Friday, November 28, 2014

Bath & Body Works | Instagram | A thousand wishes gift for me

November 28, 2014
A few weeks ago I received a personal message on Instagram from the Bath and Body Works IG page telling me this:
I was so surprised, I contacted them and they then said in the next few weeks they would be sending me a surprise.
Even though I was so excited I could burst, I didn't want to mention anything until I saw it was really going to happen.
Today when I came home I found a box from Bath and Body Works sitting on my front porch and inside I found this beautiful white gift box and beneath the gingham tissue papers were a Bottle of Fine Fragrance Mist and a bottle of the Eau De Parfum in the A Thousand Wishes scent.
I have seen the bottle in store briefly as I have loaded up my bags of other treasures for everyone else not taking the time for me. But up close this little parfum bottle is really so feminine and gorgeous, with its pink sparkled ribbon and plum colored bow, this is definitely too pretty to sit on a shelf in a closet.  This is what mirrored trays are made for.

I cannot thank Bath and Body Works enough for this wonderful surprise gift from their heart... for something I do daily from my heart.... in sharing all of the bubbles news on all social media sites.... 
I appreciate their #generosity so much and the timing was perfect. 
Many thanks Bath and Body Works...and Merry Christmas.


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