Thursday, October 31, 2013

Todays New on Bath and Body Works

October 31, 2013
Happy Halloween!!
Here are todays online Bath and Body Works new item finds. 




Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Holiday II starts early!

October 30, 2013
 In the middle of day two of kitchen painting, I received a phone call from a friend letting me know that some of the holiday new things scheduled to come out next Monday at Bath and Body Works were already hitting the shelves.  So what did I do?  Washed out my brushes early for the day...and grabbed my coupons of course.
When I got there the sales associates were busy filling the shelves with items from their over loaded carts.  There was so much to see, I could barely take it all in.  And after spending way to much without even making a dent in all they are going to have...I drug my two heavy bags to the car and planned on a revisit soon for Round Two.
The first thing she showed me were sleep masks in two patterns. Penguins and Sheep.  I bought last years sheep and it was cute but these are adorable too.  They were priced at $15.00 each and I remarked to her for that price they better do more than cover my eyes.  I have eyelids that do that.  (ha ha).
Then she took me over to the pocketbacs rack.  I am still waiting for that huge lot of new of those that we saw previews of but they weren't in the store yet she said.   You remember, the rudolph that lights up and penguins and cats and owls with strings of lights around them as well as metal and snowglobe pocketbac?
They did have a lot of holders that were in the $3.00 price range that had things on the side... like trees and such in the little sparkly stones.  I passed on those for today.  They didn't have the cheapie fifty cent holders out yet either.  I posted pics of those a few blogs back.  I did grab a new kitty as well as some very expensive photo pocketbac holders.  $7.50 for these but I thought they would make cute tree hangers too.  Put the person your giving the pocketbac to picture inside it and let them find it and pull it from the tree.
Next was the Scentportable table.  I did grab my mittens and used the coupon to get a holiday tradition product for free as those mittens are $10.50.  Pricey...yep. I also grabbed the champagne toast oil and its is also priced at $6.00 wow.... but smelled nice!
  There were the others that I posted earlier as well as a new on...a rubbery gift wrap bow atop the round scent holder.
Next stop, metal candle holders....Of course there area  ton of candle holders in metal....some I have already shared so I don't need to redo those. Brushed finishes and some sparkly with stones.... and of course the Holiday Traditions I showed again in previous blogs of the houses around the holder in color.  And the new ceramic snowman holders I shared yesterday.  They are okay but even the SA's are trying to figure out their purpose.  You can even use them on the sink or counter to hold your jewelry when you wash your hands.
candle holders
small candle holder
I cant use these soap holders on my sinks, they rust a lot and leave marks that are hard to clean off, so I use them for lotions and other fragrance items.  You can also give candies and wrapped cookies in these!
I grabbed a bunch of snowmen things:  a few were for free with the coupons... ( I used a lot of coupons today, I think I have 15 receipts )
The holiday traditions are on a small section of the wall like they were last year and not all products were in yet.  I did grab a few and got most for free with coupons.
The holiday scented soaps are also filling up the wall but I waited to get more until they are all out and ready.  I did grab the really expensive pump luxe versions and upon first sniff....not bad.
There are a lot of accessories.... 
those zippered cosmetic bags have a matching little candy shaped bag that you can use both out for an evening rather than a big purse.
And penguin and Rudolph faced canvas bags perfect for filling up!

Speaking of bags, there are a lot of fun gifting bags coming...from paper to vinyl like to canvas that Velcro 's shut.
Another new candle: OCEAN DRIVE

The rubber travel bottle holders with bows

And jingle bell package tie ons to go along with a naughty or night and pompom snowman tie ons.

The candle rings for the holiday traditions line

and some snowman candle rings.
A new bounceback that you can start using to save your surveys!