Friday, April 29, 2016

Bath and Body Works | Saturday, April 30, 2016 In-Store Event | Free A Thousand Wishes Body Lotion

April 29, 2016
Here is the email for the promotion coming tomorrow in Bath and Body Works stores. With any purchase of a full sized signature product, you will receive a body lotion in the fragrance of A Thousand Wishes.

Target Beauty Box | May 2016

April 29, 2016

I just checked out the Target Beauty Box page looking for information on anything new coming and they just loaded the new items we could be seeing in the May beauty box. Click the link above to read about these products.

Here they are: 
  1. Andalou Naturals Resveratrol Q10 Night Repair Cream   
  2. Clairol Hairfood Sulfate Free Kiwi Dry Shampoo
  3. Burt's Bees Cleansing Oil Basic Facial Cleanser
  4. Derma E Firming DMAE Moisturizing with Alpha Lipoic and C Ester
  5. Loreal Paris Colour Riche Le Matte Lip Pen
  6. Loreal Paris Colour Riche La Lacque Lip Pen
  7. Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream
  8. CeraVe Unscented Foaming Facial Cleanser
  9. Loreal Paris Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Towelettes Med. Natural Tan
I am hoping the lip products will be full sized which would make this another great deal when the May Beauty Box becomes available in the next few days.

Remember to use your discount coupon that came in the last beauty box for additional savings as well as Ebates for another savings percentage back.  Currently, the Ebates savings percentage for Target is 2%.

Happy Shopping Beauti-nistas!


Thursday, April 28, 2016

Yankee Candle | Some New Summer Fragrances

April 28, 2016

I stopped today at a Hallmark store in my area that is closing and found some of these new summer scents from Yankee Candle available so I grabbed a few to try.

Here are the scent notes:

Sunset Breeze:
Top: Pineapple, Peach, Mango
Mid: Pear Blossom
Base: Musk

Summer Storm
Top: Citrus, Ozonic, Rosemary
Mid: Eucalyptus oil
Base: Patchouli

Passion Fruit Martini
Top: Juicy Pineapple, Tropical Mango, Zesty Orange
Mid: Passion Fruit
Base: Musk

Moon Light Garden
Top: White Cyclamen, Fresh Citrus, Orange
Mid: Blooming Lilac, Lily of the Valley, Freesia
Base: Musk, Climbing Ivy, Clove

Midnight Lilacs
Top: Blackberry
Mid: Muguet, Night Blossom, Iris, Lilac
Base: Sandalwood, Musk

Lavender Sunset
Top: Green Leaves, Ozone
Mid: Iris, Lavender, Violet
Base: Vanilla, Cedarwood, Musk

Dreamy Summer Night
Top: Vanilla Sugar
Mid: Heliotrope, Vanilla Orchid
Base: Vanilla Bean, Amber, Cedar wood

Bakery Air
Top: Creamy Butter, Maple Extract
Mid: Chopped Pecans, Ground Cinnamon, Crushed Clove
Base: Crystallized Sugar, Vanilla

Strawberry Lemon Ice
Refresh your home with the cool scent of just-picked strawberries and strips of lemon peel crisped in ice

Flowers in the Sun
Like a walk in the garden with sunlight spilling over all the golden colors—a remarkably bright scent of sweet blossoms.

Catching Rays
Sharp orange and golden amber bring that great beach feeling of being warmed all the way through by a perfect summer sun

Line-Dried Cotton
A  clean laundered fragrance mixed with a note of dewiness and a light floral breeze—the fresh scent of cotton drying in the sunlight

Pink Peony
A full-flowered scent of spring's most luscious bloom—filled with the promise of warm days ahead

April Showers
Top: Lemon Zest
Mid: Lemon Leaf, Melon
Base: Vanilla

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Bath & Body Works | Spring Garden Totes: Blue or Pink | My purchases

April 26, 2016

I was in a Bath and Body Works store today picking up some more Smart Soap refills before they too disappear off of the shelf when my UPS app dinged that my two orders had just arrived.  Since there isn't even a hint of a TOTE in this store {put it out to drive future sales, geesh} I was glad I purchased my two totes online last Thursday.

Sad that I took all of that money in sales away from a local business, but what am I to do?  I wasn't thrilled to pay extra for shipping on BOTH.  Nor was I thrilled to lose out on coupon savings of $20.

But I didn't let that dissuade me from ordering them and enjoying them before the Stores decide to
get going with the tote promotion.

Let's talk about the bag.

They (both the blue and pink) are textured vinyl bags with scalloped edges and a plastic zippered opening.

The front of the bag has a gold tone bow as a decoration, and matching gold tone rivets holding the handles onto the bag. The edge of the handles and the seam of the bag are edged in the liner color.

The interior of the blue bag is a darker pink almost dark fuchsia color {it matches the pocketbac holder perfectly}. The interior of the Pink bag is a light turquoise.

Please note the Pink bag and the interior pink on the Blue bag are two different colors. This pink bag I would say is more of a shocking pink.

There are no pockets inside of the bag at all.  I use purse organizers in all of my bags so they will work in here if I needed organization.

It measures approx. 12" tall and 12" across.  A nice size for sure.

Inside the bag you will also receive:
A Thousand Wishes travel sized spray and body lotion and a hand sanitizer.
Juicy Georgia Peach Gentle Foaming Hand Soap
Georgia Peach three wick candle
Hello Beautiful Full Sized Trio- Shower Gel, Body Lotion and Fine Fragrance Mist.

The promo online was $30 for the tote and its products with any $30 purchase. 

If your purchasing this to give as a gift you can make a few different gifts up with this one bag.

Add in the pocketbac holder that matches and put the tote and pb holder as one gift. I purchased the matching pocketbac holder {and added in the new mini candle luminary} to qualify for this.

Bundle the Georgia Peach candle along with the Juicy Georgia Peach Hand Soap...second gift.

The A Thousand Wishes Mini Spray, Body Lotion and Hand Sanitizer, third gift.

The Trio of Full Sized Hello Beautiful products...fourth gift.

Whether you use this tote as a purse to carry all of your regular items in it, or fill it up with beach goodies or items for day trips, you will find many uses for this and consider it a good purchase.

 Fill it with your children's must haves while away from home. Or pack it as your emergency car bag.  When I first put a tote bag or two in the car my hubby teased me.  Until that moment when he NEEDED what was in those bags.

I currently carry a lighter cross body bag and bring with me daily a tote to carry all of the extras I feel I need with me in a day but can no longer take pulling on my shoulder. 

I purchased the luminary and the pocketbac holder as my qualifiers.  My only complaint is they crammed everything into a shipping box that was too small so the items in the pink tote were crushed into the back making a crease mark on the front.

My other purchase for the blue bag was two candles and a hand cream. 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Bath & Body Works | Spring Garden Tote Codes

April 21, 2016
As we all know, most times information I have shared is spot on. And as we also know, the B has been known to change things up...
I was told a bit ago that there will be a first look email sharing a code to get the tote, then it will hit online, then in stores all happening next week. The coupon mailer that went out offered the chance to get it May 4th and 5th.
Which had many asking...”when is it going to be available?”
Yesterday the tote became available online, at its regular pricing of $117.00 and when i called customer service to inquire, I was told that Friday it would be live for everyone.
Later last evening when I called to place an order I asked once more and the gentleman told me today, April 21st, the First Look emails will go out and it will be available for those who get them...and Monday it would be for everyone else. If you recall the last few years the Mother’s Day Totes were in store only.
This morning when I checked online, there was a code TOTALLYSPRING active in an ad that mentioned you can get it for $30 with a $30 purchase. Below, it mentioned to add $35 to your bag to add the code.
I added a few candles, a hand cream and the code and it worked perfectly for a $30 pruchase.
When I finished, I made a second order for a luminary and used that code, TOTALLYSPRING, and it worked fine again. {Don’t forget to go through EBATES first}.
Now the header ad changed, as did the code in a matter of moments. Now it is showing the code as TOTE4YOU... and it is still $30 with a $30 purchase.
I just wanted to make Note of the code names in case you may have trouble with placing an order.
Remember no other codes will work to get the shipping for free or money off of the totes price.
  • Will these be offered in stores Tomorrow, April 22, 2016? I am unsure this early in the day. (9:49AM). I didn’t want to take the chance on missing out on getting mine, or dealing with some of the nonsense in my store.... and with a candle sale in progress it sort of worked out for me.
  • Will these be offered on Monday in the stores like Customer Service told me? Again....I am not sure. If your wanting to use a coupon to get money off of the total and avoid the $5.99 shipping I would suggest calling your stores and finding out when they will be offered. And I will see what I can find out and post as well.
I haven’t seen these in person yet (some stores think it is a big secret...shakes my head- drive future sales!!!) so I am hoping they are cute. If they are anything like the little zippered blue pocketbac case then they will be nice I think. Too bad there wasn’t a pink zippered case to match the pink tote.
The two different headers will be posted below.


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Bath & Body Works | Spring Market finds day two

April 18, 2016
While the floor set for the Spring Garden Market began last Thursday and Friday, I still wanted to check out a few other stores to see if there was anything I missed getting on my first trip out.
I was able to get a yellow teacup so I was happy for that.  They are larger (approx. 7" across x 6" deep), to accommodate a three wick candle {wouldn't a mini candle version be adorable?} and are priced at $19.50.  Yes, that is a bit pricey but I looked at it as being one of thee more unique things accessory wise found in a B&BW store for some time and something that can be used in numerous of I talked myself into it.
The little lemon and watermelon zipper coin purses were cute and they were selling pretty fast. I was hoping for a few more pocketbac holders in different patterns.  The Mothers Day one is sweet, but I passed.  The pink flamingos was a BFF duo, and the bee was too big, I thought, for me.  Sweet, yes...but I wasn't feeling him.  The garland of white flowers was nice, but I forgot it on the counter when I got distracted looking at other things.  Old age, what can I say. 
A white flower print tote hung on the sock accessories wall.  It was smaller in size and priced, I think at $14.50.  With the VIP scalloped Garden Tote coming I passed on this too.
The hand soaps for the Spring Garden and We Love Red Collections were on sale priced at $3.00 so a few more of those came home with me.  I wanted to get more of the nectarine sweet tea hand creams but this store didn't get in the hand cream scents yet so that will be for another shopping trip.
 I used my $10 off of $30 coupon and purchased the tea cup, sanitizers and two soaps.  And then used a free signature item coupon with the other four hand soaps and grabbed the new Lavender Body Cream.
I had hoped for more accessories with this set.  Body care remains a staple in the stores and its the changing of accessories that drives me in.  I was hoping for a rose wallflower as I love giving those as gifts...especially for Mother's Day.  Disappointed that there isn't a wallflower that I would love to give.
If the entire store has trellis and flowers and roses one could think of making a Shield size Trellis Wallflower decorated in flowers that LIGHTS UP? If you needed an inspiration....use your front window designs.  :)
Maybe next year.

Bath & Body Works | Spring Market Teacup

April 18, 2016
I was able to get one of the Bath and Body Works Spring Market Collection Teacups, in yellow and I wanted to make a quick post on what my plans are for it.  While it was designated to be a candle holder luminary of sorts, my first impression in seeing it was to make it into a tea cup garden with either silk or live plantings inside and a fairy or two.
Found at a Wegmans grocery store, a brown terra cotta flower pot was the perfect size and color I wanted for this project. And because it is lined, when I want to burn a candle in it, all I need to do is remove the pot.
I have yet to plant it since I only received it yesterday and I haven't decided what is going in it, but I wanted to share a few of the fairies I purchased to tuck in here and there in my garden. If I decide to use a little house with this teacup, the scale size of the fairy or gnome would be different.  When it is done I will share what it turned out like.

Wegmans Grocery Store | Summer Collections - Turquoise and Oranges



Department: Beauty | OPI Soft Shades Pastels

April 18, 2016
Here are a few photos of the new OPI Soft Shades Pastels Nail Polish I found in Wegmans. Softly shaded. Seriously Opaque.
New Shades:
It's in the Cloud
This cost me a Mint
One Chic Chick
Stop it I'm Blushing
It's a Boy
I am what I Amethyst

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Bath & Body Works | Spring Market Finds

April 17, 2016
With an early release Thursday and Friday to the Spring Market Collection at Bath and Body Works, I had to stop in on Saturday to see what was new.  The store I visited said they never got in the teacup holders I have been talking about for a month so I hope to find them tomorrow.  I did make a call to a store I asked to save me one weeks ago, only to be told..."they are sold".  BOOO. 
Here is some of what I purchased from this new collection:
I grabbed two of the zippered pocketbac holders {@$5.50 each} and the new hand soap collection in the deep cleansing formula. {5/$18.00}
Even though I don't have any one graduating currently, I thought this graduation hat was cute. Perfect for adults and children alike.... They were sold out already at my store.
 Here are the mists I shared earlier that I purchased via mail order.  The emptied, leaked out completely  watermelon lemonade will be replaced Monday.
Some Hand Creams in the new scents, yet to be tried.
And a few hand sanitizers.  I was going to get more scents but I found I only brought two new coupons for a free signature item and I used them on the hand creams and sanitizers/graduation cap purchases.  I will grab more tomorrow.