Monday, March 28, 2016

Bath & Body Works | New Summer Candle Collections Seen

March 28, 2016

There are a few new candle collections seen in stores with photos showing up on Instagram. Possible testing/  I am not sure.  I am guessing they are part of the next floor set, with their arrival now....just as the Spring Market Collection came out with the Hawaii candles.

Thanks to @duchessofwax we get this first look at some Summer Candles.

No Lids-  Frosted Glass Diagonal Wave Pattern  13.5 oz

*Malibu - Citrus Glow - Go on the ultimate California beach getaway with the scent of sweet oranges, juicy cling peaches and a hint of jasmine

*Rivera Maya - Plumeria Petals - Mexico's Rivera Maya offers a luxurious beach escape where the soft air is filled with the scent of lush plumeria petals, coconut milk and pineapple leaves.

*St. Tropez - Beach Cabana - Explore the heart of the French Rivera with a mix of orange blossoms, warm sands and salty sea air.

*Carribean - Driftwood Surf - Hear the sound of rustling palm leaves above the white sand beaches when you breathe in the scent of the Carribean coconut, watery citrus and sea-salted driftwood.

*Bora Bora - Tiki Beach - Take a voyage to the tropics with the exotic fragrance of toasted cconut, warm vanilla and South Seas orchids.

*South Beach - Suntan - Feel the warm sand underfoot and soak up the vibrant South Beach sun with the scent of orange blossoms, bright citrus and soft coconut husk.
Lid Collection with Sea Themed Jar Labels 14.5oz jars

-Sunny Coconut - The fragrance of sunshiny orange blended with a creamy vanilla coconut that's a beautiful breezy trip to the beach.

-Seaside Gardenia - Stroll on the shore with the fragrance of gardenia trees swaying in the soft sea air and fresh bamboo.

-Endless Weekend - A blend of fresh summer mandarin, sun-kissed magnolia and blue coconut water that evokes days of sunshine and happiness you wish would never end.

-Black Sands - Escape to a dramatic black sand beach with an unforgettable blend of ocean ist and exotic amber finished with creamy cedarwood.

-Pineapple Mango - The scent of tree-ripened mango, white pineapple and a trace of warm island vanilla takes you to your ultimate dream beach.

-Sparkling Waves -  A blend of cool citrus, watery bergamot and musk that captures the moment when sunlight sparkles like diamonds on the water.

-Tiki Beach - A scent as warm as sunrays - a luxurious blend of vanilla musk, orchids and toasted coconut.

-Suntan - Bask in the sunny fragrance of vibrant orange blossoms, bright citrus and soft coconut husk.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Fairy Garden Girl | Photo bombing Flamingos

March 25, 2016

The watering pond just got more crowded. Under the camouflage of sun faded poinsettias two flamingos would end up stealing the show on a close-up of this baby giraffe.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Fairy Garden Girl | Down the Rabbit Hole

March 24, 2016

Statuary in the garden is that one thing that ties all of your thoughts and visions for your garden together.  Sadly, it is one of the more pricey additions that you will find, but if you chose wisely, you will need only a few.

This little dashing fellow had it all over the other "bunnies" at the greenhouse.  He was dressed in his best to impress and impress he did.

My garden is filled with these adorable (when they aren't eating all of my plantings) creatures and I wouldn't want a season without them.  Most times. 

This dashing statue of (what I named him) Mr.Theodore Tibbar {rabbit spelled backwards} would be perfect layered in among my daylilies and late-season sunflowers. Some violets at his feet from a tipped basket wouldn't hurt.

For now he is enjoying the limelight center-stage among the spring daffodils.
Happy Gardening!

Fairy Garden Girl | Match the Shoes to the Handbag

March 24, 2016

Every girl knows that the shoes should match the handbag and these two are no exception. 
How clever are these! 

I would love to see these filled with little johnny-jump-ups (violas) and ivy.  But any flowers, or succulents will do too.

Perfect gift for any fashion-ista.

Happy Gardening

Fairy Garden Girl | Blue Feet in a Garden

March 23, 2016

I am ready for spring. 

Winter had its turn at being all rough and tough...and now I am ready to blossom and bloom.  Time to get back into the garden and get digging.

I went to one of my favorite garden places Wednesday hoping they were open and I found they are just getting back into the groove of setting everything up again.  Which only excited me more seeing the pallets of fresh from the growers greens scattered about their stoned driveway. While I know it is only March and we, here in this neck of the woods, still have time before the ground is ready for planting... I am ready to see new.

So I roamed, around in circles numerous times according to my husband. But there was much to see. And with every turn I found the peace that I was seeking.

Last year, they had a small section devoted to Fairy Gardens and Gnomes and it was enchanting to see all of the miniatures devoted to this hobby.  I do love to spend time outdoors beneath the blue, and here you may find a Gnome or two tucked behind the green foliage peering out from his hideaway.  I just haven't gone full out mini fairies...yet. 

This year they had a much larger display with anything you could want for your little fairy friends.  Including more fairy friends.

I did buy a few little things there:  A goblin gable sign for Autumn Fairy Fun....a metal bicycle with a basket, perfect to put some sedum in, and a white lattice box and arbor...also perfect for the sedum I am getting later from QVC. I will share photos of those in a bit.

Plus, I am on the hunt for more (ssshhhhh, don't tell hubby)

Oh, My creative juices are flowing...

Speaking of, just look at these big blue feet they were offering - a ceramic flower pot of sorts filled with ivy.  If I had a more private garden (so that no one would steal these), they would have walked their way here.

Happy Gardening!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Blog Sale | Intimates: Victoria's Secrets and more

Spring housecleaning has me finally getting into the bureaus that have been neglected, more because they are full of things I never got to wear, and always hoped I would either gain or lose the weight to fit into them.

I am going to donate a good portion of the new, unused items....but I am hoping to sell off the many Victoria's Secrets (and a few others) first.... and this is the post with the link to click for those items posted in my Marketplace.

Most everything has a size and brand tag, and these are all Genuine Products, not purchased at any outlet store.

Many have the sales ticket still on them.

All are clean, and were stored in the drawers...mainly with the one cup inside the other...away from light to fade and ruin them.  I am including many photos of each item so you can see and know what you are buying..

They were not used nor tried on.  They were purchased online mainly on impulse with how adorable they are and just put away for a special day. Online purchases usually come in a bag with the item number on it and no tags.

Many were picked up in the store and have the tags to show sizing and pricing.

Buyer will pay shipping / paypal fee on these and the will be wrapped carefully to ship. They are not returnable so please note the sizing.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Upcoming Sales at Bath and Body Works

Upcoming Sales at B&BW
  • Single Wick Candles will be $7.00 Wednesday, March 16th
  • WF Bulbs 7/$24 or 5/$18
Friday there should be a $10 off of $30 email blast
and Saturday we may see $3.00 or $3.50 hand soap sales
And this weekend, Candles should be $12.50.

All sales are subject to change.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Bath & Body Works | Aloha Hawaii Release Day | March 14, 2016

March 14, 2016


The Aloha, Hawaii collection of scents launched at Bath and Body Works today and I stopped in to see what was new that I needed to have.

My Haul was small, in store but I did order a few other things online.  I will say that I am not a huge coconut my passions lie in the fall fragrances but I did grab the Tiki Mango Mai Tai Signature as it reminds me of one of the fall scents we just had.

Oh, and before I forget...the Vanilla Beach Flower candle is SUNTAN, to me.  I smelled it a few times in the numerous stores I shopped at and since I was smelling it as Suntan just yesterday here with my suntan candle...It is that scent.

And to answer the questions posed on the blog about the Pineapple Holder for your desk that I shared a photo of earlier.  You put the refill in upside down and when you want to use it, you pick it up and flip open the bottle and squeeze.  Some have told me they aren't liking it because you have to keep taking the refill out to use it.  I did show it with the refill upside down but maybe it was missed so I just wanted to point that out again.  I think it's adorable...and yes a bit pricey at $9.50 but he is sitting here and every time I look over at him I smile.

I added a few of the Lei elastic bands to my purchase before they disappear.  I was thinking about them being great add-ons to summer drink glassware for my table.

That Paris candle was pretty much sold out everywhere I went but I found one in a store I visited so I exchanged out one I knew I wasn't going to ever use.  One of those purchases that you get talked store.  It seems lately when your not looking to buy what is out but want something new, your told to buy anything and then just return/exchange it when the floorset launches. Not great that the exchange counts against your name but what can  you do. Many, many things changing at the B store.

The ribbed glass candles finally arrived as did the Spring Market Candles on a table off to the side,  just randomly sitting among all of this tropical merchandise from the Fiesta, Italy and now Hawaii collections.  I think we will see all included for that collection closer to April. I am looking forward to seeing the Signatures for April with fingers crossed that there will be something new to celebrate Mother's Day with.

Hello Beautiful did come out on a table of its own complete with the three wick candle.  I did smell it, the candle,  and passed as it wasn't something I was looking for. My hubby still insists that the fragrance smells lovely on me so I ordered it online. 

So what did you find out at the Luau?

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Bath & Body Works | Hang Ten in Hawaii | March 2016 Collection

March 10, 2016

I have compiled a list of most of the new coming out March 14th for the Aloha, Hawaii Collection.  Click this link below....and start making your list.

Bath & Body Works | Hang Ten in Hawaii | March 2016 Collection

Friday, March 4, 2016

Bath & Body Works | Hello, Beautiful online March 4, 2016

March 4, 2016
If you were checking out the new Aloha, Hawaii Collection that popped up online today you would have also found that Bath and Body Works added both the lotion and shower gel from the new Signature Fragrance Hello, Beautiful online too.
We should see this scent launch in all stores in the next week or so.
Also coming out with the signature collection will be a three wick candle to add this fragrance to our homes as well.

Target Beauty Box | March 2016

March 4, 2016

The mailman just brought my latest Beauty Box purchase from Target and it was so worth the $5.00 charge.  I grabbed two to give to my sisters so they can try these beauty boxes for themselves and while it is currently sold out, you can still grab the products offered in them here as we wait for another box soon.

Bath & Body Works | New Bounceback Coupon for April 2016

March 4, 2016
Coupons will be distributed after March 14, 2016 (or sooner as needed)
Free Signature Collection Item of your Choice { up to $13.00 value }  with any purchase of $10 or more
Offer valid in store and online April 18 - May 8, 2016

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Bath & Body Works | Possible Upcoming Signatures

March 3, 2016

I wanted to jot down some names of possible new items coming soon.  I don't know for sure if any or all of them will, it is just some things found and my wanting to document them.

Possible Upcoming Signatures:

Summer Marshmallow
Seaside Breeze
Magic in the Air
Sweet Escape
Strawberry Picnic
Sunshine Days
Get Happy
Beach Night

Poolside Coconut Colada
Sweet Summer Sunset
Sassy Strawberry Mint

Chocolate Amber

Between You & Me
Just You & Me

Simply Magical
Alluring Apple
Apple Fizz
Sparkling Peach

Possible Candles
Raspberry Mint Sorbet
Gardenia & Fresh Rain
Wild Apricot & Lavender

Bath & Body Works | Aloha, Hawaii: Collection of Fragrances | In the Wall today, March 3, 2016

March 3, 2016
Being an avid follower of this brand I am finding it quite curious as to what is going on lately in the stores.  The first thing I am noticing is how empty they are as in customers buying products. 
Where is everyone?
I see table after table of collection after collection still full of products.  If this is any indication of how sales are...I am guessing Semi Annual Sale is going to be filled with Fiesta, Italy.....
As I have said before, I tend to be drawn to the fall-ish and holiday collections more...granted, I do my fair share of damage in the beginning of the year too.  Just maybe not so much fragrance wise but accessories and home goods.  A girl can take only so much coconut. Don't get me wrong, if coconuts are your thing...that is great, have at it.  I make sure I share information on everything new coming as well as my observations on what I see happening.
Do you want to see sell outs and crowds?  Bring back the dang Sweet Shoppe Collection.  Or even a version of it.  People are clamoring for it.  I remember when it came out.  Initially in my stores here the table was sort of tucked behind the front table instead of it being the focal point.  My store didn't get in all of the merchandise other stores did and in a short amount of was done...gone.  Next...  The popular scents ended up being the "failed tests" and now they are the most sought after and highest priced on the secondary market.
The next thing I am noticing is how many scent are dropping in a month...and off of floor set schedules.
Every month  we see a new "collection" of scents launch and they are the focus of the set for that time.  But along with those fragrances we are now seeing the "extras" coming out sort of stealing some thunder from the sales of the stars.
January had Limonello Signature sneak out along with the Fiesta Fragrances and February had Pretty as a Peach Signature come out with the Ciao, Italy collection.  Coming soon with the Aloha, Hawaii Collection we should see the Hello, Beautiful fragrance and I wonder why take the spotlight from the new?
I thought Fiesta should have stood on its own and the Limoncello would have been a great addition to the Ciao, Italy line.  Pretty as a Peach should be out....{in April when I would expect others along that  market thinking should come. Hint Hint....watermelon lemonade please. *drops mic}
So with extra fragrances launching so are bumped up releases and previews.  Today, I was asked by a SA how I loved the new fragrances.  I thought she meant the Italy scents so I responded what I thought about each.  She walked away and I thought it odd she asked me that...again...until I looked at the wall and Lo and Behold, there were the rest of the Aloha, Hawaii Fragrance Collection, now available for sale. Today, eleven days early.
What happened to the Preview Hawaii Bucket?
Maybe it's me and the word Preview has a different meaning than I thought. I would expect the bucket should have come out now...maybe tomorrow...about ten days before the actual floor set of NEW Hawaii things. That way allowing people to try the scents and items in the bucket to then come back for more. But when I ask I am told many different things...
When we are told
It's not called for
There isn't a bucket
The stores did have the Hawaii soaps in the wall...and the scent portables were out.  A few of the pocketbac holders were but not all of the refills yet.  I debated on getting the pineapple hand soap decanter but with my long list of wants and being told I can't have any of that now...come back on the 14th....I put it back on the shelf.
That happened with the other two collections as well  and saved me money in the long run so I am not complaining.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Bath & Body Works | Spring Garden Candle Collection

March 1, 2016

The candle collection we saw testing recently is starting to come in to Bath and Body Works stores now which is good to know they are not all White Barn exclusives.  When, specifically they will hit the floor is yet to be determined but with a Spring Market Collection possibly coming for could be any time now.
The Garden Candle Collection:

Beautiful Day
Bowties and Bourbon
Eucalyptus Mint and Rain
Georgia Peach
Lilac Blossom
Strawberry Vanilla
Sweet Pea
Praline Pecan Cobbler
White Tea and Ginger