Sunday, April 30, 2017

Home & Backyard | Greenhouse Day | April 22, 2017

Greenhouse Day!
155 plants purchased later....I will be on my knees for sometime as soon as the frosty nights end and warm weather is here to stay.



Bath & Body Works | Men's Fragrance Release Coming Soon | Suede, Bourbon, Teakwood, Noir and Ocean

After hearing there would be a "test" of new Men's Signature Body Care Fragrances soon I have been keeping an eye out ( and an ear ) for a hint of what the possible names could be for this new collection.

When I saw the new pocketbac SUEDE arrive, I knew it had to be one of the new names.  And today I found out the rest that we will see.

Coming Out  May 5th, 2017...
Men's Signature Fragrance Collection

The Ocean and Noir are up for a redo I guess so they are included in the list of new.

Product Forms:
Ultra Shea Body Cream
Shower Gel
Deodorizing Body Spray

As soon as I get photos I will update this posting...and if the new Men's Fragrances go wide instead of testing I will post it on my Facebook Page.

Ocean Pix Credit: @scaturbrain

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Bath & Body Works | New Candle Collections Coming | May 2017 | House Of Blues ~ Mixed Materials

There have been a few new candles found arriving in back rooms of Bath and Body Works stores this week and on Ebay so we can only wonder when we will see these arrive for sale.
I added a link above for anyone interested in grabbing the candles early on Ebay from that seller. 
Here are some of the candle names:
House of Blues Collection:
Blue Ocean Waves
Bow Ties and Bourbon
Fresh Mint and Coconut
Honey Vanilla
White Gardenia
Mixed Materials Collection:
Bourbon Sea Salt Caramel
Bergamot Waters
Mahogany Teakwood
Rose Water and Ivy
Sweet Spearmint
Tea and Lemon
Vanilla Birch

 three blue candles and tea and lemon pictures credit sskm96

Bath & Body Works | Creamy Luxe Hand Soaps Core Scents

More Creamy Luxe Hand Soaps:
Black Cherry Merlot
Eucalyptus Mint
French Lavender
Kitchen Lemon
Peach Bellini

Bath & Body Works | Fresh Picked Collection Online and In Stores

One of the newest collections to release online this past week has now become available in stores and I wanted to share what I have found.
The Fresh Picked Collection includes Candles, Wallflower Bulbs and Hand Soaps.
Cucumber Melon
Eucalyptus Mint
Farmstand Apple
Fresh Cut Lilacs
Indigo Sky
Sweet Honey Bee
Toasted Coconut
Cucumber Melon
Farmstand Apple
Indigo Sky
Sweet Honeybee
Toasted Coconut
Hand Soaps: (both gentle foaming and deep cleansing)
Cucumber Melon
Eucalyptus Mint
First Bloom
Georgia Peach
Sunshine and Lemons
Ocean Citrus