Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bath & Body Works| Brazilian | White Barn Market | Tropical Collection| January 2015

We know that the beginning of the year brings a lot of new at Bath and Body Works stores.  This year we are set to see different collections beginning this January:

The Tropical Collection
The White Barn Market Collection
The Brazilian Collection
The White Barn Spring Collection
The Fresh Picked Collection

Coming to stores January 20th 2015, these are some of the new we will be seeing at Bath and Body Works stores.

Brazilian Collection Home Collection

Amazon Falls
Black Teakwood
Rainforest Gardenia
Mango Dragonfruit
Brazilian Blue Waters
Rio Red Guava
Copacabana Beach
Spiced Pineapple Samba

Amazon Falls- experience the breathtaking beauty of a lush waterfall in the remote Amazon with notes of fresh water, green rainforest fern and a hint of sunlight.

  Black Teakwood- rich and mysterious black teakwood blends with soft sandalwood and crisp lavender in an elegant home fragrance.
Rainforest Gardenia - an intoxicating white floral note with lush green undertones mixes with fresh bamboo and sweet apple water

  Mango Dragon Fruit -rare and refreshing dragon fruit is mixed with juicy mango to create the ultimate tropical fruit blend.

  Brazilian Blue Waters
Escape to Brazil's shores with notes of ocean waves, sea foam and dappled sunlight.
Rio Red Guava- bring home the vibrancy and beauty of Rio with succulent tropical guava layered over flavorful passion fruit.



CopaCabana Beach-A beachy blend of sun-kissed coconut, ocean-washed driftwood & sweet tonka brings to life Rio's most fashionable spot to sun and swim

Spiced Pineapple Samba- a hint of spice revs up the tempo in this blend of golden juicy pineapple soaked in brown sugar.  Let's Dance!
Room Sprays:
Hand Soaps:
deep cleansing and gentle foaming
Amazon Rainforest Orchid
Brazil Pineapple Punch
Copacabana Coconut
Wild Mango Mojito
Jungle Passion Fruit
Rio Samba Sunset




Hand Sanitizer:
Wild Mango Mojito
Amazon Rainforest Orchid
Copacabana Coconut
Rio Samba Sunset
Brazil Pineapple Punch
Jungle Passion Fruit

Brazil Signature Body Care Collection
Lush Pink Dragonfruit- is a luscious pairing of seductive dragonfruit and wild jungle plum
Cool Amazon Rain -refreshes you with notes of exotic starfruit  and dewy bamboo
Fresh Brazil Citrus- is a sun-drenched mix of ripe citrus and  sweet pineapple
 Available in these forms:
Body Cream
Sugarcane Scrub
Body Lotion
Fine Fragrance Mist
Diamond Shimmer Mist
Shower Gel
travel trio
Green/Blue cosmetic bag
blue gauze sponge





Vanilla Bean Marshmallow
Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut
Strawberry Rhubarb Marmalade
Sparkling Limeade
Peach Bellini
Cherry Blossom Sangria
Watermelon Lemonade
Iced Almond Chai

Vanilla Bean Marshmallow-
A comforting vanilla fragrance that evokes the sweetness of a homemade marshmallow
Strawberry Rhubarb Marmalade-a spring market favorite- scrumptious marmalade made from hand picked garden strawberries and rhubarb
Sparkling Limeade-refreshing with a sophisticated touch of citrus, this fragrant blend of juicy limes, sparking water, and a hint of sugar quenches your thirst for spring.

Peach Bellini-
A shimmering blend of white peach, sweet orange peel, yellow mandarin & jasmine with a pop of sweet blackcurrant

Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut-
Freshly baked cake doughnut with grated cinnamon and sparkling sugar crystals, deliciously blended with a hint of vanilla bean extract

Watermelon Lemonade-Quench your thirst for long summer days with a refreshing blend of watermelon ice, sparkling water and freshly squeezed Meyer lemons

Iced Almond Chai-
Cherry Blossom Sangria- celebrate spring with the sweet scent of sangria made from fresh cherry nectar, crisp apple slices and a hint of wild raspberry


Room Sprays:

Peach Bellini
Sparkling Limeade
Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut
Vanilla Bean Marshmallow

White Barn Spring Garden

*Seasonal Colored Glass
Apple Flower (juicy honey crisp, mandarin, muguet petals)
Eucalyptus Mint (fresh eucalyptus, spearmint, splash of citrus)
Fresh Water and Sea Salt (sea spray, sparkling oranges, warm sandalwood)
Honeysuckle Bouquet (honeysuckle, red apples, blonde woods)
Japanese Cherry Blossom (Japanese cherry blossom, mimosa petals, cedarwood)
Lavender Vanilla (fresh lavender, creamy vanilla, jasmine)
Lemon Mint Leaf (lemon zest, sparkling citrus, spearmint leaves)
Lilac Blossom (fresh lilac, crisp greens, warm musk)
Mahogany Teakwood (mahogany, oak, lavender)
Renew and Refresh (pear, melon, mandarin)
Eucalyptus Mint and Rain (mint leaves, eucalyptus, water lotus)
Kitchen Lemon (sparkling lemon, orange peel sugar cane)
Honeysuckle Bouquet- the scent of early spring contained in a bouquet of sweet honeysuckle and pink peony with a touch of creamy vanilla.






Bath and Body Works Home TROPICAL
(leaf on lid)
*Tiki Beach Collection
Caribbean Escape (tropical melon, coconut milk, tart raspberry nectar)
Coconut Leaves (coconut husk, tangerine zest, palm leaves)
Island Margarita (ripe nectarine, mandarin, persimmon)
Island Waters (juicy pineapple, bamboo, salt water)
Oceanside (sun-ripened raspberry, sea spray, warm sands)
Papaya Sunrise (tropical citrus, pink melon, coconut)
Pineapple Mango (pineapple juice, mango, fresh raspberry)
Tiki Beach (toasted coconut, mandarin zest, palm leaves)
Beach Cabana (wallflower refill only) {orange blossoms, warms sands, salty air}

Island Waters
Island Margarita
Papaya Sunrise
Tiki Beach
Pineapple Mango
Caribbean Escape
Pineapple Mango
Papaya Sunrise
Island Waters
Island Margarita

Island Waters-plunge into an invigorating mix of water notes, lush green palm leaves and a hint of fresh cut bamboo.

Island Margarita- the intoxicating scent of sunny mandarin, sweet mango, and juicy plum with a fresh salty rim.

Tiki Beach- a scent as warm as sunrays, a luxurious blend of vanilla musk, orchids and toasted coconut.

Pineapple Mango- luscious tree ripened mango, and sweet tropical pineapple are complemented by crisp lotus and a hint of warm vanilla.

Caribbean Escape- dive into this blend of tropical melon, raspberry nectar and lemon, mellowed by creamy coconut milk and raw sugarcane.
Oceanside- A blend of sun-ripened citrus, juicy melon and refreshing ocean air brings you to a perfect day on the shore 

Coconut Leaves-A tantalizingly tropical mix of coconut milk, macadamia nuts and fresh green sugarcane

 Room Sprays:


Fresh Picked Hand Soap:

Garden Strawberry
Sweet Tangerines

Fresh Picked Hand Sanitizers:
Sweet Tangerines
Crisp Apples

Returning Favorites:
Raspberry Pink Peony

Spring Scentportables and Refills:

Pink Cheetah
Snakes Skin
Turquoise Tortoise
Pink Flower
Kissing Birds
Blue Blossom
Yellow Pineapple
Cork Flower
Green Turtle





Spring Wallflowers:
 Palm Leaf
Tiki Shield
Dogwood Blossom
Spiral Shell Nightlight
White Rose
Ribbed Shade
Pink Flower
Yellow Flower




Limoncello Pocketbac and Hand cream


Cupcake Sweetie
Hey Honey Bun
Doughnuts  About You
Pink Crazy Daisy
lil cutie pie



Tropical Bloom
Black Metal Squares
Garden Gate Pedestal
Mini Garden Gate Pedestal
Mini Flower
Palm Leaves
Tropical Bloom
Flower Pedestal

Hand Soap Sleeves:
Spring Leaves


Palm Leaves
metal lantern

 Ceramic Pedestal