Thursday, July 27, 2017

Angeline's Tribute Video

Created by my brother as a tribute to Angeline.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Bath & Body Works | Daily Finds - Cosmetic Bags

 Glamour Bags: $20.00
Magic in the Air Fun Size Spray, Lotion, Shower Gel and Hand Sanitizer


 Super Star Pink Back Pack:
Hello Beautiful Fun Size Spray and Lotion, Bee Happy Hand Cream and Hand Sanitizer

Never One Too Mini $9.50

Bath & Body Works | Next Floorset - August 2017 - Purely Clean Theme Mailer Coupons

Bath and Body Works new mailer coupons offers.

Coupon 1.) Free wallflower plug or fragrance refill, 20% off entire purchase, $8.00  any Coco Shea item

Coupon 2.) Free Wallflower plug or fragrance refill, 20% off purchase, $6.00  FFM, $8.00 Coco Shea item

Coupon 3.) Free Wallflower plug or refill, 20% off purchase, $4.00  scentportable and refill

Coupon 4.) Free Wallflower plug or refill, 20% off purchase $6.00 FFM

customers who haven't shopped in 12 months get...

1.) Free full size signature item $13.00  value, free fun size $5  value, 20% off
2.) Free 3wick with ant purchase $22.50 value, two 20% off coupons
With my USPS Informed Delivery Emails I see I will be getting my mailer coupons today and I will share a color photo of them.

Remembering....Our Blessing

I've written a million words over the years, followed with a million tears and it will never be enough.  You know our heart pieces...misses you with our every breath.
Remembering you dear girl on what would have been your 33rd....

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Bath & Body Works | Today's Daily Find - Wallflowers - Pocketbacks - Scentportables

More of the new fall collection from Bath and Body Works.

Pumpkin Wallflower
UnCork and Unwind Wallflower Shield Wallflower 

 Wine Bottles Wallflower (lights up!)

Candle Pedestal that matches the larger luminary

Pocketbac Holders:
Owl Fluffy Head with Rosegold clip
Black Backpack

 Ceramic Hand Soap Tray $14.50

Owl in the Trees
Black and Pearl

Bath & Body Works | Daily Finds - Fall Cosmetic Bags - Candle Sleeves

More New for Fall from Bath and Body Works.
Zippered Cosmetic Cases
Donut Kill My Vibe
Be My Honey


 Autumn Leaf Candle Pedestal

 Owl on a Branch Candle Sleeve

Bath & Body Works | Today's Daily Find | Fall Candles - Halloween Pocketbacs - and more!

Here are more sneak peeks of the upcoming Fall Collection coming from Bath and Body Works
Halloween Spooktacular Pocketbac : Fearsome Fresh

Lit Pocketbac: Sparkling Citrus

Candle: You're the Bees Knees Candle



Mini Back Pack
 Crysanthymum Scentportable

 Autumn Leaves Candle holder $14.50

Monday, July 24, 2017

Bath & Body Works | Fall Information - Pocketbacs - Candles - Hand Soaps

New Candle Coming:
Elements: Pomegranate
Message Candle: U R the Bee's Knees 

Wax Melts:
Harvest Pear

Happy Birthday
Vampire Blood
Unicorn Water
Make S'mores, Not War
Holo it's Me




Pocketbac Holders:
Green Camo
Pink and Red Pompoms Cheer
Red Helmet
Squirrel with nut
Rose Gold with pearls
Black Back pack with rainbow
Desk version- Apple wearing glasses with Pencil Sharpener
Fluffy White Owl with rose gold accents

Hand Cream Holders:
Rainbow with Smiley
Leopard with stars


Hand Soaps:
Wine Not
Good Vibes Only
Thank You
Sorry for What I said when I was Hungry
Wash Your Worries Away

Mixed Materials Hand Soap:
White Cherry and Thyme - sweet cherries, crisp eucalyptus and fresh thyme
Vanilla Coconut - whipped vanilla, peach blossom and warm coconut
Garden Sage and Mint -fresh mint, tea leaves and geranium
Birchwood and Juniper - birch wood, juniper berries and pink pepper

Core Hand Soaps with Coconut Oil:
Beautiful Day
Black Cherry Merlot
Eucalyptus Mint
French Lavender
Japanese Cherry Blossom
Kitchen Lemon
Peach Bellini
Warm Vanilla Sugar
Decanter Soaps:
Cilantro Peach
Black Pepper and Lemon
Sage and Sea Sale
Black Tea and Cedar
Blood Orange Woods