Monday, April 7, 2014

Bath & Body Works | World Gardens | Provence Weekend purchases

April 7, 2014

While shopping out of town yesterday, I stopped in the mall near where we were having lunch and checked out some of the sales.

The Hallmark store was having 90% off Christmas ornaments and greeting cards so I grabbed 12 I had skipped getting this year because of their high price (most are gifts) and the most expensive one now was $3.00.  I grabbed 5 boxes of cards and they too were priced 1.00-2.00.

Not expecting to have such a big bag right off the bat, hubby volunteered to sit on the bench while I went into Bath and Body Works to see what, if anything is new and well as to get the shea lavender hand cream.

In all of the stores I have seen it in, I was too busy to really give it a try until the other day.  And I must say I Love it!  The scent is beautiful but the results are great. You have got to try it.

I tested it  out on my arm first to be sure it would not give me that bad reaction the fresh picked did...and it didn't so I was going to get it.  Until hubby came in and remarked that the price was too much. $12.00 a tube. :)

There was no signage on the table this was placed on, and it wasn't until I was looking at the web site that night, that I noticed it was included in the buy 2/ or 3 and get 1 or 2 free...

So today that was my mission.  Grab three, another Morocco preview and a few fifty cent pocketbac holders and get it all for $20.00 after the survey. {hand cream-$5.34, preview $2.67 and PB-.33}

Again, the store manager told me that I need to have the entire slip attached and she does understand that I clipped them all after doing the surveys some time ago. English is my first language (of a few) so I understood her the first time she told me but am I suppose to throw the cut ones out???

Those who give away or sell the surveys have really put the kiebosh on simplicity....Simplicity being I just have the receipt bottom in my purse taking up less room. I prefer not being told about it at the register in front of other customers as if I did something wrong.  And with close to 200+ surveys....I suppose I am going to hear that a lot if I shop there.  Which is nonsense actually....because we all know the goings on regarding the codes...and I don't need to expand on that here....I am just saying there is no need to keep telling me.... I know it now...and I plan on using what I have up first. 

Any who....when she was done telling me about the receipt I asked if the date was still set for World Gardens.  She was telling me about a video she watched and how they came up with the color for the Morocco bottle, which is interesting to me.....and we started talking about the London scent.  Then she leaned in and told me hers was moved up to be done next Sunday to have it out before Easter.  I am not complaining.

I know that the company test releases floor sets like everything else it tests and the Provence set was tested early in a few dozen stores nationwide. I am glad that they do because everyone else, like new.

I really like the Provence line of products and bought a lot from it.  More than I purchased in the Hawaii line...(that's not saying I slacked on it). It was okay....maybe just the timing of it was off for me.  Plus I wanted to see the Provence line in the front of the store I thought the Sweet Shop floor set should have also been.  Change it up.  There are associates inside to direct you to the leftover scents...Change up the entrance so people rushing by in the mall see something different.  If your going to have a new scent or groups of scents out every three weeks...change your marketing to include the windows and doorways.  I go in because I love the brand and follow it all very closely...others do not so you need to let them see those cute bees and honey displays!

For me...the beginning of this year was one thing.  Snow. And a lot of it.  So much so that We needed to go out and invest in a $1,000 snow blower.  Add into that, the high cost of heating oil for those of us freezing our patookies here in the North East {almost $4.00 a gallon and I have 500 gallon tanks} while the thinking is "send her to a tropical destination" .....actuality is ....she is freezing and giving all of her money to stay warm.  Now that April is here and the oil man will be getting less....I will be spending more. Now hit me with the cute, summery scents.

I am liking what I know so far about the World Garden line...and looking forward to seeing what the accompaniments  are going to be. We know the candle line coming out with it is the White Barn line of spring garden inspired scents.  So will the hand soaps trend that way?  The antibacs?  The wallflower bulbs should be the candle what design will the wallflower units be?  The room sprays will most likely be the spring garden scents and if there is a new HFO that too may be spring garden. I've heard the luminary for the candles could possibly be those metal lanterns I mentioned before and pictured that are already out and testing.  With a destination themed signature line aimed at Mother's Day gifting I am anticipating a tote or something as a gift for mom.

For those whose stores are not floor setting early....we will see this new line in three weeks. And with each passing day, the weather will be warmer...the grass here will green up and we will be ready to take that trip to the inspired gardens from around the passport required.


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