Sunday, March 31, 2013

March 30, 2013

While shopping at a mall out of town I stopped by their Bath & Body Works to see what they had new.  This store is considered an A level from what I have been told.  I am guessing because of its location/sales....and not because of its odd layout and narrow size.  This store is really no fun to shop at because it gets crowded and there is no where to stand in line.

I saw that they had the honeydew melon and raspberry true blue bar soaps out so I took advantage and got those and picked up a shower gel as a free item with coupon as they were done on the 28th and I was still within the time frame to use it.  I plan on exchanging the shower gel for a new Italian line shower gel when they come out.

At the register I asked the sales associate when this store was getting the full sized Italian products on the shelf and she said with a big smile....tomorrow.  I inquired more as I knew tomorrow was Easter and surely the mall would not be open.  She again replied tomorrow.  I asked if I could get them early and she replied no, but she would be glad to help me out...tomorrow.

I was surprised to hear any stores in the mall would be open so I called the other two BBWs I shop at and both told me they are closed.  I called this store and inquired as to their hours and I was told the SA was mistaken, She meant Monday the line is coming out...and they too are closed.


I find it odd that the online store does not have any of the items for that Signature Italian line yet as usually you can find things there, first.

Maybe this store out of town will be one of those that launches earlier than the planned April release date...  Who knows.

At this point, I am befuddled at their timing of releases lately.  Maybe the premature release of the Italian line for the other blogger caused them more grief that they needed to move it up.  But so far, the only marketing ads are for the candles....

3.30.13--sale coming i think sunday 3/31 photo 1.jpg

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