Saturday, August 19, 2017

Life Inside the Page | Rae Dunn Thanksgiving Collection Pieces Sale

Here are a few New for Thanksgiving 2017 Rae Dunn extras I found. The few everyday Rae Dunn items I have that I want to get rid of will be added as I have time.

2017 Thanksgiving Turkey/ Pilgrim Hat platter:
measures 8 3/4' wide by 14 1/2" long

2017 Thanksgiving " Gobble till you Wobble" Mixing Bowl
measures 10" diameter


2017 Happy Friendsgiving Collection
Currently listed on Mercari as a set of 12 pieces for $105.00 plus $15 shipping
box weighs 20 pounds - and you will have this entire set without running around for all of the pieces like I did.
 or sold separately (in groups of four - oval, trays, or mugs) here

set of 4- "friendsgiving" on all four


Set of 4 -48.00
Measure approx. 5" x 9"
Two are " Thankful for friends"
Two are " happy friendsgiving"

Please Note (as shown below) one happy friends giving tray has a tiny mark above the s under the glaze.

Please Note: (as shown below) one "thankful for friends" tray has a flaw in the corner of the edge. It is not chipped and is glazed over entirely

Set of 4 - 40.00
Two read: " it's friendsgiving/get your fat pants ready (two sayings,on one mug)
Two read: "thankful for friends"

Please Note: one "thankful for friends" mug has a  glazed over tear shape mark (as shown below)
It does not affect the usefulness of the cup.

2017 Thanksgiving Pie Plates
Little Slice of Heaven Pie Plate
Measures 8 3/4" diameter

2017 Thanksgiving
Thankful for Pie, Pie Plate
Measures 8 3/4" diameter
Please Note: a glazed over dip on the side of the plate (as shown below) does not interfere with the usefulness of the plate.

2017 Thanksgiving Larger Tray in Long Letters
Measures: 7" x 14 1/2"
Please note: there is a small black dot (as shown below) on the front of the dish, the same black the letters are written in. 

Please Note:
Rae Dunn products are made with a sort of primitive feel to them and no two are completely alike.  They will / could have some minor imperfections to the pottery finish / glaze work  that is expected and adds to the charm of the pieces that I am not responsible for but I will share all that I find. Please look at all of the photos and email me with any questions you may have.

I am very careful when I find extra pieces to resell to be careful and not get anything that couldn't be used with food. For example: No cracks, or bare ceramic spots inside cups, etc.  While many collect to use as decor I try to make sure you can use your item too.

Shopping Guidelines
❥Serious Buyers only Please.

This is the current sale and all previous sale posts and prices are no longer active.
This sale is on a first come first serve basis so don't delay if you really want something. I cannot hold items, I'm sorry.
Shipping within the US only please.

❥All items are new, with tags unless noted otherwise.
I am not pulling off price stickers. The cost of these Rae Dunn products at retail is well known and I am not pretending I paid more for them.

❥If you find something you like, please email me at

with your list and please include your zip code and I will get an invoice of all charges off to you. Payment is due at time of invoicing.

Shipping Ceramic items is weighty, so you can expect a bit more of a cost via USPS.

❥Buyers will pay all shipping charges and Paypal fees.

❥I ship using Priority Mail with tracking numbers included for every package.

❥All items are packaged extremely well and I do take photographs of my packaging.  Packages are insured up to $50 from the postal service and any additional insurance is up to the buyer to request at the time of purchase. I am not responsible for lost or damaged parcels, you will need to file a USPS claim.

❥Your Happiness is very important to me so let me know if I can help you in any way!  Happy Shopping!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Bath & Body Works | New Body Care Collection | Farm to Table Inspired

There is something new coming to Bath and Body Works - a body care collection with a Farm to Table inspiration. Here I what I heard so far:

Heartland Milk and Honey - Bee my Honey ( made with real honey extract)
New England McIntosh Apple - You're the Apple to my Pie (made with real apple extract)
Countryside Cotton Blossom - 

Available Forms:
Oatmeal Body Wash
Body Cream ( body balm)
*More info to come

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Bath & Body Works | Information Update

I have updated the Hand Soap, Halloween and the Aromatherapy posts so be sure to click on them for more photos and information.

Tomorrow, August 16th, 2017 there is supposed to be an EXCLUSIVE email Hand Soap Sale Offer for these new soaps (above link). So watch for that in your email box, and on my Facebook Page.

Here are a few more new items photos I had forgotten to post. There are also new dual wallflowers coming.  I purchased them years ago and at that time they alternated the fragrances from both bulbs. We will see what the new dual wallflowers are going to offer.

Candle Holder Square
Scentportable - woodlike