Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Peace of the Days Uninterrupted

The rain is pounding against the freshly cleaned windows as I sit here in my office watching it as the sky changed from a shade of bright blue to dank grey in a matter of moments. 

I had big plans for the day... well, for the week really, but with constant weather interruptions of wetness and the untimely dizziness currently happening in my head, the gardening is taking a breather for a time.  It is hard to put mulch down onto flower beds when your head is trying to be planted in those same beds.

I did manage to get out a bit in the sun this morning to get a few more pots as well as some seeds planted. The shakiness from the antibiotics passed after some tea and a banana and I cleaned up and showered just in time for lunch as the rains began.  Two more weeks of this wobbly feeling in my head and then hopefully I can go back to my normal vertigo filled days.

Who becomes allergic to Peppermint in their fifties?  My favorite of sweets has now turned on me and I can't even use peppermint toothpaste, gum, mouthwash...etc. for a time until it settles down.  Currently there is a tube, with a Minion printed label, of Cologate Fruity Bubblegum flavored toothpaste in my bathroom.  The girl at the register in the grocery store thought it was adorable and asked was it for our child.  "Yes, I told her... this fifty three year old one" and she laughed.
I saw hubby pick it up off of the sink when he went in last night and smile as he put it into the drawers.  That's me...if I need something different, it will have a minion on it.

We aren't planning on anything special for this official kickoff into summer, Memorial Day Weekend.  We put the candles on the graves and cooked all of the food for today and tomorrow so we can enjoy the peace of the days uninterrupted without being tied to a kitchen.  B-B-Q, Corn on the Cob, Hot Dogs, Steak, Potato Salad, Baked Beans and Watermelon...all ready to eat!  I have been picking at the melon off and on all afternoon.... It's so Sweet I can't resist it. Hopefully it makes it until lunchtime tomorrow.
So, let's see...what other randomness can I share before date night:
A week from today all Bath and Body Works stores will be setting up for the Semi Annual Sale and I am curious to see what those stores around me will have that will be good enough to grab not only my attention, but my dollars too.  I know there won't be any 75% off candles unless they get some in shipment.  Every store here didn't even have enough candles for the December SAS, so the odds are not good they will get many for that pricing.
The White Tea Coco Shea has my interest, so that is on my list but honestly...this first half of the year show of products was a bit lack-luster, for me.  It felt unorganized....each months floor set. 

Marketing and Products both.  As if the power shift that happened caused an unbalance with the flow of what we have come to expect...and I guess that is just it.  The Norm will no longer be the Norm. And while I have spent my share is noticeably less than it was for any year prior.
What else....
A note of thanks too, to the many who were shopping my flash sales this week.  It is appreciated beyond words can express.
And I wanted to give a big Thank You to TinaDivalicious for mentioning me on his most recent YouTube Video.  Rarely, I hear or see someone make mention to where they found the information that they shared as my own, so it did bring a smile....Thank you again.  I am still Life Inside the Page... but I keep a separate FaceBook Page and Instagram Page as @bathandbodyworksdailyfinds to make it easier for those looking for Bath and Body Works items to find the postings.

Tonight while searching for something I came across one of my old blogging site blogging sites and browsed a few things shared...way back when. Wow.

My brother has been in Florida at Disney since this Tuesday and if anyone remembers reading my posts from May of 2013 when he visited, and his girl won Fear Factor then, she won it again this week.  Disney is his obsession and I would love to visit soon as we can figure out how to get me there.  He is planning a family trip for this October and NO....I will not be doing Fear Factor....HA HA

Well I guess that is enough rambling for today, it's almost time for date night. 
I wish you and yours a wonderful, Peace filled Sunday evening...

Friday, May 26, 2017

Bath & Body Works | What's New for Summer 2017

Summertime at Bath and Body Works Begins!

We are beginning to see some new summer themed products coming to stores and I wanted to make a post as I find out about them to keep track of what we can be looking for as we shop.  Please know these will NOT all be out at Semi Annual Sale Time.  As the stores sell down merchandise, we will see more summer inspired collections hit the shelves.  So if you see something you love below, don't fret if your store has not yet put it out.
As always, I will continue to update this posting with new photos and information as it becomes available so check back often.  Also note, as of this writing, May 26th, I am not sure of the official collection names, but I wanted to have something to distinguish each collection. That too will be edited as I find out.

Ridged Glass Summer Collection:
Berry Waffle Cone - sweet summer berries, golden waffle cone, creamy vanilla
Caribbean Escape - tropical melon, raspberry nectar, coconut milk
Driftwood Surf - warm coconut, white pineapple, salty sea breezes
Pineapple Palm Grass - lush palm leaves, fresh sliced pineapple, citrus mist
Sugared Citrus Sorbet - zesty mandarin, icy lemon sugar, juicy red raspberry
Tiki Beach - vanilla musk, seaside orchids, toasted coconut
Vanilla Beach Flower - vanilla flower petals, sheer coconut, soft beach musk

Summer Vacation Hand Soap Collection:
Boardwalk - vanilla cone
Catch a Wave - perfect beach day
Frosty Sips - lime-a-rita
Happy Hours - cool coconut colada
Shades of Summer - summer suntan

Summer Vacation Candle Collection:
Beach Glow - salted oak bonfire / wave-washed oak, glowing embers, sea spray
Cool Off - watermelon lemonade /
Great Outdoors - fresh balsam /
Ocean Therapy - ocean mist and citrus /
Sail Away - oceanside  /
Shades of Summer - suntan /
Summer Boardwalk - salted caramel popcorn / caramel-glazed popcorn, warm taffy apples, salty sweet cream
Surf's Up - coconut bay / sea-salted citrus, lush coconut, and sunlit waves
Sweet Sunset - orange creamsicle / bright tangerine, sunny yellow zest, creamy iced vanilla

White Barn Ridged Glass Collection
Black Pepper Bergamot
Tiki Beach

White Barn Colored Glass Collection:
Peach Bellini
Island Margarita
Mango Coconut Cooler -
Turquoise Waters

Summertime Hand Soaps:
Fresh Lemonade - lemon juice, lime twist, sugar crystals
Lakeside Afternoon - fresh rain, sun-saked lavender, dockside breeze
Strawberry Picnic - sugared strawberry, sparkling lemon, summer breeze
Sweet Berries and Cream - fresh raspberries, tart cranberry, warm pie
Daisies and Daydreams - feel as fresh as a daisy, thanks to a blend of water lily, pear & peach nectar
Wild Lavender Mint - blend of bergamot, lavender water & driftwood

Into the Wild Inspired Candle Collection:
Black Pepper and Amber - warm black pepper, golden amber, rare tobacco flower
Coconut Palm and Lime - island coconut, tropical greens, fresh lime zest
Mango Dragonfruit - island mango, pink dragonfruit, bright mandarin
Rainforest Gardenia - island Gardenia, fresh bamboo, sweet apple water
Waterfall Oasis - rushing water, bright pomelo zest, white woods
Wild Cedarwood - dark cedarwood, lush palm leaves, wild neroli petals

Another Summer Candle Collection:
Beach Sage and Mint - vibrant mint sprigs, coastal sage, crisp bergamot
Coastal Jasmine - soft jasmine blooms,  lush dewdrops, sheer musk
Mango Shores
Midnight Blue Citrus
Salted Vanilla
Seaside Mist - fresh mandarin, bright sea spray, coastal lavender
Turquoise Waters
White Driftwood

Iridescent Colored Glass Candle Collection:
Beach Daze Always - Fresh Bamboo
Chase the Sun - Tiki Dragonfruit
Eat. Beach. Sleep. Repeat - Coconut Sandalwood
I Need Vitamin Sea - Salted White Mango
Make A Splash - Waterlily and Palm
Mermaid Vibes - Blue Ocean Waves
The Ocean is Calling - Indigo Sky

Wallflower Bulbs:
Beach Sage and Mint
Coastal Jasmine
Tiki Beach
Turquoise Waters
White Driftwood

Wallflower Units:
Nautical Lantern
Sea Coral

The thirst is real
Goal Digger
The Unicorn ate my homework

New Quoteable Candle 
Dad 50% off

Desert Collection: 50% off at SAS
Blue Agave
Cactus Blossom
Moonlit Lily
Peach Poppy
Succulents and Sandstone
Wild Sage and Aloe