Friday, April 4, 2014

Bath & Body Works | New Trademarks

April 4, 2014

The end of last year I made a post about some new trademark names I came across....

  • Endless Weekend..... (spring/summer sounding scent)
  • Forever Sapphire.... (most likely a new holiday scent)
And soon enough, around January sometime, I got the notes to Endless Weekend {Endless Weekend: (signature body care)
(fruity musk) summer mandarin, sun kissed magnolia, vanilla sandalwood}

And next month after we have the launch of the World Garden Trio Signature scents with the Garden Party line of White Barn candles, the one after that will be / should be....Endless Weekend Signature scent with the Coastal Cool candle line accompanying it.  I also saw the scent South Beach Sun as a signature scent (potentially) so possibly that has to fit in somewhere....maybe.  If your a follower of this brand you know that things change in an instant and scents that are scheduled to come out...even bottled, have been moved to outlets before ever entering the nationwide release.

So after doing everything I had to get done for the day completed, I thought I would check and see what fun and new Trademark names have been listed. Here are some I found:

  • Hello Sunshine
  • Peace, Love and Daisies
  • Sweet Summer Kiss
  • Sunset by the Pool
  • Cool Coconut Surf
Now just because these names are posted does not mean that anything will come of them.  More often than not we do eventually get to see a product but there is no time limit and no reason to think these are coming out this year.  All of them listed seem to be summer themed so time will tell if anything comes of the trademark names....I just thought I would share.  As I wonder what dark sexy secrets Forever Sapphire will offer.   ;)

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