Sunday, March 31, 2013

BBW unveils a blog 3.31.13

Color me surprised when I was searching the online store and found right out there in the open at the top...BBW made a blog.

I guess they were ready.... 
I have only suggested it ....a few times....

I look forward to seeing what they will be sharing....

March 30, 2013

While shopping at a mall out of town I stopped by their Bath & Body Works to see what they had new.  This store is considered an A level from what I have been told.  I am guessing because of its location/sales....and not because of its odd layout and narrow size.  This store is really no fun to shop at because it gets crowded and there is no where to stand in line.

I saw that they had the honeydew melon and raspberry true blue bar soaps out so I took advantage and got those and picked up a shower gel as a free item with coupon as they were done on the 28th and I was still within the time frame to use it.  I plan on exchanging the shower gel for a new Italian line shower gel when they come out.

At the register I asked the sales associate when this store was getting the full sized Italian products on the shelf and she said with a big smile....tomorrow.  I inquired more as I knew tomorrow was Easter and surely the mall would not be open.  She again replied tomorrow.  I asked if I could get them early and she replied no, but she would be glad to help me out...tomorrow.

I was surprised to hear any stores in the mall would be open so I called the other two BBWs I shop at and both told me they are closed.  I called this store and inquired as to their hours and I was told the SA was mistaken, She meant Monday the line is coming out...and they too are closed.


I find it odd that the online store does not have any of the items for that Signature Italian line yet as usually you can find things there, first.

Maybe this store out of town will be one of those that launches earlier than the planned April release date...  Who knows.

At this point, I am befuddled at their timing of releases lately.  Maybe the premature release of the Italian line for the other blogger caused them more grief that they needed to move it up.  But so far, the only marketing ads are for the candles....

3.30.13--sale coming i think sunday 3/31 photo 1.jpg

 photo 4a.jpg

 photo 2.jpg

Deal of the Day - Aromatherapy shower gel 3.31.13

Aromatherapy Body Wash - $6

Deal of the Day - Wallflowers $3.00 3.30.13

Today's Deal of the Day

Friday, March 29, 2013

30 Day Air Fresheners

Available scents:

-Lavender Vanilla
-Fresh Bamboo
-Pineapple Mango
-Fresh Cotton
-Farmstand Apple

Diffuser: $10.00
Re-fills: $8.50

Good Friday 3.29.13

I went to the mall today to check out what actually came out for the new floor set from last night.  Bath and Body Works seems to be a bit disarrayed when it comes to scheduling anymore.  I mean they have these days that are suppose to be new releases set into stone and suddenly you check online and wammo, there they are....a new item weeks in advance.

My store in town said they had some items in and would be resetting it Thursday night and here in this mall I was told first, nope they are just moving things around.....and later when I was venting on a FB page, I got a FB message from a friend/sa who said they were told to add things and the girl I spoke with didn't know.

Too confusing.

Upon entering this store the only thing I see different is the Beautiful Day is now front and center.  And tucked in the back on the left hand side by the Fresh Picked was a tall rack with a few new Italian line candles, a few hand soaps and a few pocketbacs.  That was the extent of new.

Lip glosses were being offered for $5.00 today as well as the TMC (deal of the day) for $5.00.

I loaded up on the previews, grabbed some soaps and new hand sanitizer in the pump bottles and a few things for my freebies and that was it.

Normally I don't buy a bunch of the previews, but I read where everyone else does and since I do like these scents....why not.

Yesterday the travel items were 3 for $6.00 making each one two dollars so I bought a bunch of the sprays here in town with the plans on exchanging them when the Italian line comes out.  They pulled all of the beautiful day travels and put them in the back claiming they are not part of the sale.  Not true.  The sa vampire there needs a huge attitude adjustment and I am ready to be her teacher very soon.  They think because I shop there often and they know me by my name they can dump on me....they have another think coming. Her insisting on my putting my purchases on the counter instead of a bad was getting on my nerves and my refusal apparently got on her. The manager is off again on medical leave and even when she is there this behavior is happens.  And the co manager has no problem with showing me discomfort when I do a return or an exchange.  So not professional.

It will be interesting to see just when the new Italian body car launches.  It was originally scheduled for Aprill 22nd, but with Beautiful Day being moved up and the previews and some products out in the stores I am guessing we will see it within the next few weeks. 

3.28.13  3/$6.00 mist sale photo italiansprays.jpg

3.29.13 italian line starts coming out photo italiansoaps.jpg

3.29.13 lot.  (15 minis and paris bubble bath out of pic photo DSCF0852.jpg

3.29.13 vineyard sanitizer photo vineyardsanit.jpg

Deal of the Day - TMC $5.00 3.29.13

Photo: DOD: $5 TMCs in store ONLY

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Deal of the day- tomorrow 3.27.13

Just called my store...I was correct...candles tomorrow 2/22  b3g3 and AROMATHERAPY lotion $6.00


New- Woodsy test candle pics and notes 3.26.13

Sage & Cedar: Experience an exotic and rich blend of sage, cedar and rare tonk a bean.

White Water Birch: Brighten up your home with a fresh, clean blend of marine notes, woods and just a bit of citrus. 

Oakmoss & Vetiver: Infuse your home with a luxurious blend of oak moss, vetiver and lavender. 

Sandalwood Citrus: Discover a new take on citrus in a blend of grapefruit, lemon peel and sandalwood wrapped up in warm musk.


All shared on Sistas page 3.26.13

Deal of the Day - True Blue hand cream 3.26.13

Today's Deal of the Day

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Same Bullshit.....different day.....

Really?    No, Really?

Grown women sitting in front of a computer with nothing better to do than bash someone they don't even know?  Where did I ever hurt you? 

For what? Why?  I mean I really don't get it....  Is my writing about soap and wax bothering you so much? 

No really?  Due tell.  Because I don't get it.  This pack mentality.

My adding one more blog to the mix was sooooo traumatic .... and people will not be happy until it's gone.

Anyone can come and take my writings, my work, my lists... my photos....all of my info and use it  themselves.....and that's just fine.  Everyone wants to know the test store lists and sales info....

But I post a picture from a PUBLIC page...of a thanksgiving candle, and a frog pocketbac holder and NEVER claim them to be my own...just what is coming out....and that is all I ever do? 

Saying that yesterday I must have used someone elses photos without their permission the reason why my blog was not open for public view....for a few hours overnight.  Your first thought huh? 

SAME....OLD...crap again......

Bashing me.....without cause, AGAIN.....without knowing for sure what was going on.... just a random insult about  me on a FB page....concocted by fools who get enjoyment out of bullying another human being and waiting for a reaction.....and then laughing and bashing some more..

Some, I would expect this from.....  But you?  I had more respect for you....

Saturday, March 23, 2013