Friday, June 30, 2017

Rae Dunn | Daily Finds | Flower Pot Sets & Pet Dishes

I saw these in TJ Maxx today and I had to grab the Ladybug set for myself. Priced at $16.99 each for the set of three flower pots on a tray. You should note the pots are glued down pretty secure, and do not remove easily.

A few other things I passed on:

Pet Dishes: $5.99

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Bath & Body Works | New Hand Soap Collection | Purely Clean

Being a Huge fan of Bath and Body Works hand soaps, finding out that there was a new collection coming out soon made me very curious as what makes this collection different.  Here is a little bit of what I found out.

I know that Bath and Body Works already uses ingredients that are safe for my skin to provide the clean I need. 

But in an age of "less is more" and more natural thinking ... we see many changes in those things available on the market that care for us ... from body care to the detergents we clean our clothes with.

This new hand soap collection seems to follow in that line of thinking in giving us another option with a formulation that removed:
  • sulfates
  • parabens
  • phthalates
  • petrolatum
  • phosphates
  • dyes
Some of the fragrances we will see in this collection:
  • Lime Ginger Zest
  • Bergamot and Wild Lavender
  • Jasmine and Tiger Lily
  • Citrus and Oak Leaves

More Information and photos to come.....

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Bath & Body Works | Summer VIP Totes 2017 | Palm Tree or Chill

Here are the two choices for this years Bath and Body Works Summer VIP Tote.

Summer VIP Tote -

Sale Date -
Sale Pricing - (purchase with purchase)
Tote Choices - Two Versions Available

Palm Tree Tote: Includes-
  • shower sponge
  • coco shea honey lotion
  • coco shea body wash
  • coco shea cucumber mist
  • sparkling limoncello hand cream

CHILL Cooler Tote: Includes-
  • At the Beach fine fragrance mist
  • At the Beach lotion
  • At the Beach body scrub
  • Endless Weekend Bath Bomb
  • Vanilla Buttercream hand cream

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

McDonald's | Despicable ME 3 | Happy Meal Toys

Beginning this Friday, (Thursday evening in some markets with one late showing) June 30th, those devilishly handsome yellow men are back to capture our hearts once more with their leader GRU when Despicable ME3 returns to movie theaters.  
Today, McDonald's restaurants everywhere have begun their launch of the Despicable ME3 Happy Meal Toys and this morning I headed out to a Walmart store that has a McDonald's in it and grabbed one of each  (minus GRU and Balthazar Bratt ) of the new toys.  

This store doesn't release them one at a time, the children are permitted to chose whichever happy meal toy they want. And you can buy them without the food too!

I found that even with stopping for a decaf often in McD's I end up missing a toy I wanted.  Yes, I said a toy I wanted.  I do collect the happy meal toys occasionally for my great niece and save each one in a box until the next time I see her, but these are the little yellow guys that I get for ME.  

They sit on the shelf above my desk in my office and the minis are on the base of my monitor.

Their hilarious design brings a bit of color to a somewhat drab space, and endless smiles for me.  Some days, you just need to laugh.

Here are the toys I purchased:
1. Banana Launcher Minion
2. Rocket Racer Minion
3. Groovin' Minion
5.Crab Bite Minion
6. Agnes Rockin' Unicorn
8. Pumping Iron Minion
9. Pass the Minion
10. Despicable Deck
11.Hilarious Hockey Minions

#4. GRU
#7. Balthazar
#12. The Minion with Bananas and a Hoop ( ugh- i missed)

* Photo
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Monday, June 26, 2017

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Bath and Body Works | July 2017 Floorset Information | "Feed Your Skin for Summer" Theme

I wanted to compile a list of all of the new products that we will be seeing out in Bath and Body Works stores this July, as a way to assist in making our "must have" shopping lists.  I will continue to add photographs and information to this post as more new becomes available.

Summer VIP Tote - Coming soon

Sale Date -
Sale Pricing - (purchase with purchase)
Tote Choices - Two Versions Available
Palm Tree Tote: Includes-
  • shower sponge
  • coco shea honey lotion
  • coco shea body wash
  • coco shea cucumber mist
  • sparkling limoncello hand cream

CHILL Cooler Tote: Includes-
  • At the Beach fine fragrance mist
  • At the Beach lotion
  • At the Beach body scrub
  • Endless Weekend Bath Bomb
  • Vanilla Buttercream hand cream
Signature Body Care
Cabana Breeze - juicy starfruit, banana leaves, poolside orchid, coconut musk, ocean breeze
Grapefruit Splash - sweet grapefruit, sparkling mandarin, juicy pear, fresh basil, pink pepper
Liquid Sunshine - fresh bamboo, sunkissed citrus, sea salt mist, white jasmine, sheer sandalwood
Pineapple Punch - fresh pineapple, maraschino cherry, waterlily, coconut cream, golden sugarcane
Poolside Pop - sparkling lime, drenched kiwi, crushed cucumber, pink hibiscus, creamy woods

Available Forms:

Fine Fragrance Mist
Body Cream
Shower Gel
Smoothie Scrub
Fun Size: body cream, shower gel
Shapeable Soap
Sheer Body Oil
Shower Jelly
Diamond Shimmer Mist


Body Care Accessories

Bath Sponges:
Black Swan Foam Sponge $6.50
Pink Flamingo Foam Sponge $6.50

Water Bottles:
Shopping is my Cardio
Good Vibes
Gym Hair

Cosmetic Bag Sets: full sized products
Summer Sips - Poolside Pop - FFM, Body Cream, Poolside Pop Pocketbac, Pink Flamingo Bag

Float On - Cabana Breeze - FFM, Body Cream, Poolside Pop Pocketbac, Pool Float Bag

Wish You Were Here - At the Beach - Sand and Sea Salt Scrub, Body Cream, Mermaid Tail PB, Copper colored Palm Tree Print Bag

Coco Shea Collection: Add-Ons
Honey ultra conditioning lightweight body oil
Cucumber ultra conditioning lightweight body oil

Aqua Cool - Aloe Lotion  
Soothing Aloe, Protective Vitamin E, Nourishing Coconut Oil 5.6 oz.
  • Hello Beautiful
  • Moonlit Path
  • Japanese Cherry Blossom
  • A Thousand Wishes
  • Warm Vanilla Sugar
  • Magic in the Air

Hand Sanitizers: Pocketbac
Energy Orange Ginger with essential oils
Energy lemon Zest with essential oils
Relax Black Chamomile with essential oils

Bee Happy ginseng tea
Green Tea
White Tea with essential oils
Sorry I'm Latte
Poolside Pop

Vanilla Peppermint with essential oils
Lime Basil with essential oils
Running Late is my Cardio with essential oils
Yoga Babe with essential oils
Imagine Believe Achieve with essential oils
A Unicorn Ate My Homework  berry smart
Be FAB Everyday sugar cookie

Hand Sanitizers: Holders
Soccer Ball
Beach Ball
Tennis Ball
Swan Pair
Eyes on Black Holder
Cabana Boy
Pink Jellyfish
Blue Jellyfish
Blue Palm Tree Strap
Pink Flamingo Strap
Unicorn Keep it Real
Black Purse
Beach Please

Hand Creams: 1 ounce
Bee Happy
Green Tea
Poolside Party
Sea Spray
Sorry I'm Latte


Wallflowers - Units:
Rose Gold Three Sided Shield nl
Bronze Look Light Bulb nl $14.50
Vintage Mirror $10.50
Garden Pewter Look Lantern  nl $12.50
Sand and Pearls
Gunmetal Color Barrel
Rose Gold Color Barrel
Five Squares
Live Laugh Love Shield

Wallflowers - Bulbs:
Wild Huckleberry
Aloha Kiwi Passionfruit
Vanilla Birch
Bourbon Sea Salt Caramel

Succulents and Sandstone
Golden Desert Sands
Blue Agave

Three Wick Candles: ( recent test candle collection)
Golden Desert Sands
Cactus Blossom
Moonlit Lily
Blue Agave
Peach Poppy
Succulents and Sandstone

Scentportables: clip/car vent versions
Latte Drink /Clip
Love /Clip
Animal Paw Prints /Car
Musical Notes /Car
Football /Clip

Cucumber Melon
Bourbon Sea Salt Caramel

Hand Soaps:
(Fresh ) 
Gentle Foaming-
Lemon Cucumber - fresh lemon, crisp cucumber and ivy
Clementine and Chamomile -
Fresh Rain and Spearmint  - spearmint leaves, morning dew drops, and cedarwood

( Summer Collection ) 
Creamy Luxe with Silk Protein and
Gentle Foaming-

Golden Sands - coconut water, freesia, and vanilla
Seaside Citrus - sparkling yuzu, peach and blonde woods
Island Papaya - tropical coconut, fresh papaya, and sugarcane
Saltwater Breeze- grapefruit, watery mint, and vetiver

( Core Scents ) Creamy Luxe with Silk Protein :
Black Cherry Merlot
Kitchen Lemon
Peach Bellini
Eucalyptus Mint
French Lavender

Creamy Luxe with Silk Protein Scents:
Endless Weekend
Bergamot Waters

Ocean Flower
Coconut Eucalyptus

Metal Basket Look Candle Sleeve
Bronze Pearl Stripe Pedestal
Bronze Pearl Half Pedestal
Square Pearlized Holder

 Floorset Layout:
Front Center- new body care

Right Side Table - At the Beach

Left Side Table - New Hand Soaps

Coco Shea Table

Aromatherapy Table

Essentials Table

Mixed Material /  House of Blues Candle Table
Message Candles on Table

Stores who have CO Bigelow