of creamy coconut, luscious mango and a hint of island spice into the perfect summer morning.

 ❥Sparkling Berry Fizz- Add some sparkle to a summer afternoon with this blend of swee elderberry, tart black currants and bubbly spring water 

 ❥Clementine Crush -A citrus blend of juicy clementine, golden grapefruit, and a hint of orange leaf. 

 ❥Peach Cilantro Twist- Capture all of the fun of a backyard bash with this fresh and fruity blend of early summer peaches, fresh garden cilantro and a hint of juicy mango.

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