Friday, March 28, 2014

Kringle Candle Company | Summer Scents 2014 | Review

March 28, 2014

I purchased these six melts two days ago. They were delivered today and tonight I scraped a small amount of each, one scent at a time, into my wax melt warmer (from Kringle Candle Co.) to review. Even that little scraping had so much throw it filled the upstairs. I look forward to using a full melt piece. Below are my impressions of these scents.

  1. Wild Poppies
  2. Pink Grapefruit
  3. Set Sail
  4. Coconut Wood
  5. Sparkling
  6. Black Sands
Wild Poppies  *poppies bloom gloriously to welcome the arrival of warm weather each year. Kringle candle distilled their delicate fragrance into a one of a kind floral that sweetly sings summer.
I can honestly say I can't remember if my poppies that I grow smell because there are so many other flowers around them... But in smelling this floral for sure melt, my first impression was that of lilacs.  Again not an overwhelming in your face floral...this reminded me of the scent of my neighbors lilacs on a warm spring day as they come in through the open window.  Another great throw for a small bit of melt and a re-buy.
Pink Grapefruit  *that classic tang and sweet sass of ripe, pungent grapefruit are absolutely fragrance forward in this lusciously realistic creation.
If I smelled this with my eyes closed and no label I could say this is Pink Grapefruit without a doubt.  What I loved about the cold sniff is it smells realistic.  Melting it, you can smell the sharpness of the fruit and it is a pungent scent as the fruit is....but not repugnant. My husband walked by the room and asked was I eating fruit.  A great summertime scent. I would buy this again, the throw on a tiny bit of melt is awesome...I can only imagine a candle jar.
Set Sail  *chart a course for nautical mystique with this bracing blend featuring sparkling top notes, marine vegetals and an earthy base of musk and moss.
This is a masculine scent as it reminds me of a fragrance my husband wears from B&BW (I think its oak or the dark amber).  On cold sniff and on warm throw and wow does this throw....I cant help but think about those clothes stores in the mall whose fragrance wafts out into the rest of the mall. This is clean and earthy and I can't help but keep putting the melt up to my nose and smelling it. It draws you in.  Very sensual.  Re-buy for sure.
Coconut Wood  *the rich goodness of fresh coconut blended with the trio of earthy tropical wood notes and just a hint of orchid flower.
This is my most favorite out of all of the scents and I will be going back to get more. I think this scent should be in a room spray and something for my lingerie drawer. The throw on this is strong as were all of the melts....yet it is not a heavily perfumed scent that a man couldn't enjoy it...but this warm creamy note of coconut with a sweet floral at the end. Love this!
Sparkling   *the bright zesty appeal of brisk, cold mineral water abound refreshingly in happy union with citrus and fruit notes.
Grab some margarita glasses and salt the rims...this is a perfect citrusy drink scent on cold sniff.  The more I smell this one the more I like it.  Warming it has a great throw yet isn't so overwhelming that you can't stand to be around it.  These notes are toned down enough to let you know it has that sparkling drink appeal with a realistic summer feel.  Re-buy.
Black Sands   *with its mysterious swirl of sweet coconut, oriental spices and warming amber accords, black sands offers a satisfyingly tropical magic.
When I took this out to smell it cold my first thought was it smelled like a bar of soap.  I know, that sounds odd but when you smell it may think that too. When I warmed it up you can really smell the spices and it reminded me of a more subtle king of kings.  This for me is a definite re-buy in a larger size.

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