Monday, September 29, 2014

Yankee Candle | Holiday 2014 Fragrances

September 29, 2014
My new Yankee Candle catalog came today and in it is a new selection of accessories for this holiday season as well as their new scents.
Check them out at Yankee Online
Angel Wings
Spirits rise on this beautiful, airy aroma of joyfully sweet spun sugar, heavenly sheer flower petals and divinely smooth vanilla
Candy Cane Lane
A favorite holiday place where delicious dreams are made, with tingly peppermint, sweet cookies and creamy vanilla icing.
Luscious Plum
Exquisitely rich and festive . . . the scent of sugar-coated plums is a Christmas fantasy come true
Magical Frosted Forest
An enchanted place where icy breezes playfully dance through tall, snow-coated pines.
Winter Garden
Quietly captivating . . . the refreshing scent of lush evergreen branches captured in icy splendor.

Victoria's Secret | Total Attraction | New Fragrance Fall 2014

September 29. 2014
I ran into Victoria's Secret quickly to get my free item but did stop at the display showing the new fragrance
Total Attraction
I saw there were just a few lotions left to this new scent release so I sniffed the testers and my immediate thought was it was like a champagne scent as it smelled bubbly to me.  I didn't try it on and should it be around on my trip to the mall this weekend I will.  I just wanted to be sure I made note of it.
I will get the scent notes posted shortly.


Bath & Body Works | Wild Madagascar Vanilla Purchases

September 29, 2014
I was able to visit two Bath and Body Works stores today to see the new items from last nights floor set for
Wild Madagascar Vanilla.
While some of the previous floor set tables and displays remained, the new was nicely integrated and the look welcoming.
I received two coupon books for a free travel item so I grabbed a lotion and shower gel for those.  I also had a few leaves coupons that began today for a free signature item up to a $12.50 value and I purchased the new preview for A Thousand Wishes (holiday 2014 signature coming) and the WMV tote bag (shown below) and got the WMV new Ultra Shea body cream with the first coupon.  Then I purchased the new lip butter for $8.00 and added those two (shown below) glittered holiday gift bags {$3.00 each} and got a full sized body lotion with the second coupon.
I have been anxious to try this new lip butter product and I am sooo glad I did. This is not sticky or greasy like their usual lip glosses.  It is light and creamy and immediately made my lips feel great.  I am hoping we see more lip butters in the future and I will be getting a few more on my next visit this weekend...if not sooner.
I like tote bags for various uses and this one was on sale on the WMV table display for $5.00.  Regularly priced $9.50.
It would make  great add on for a gift.  My store only had a few so if you wanted it, I would not hesitate.
The new Ultra Shea product did release and the store was now minus all Triple Moisture Creams until December SAS time.  I will try it later after my bath and will write a few thoughts down then.
There were a few new nail files out for this floor set and I try to have them on hand for gifts.  They make great add-ons to purchases when I am close to making the minimum needed for coupons and I am a sucker for a cute saying. ;)
Some of the new gift cosmetic bags are out and these do have product in them.  The sparkle was $20.00 and had Warm Vanilla Sugar items (travel sized) with a lip gloss...and I did open the pink glitter bag but I am at a loss as to what I saw inside of it.  There is also a brown glitter bag on the WMV table and it was soooo tempting.

There are many holiday sparkly gift sets scattered about so now is the time to grab those in the scent you like before they are sold out.

These are some of the new holiday socks I mentioned previously that were coming out...the newest is the red fox, white kitty (shortie sock) and polar bear.  There is a pink reindeer coming and I am getting those. The socks were priced at $8.50 each.

The gift bags were sparkling at the top of the shelf and in so many gorgeous colors I had a hard time choosing which I wanted on this visit.  I chose the pink first because I can place it on a shelf too with goodies in it...and the teal will go to my sister. Priced at $3.00 each.

Both stores I was in had the Intrigue and Opulence table set and the candles and extras looked beautiful.  Those 15.8 oz jars next to the 3 wick size looked jumbo and they have lids that just rest atop them, not like a mason jar that would screw shut.  The scents are lovely in all forms and I really am fond of my Smoked Berries and Incense and I will get one more of those should a sale happen soon.  Too bad they didn't put a hand soap out in that scent...
As part of the décor, the various heights of mercury glass pedestals were holding the candles and the SA and I were talking about them and my purchase of one last weekend.  I thought I got the thicker based pedestal and she said I got the taller one with the slender middle.  She stated she just brought the thicker bases out so I grabbed a thicker base...and it was the same height as I had....drats.  But I am keeping it as it will blend nicely with all of the others I have.
They are priced at $15.50 each...a bit pricey....but, I used the coupon from the holiday coupon book I got at the first store and got this Alpine Frost mason jar candle for free.
Mason jar candles are priced at $12.50 which is probably the only nice sized candle you can get for free with this coupon.  The coupons free item value is $13.00 with a $15.00 purchase.

The stores did put out the display of the new fragrance preview A Thousand Wishes fragrance and while I did try it yesterday in the store and I really wasn't ga ga over it...I did buy one to try it at another time or share it with my sister.
So that was my day at Bath and Body Works.  While I was shopping I was remembering more of the new holiday I saw so I will keep updating my previous article (holiday wishes)  to get a list of what we should be seeing over the next few weeks. Because this was not the full floor set that was originally thought to happen, over the next few Sundays we will see more Holiday things coming to the stores.  I know I will be there checking them out...because I do love me some
Polar Bears!




Bath & Body Works | Holiday Wishes

September 28, 2014
Here are some things we should expect to see for Holiday 2014:

teacup pup
girl penguin
boy penguin

Mouse wearing a tutu
red fox
snowman holding something

$7.50 LED on clip
party pup
cell phone
raccoon in a striped scarf
fishing otter
polar bear
ornament c7 bulbs

$7.50 hard plastic case PB


Shower sponges:

polar bear
So cute and adorable...these little heads sticking out of the nylon...too cute to use

Sponge Hooks:

red fox
polar bear

(I thought they were scent portables as they are round with a character in the center)

Rubber Kiss Lock change purses:

polar bear

2 paint buckets:

1 is Traditions (had the vanilla bean noel polar bear on lid)
1 is a favorite things bucket for super Saturday

There is a traditions 3 layered 3 wick white and green color wax and I am trying to remember but I thought it was twisted peppermint, winter candy apple and vanilla bean noel.

The VIP tote: A Thousand Wishes
FFM, 3 wick candle- 'tis the season, body lotion, mini forever red, hand soap,  bag was blak in color with possible thin lines or stripes...a sparkle vip

Candle with pedestal:  Red label with a polar bear on it. Sitting on a white pedestal. Probably for Black Friday.

I remembered there are some cosmetic bags with sayings printed on them, and

 Hand Soaps:
Gingerbread (was in a carrier could be with lotion or two soaps
 Peace Love and Joy fragrance set
I don't know the scent notes...but I am guessing it's something we have had before all done up in pretty pink and blue and green packaging with big bold letters.
pink reindeer
polar bear
Eye mask cover
 Polar bear
Polar bear- flat ballet style
Stuffed Animals:
Big polar bear stuffed critter- $150.00
 smaller sized stuffed polar bears more reasonably priced.
Large Soft Blanket
 Mug with spoon (test stores maybe)
flat gift wrap
beautiful gift bags
 nylon tote bags
 that fold up into a snowman...rather than just the square.
 Ceramic Hand Soap Bottles:
A Snowman and Made with Love (mason jar style) $12.50

FFM bottle sleeves 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Holiday Wishes...all One Thousand of them.

September 28, 2014
Every time my husband mentions he wants to retire I smile and tell him holiday is coming at Bath and Body Works...and he laughs.  Heaven knows I certainly don't need another bubble bath or lotion bottle but he knows this is my favorite distraction and lets me have it.  And knowing all I know now about Holiday 2014... wow.  I love it all...and I don't even know it all, yet.
There is so much I know of --I am going to forget it all because I am excited....and probably throughout the night more will come to me and I will have to add on to this writing.
Granted, I don't know everything. 
No info on the Luminary if there will be one...  That was the first thing I asked too.
 I don't know about all of the hand soaps, yet....but I know there is a gingerbread hand soap...and it may be with a lotion or just the two a gift carrier.  So I was glad to know there is something gingy coming.
Tons of adorable gifts....Oh Oh... Peace Love and Joy fragrance set!!!! I don't know the scent notes...but I am guessing it's something we have had before all done up in pretty pink and blue and green packaging with big bold letters.
I don't know about all of the pocketbacs or pocketbac holders....wait...I think I do....I will come back to that.
Scentportables...Oh gosh they are all so cute....I need to take notes...
Shower sponges:  reindeer, fox...and hmmm...polar bear? So cute and adorable...these little heads sticking out of the nylon...too cute to use
There are shower hook holders too that match.  Bright pink reindeers....omg so cute the reindeers are pink on a lot of things. Lots of accessories for us girly girls.
Sockies:  pink reindeer, polar bear, fox, lambie, and more.  Some are going to be coming out in the next few weeks and some people have been posting pics of their sickies they already bought....but I think the pink reindeers are my favorites so far.
Eye mask cover- Polar bear....see a theme here?'s a Polar Bear Pal-ooz-a... last year I bought the Lambie eye cover...for a gift....its still up the attic because it was too cute to give and they only had two in my store.
Slippers?  Polar Bear...more of  flat style if I remember correctly.
Big polar bear stuffed critter- $150.00
and smaller sized stuffed polar bears more reasonably priced.
There will be a large soft cuddly blanket for sale...yay! Who doesn't love that.
I saw a coffee cup and spoon but not all stores will get that I bet.
There will be gift wrap paper...yep paper....and gift bags that are so pretty....they really picked some nice patterns.
There are those nylon tote bags that fold up into a snowman...rather than just the square.
There are (2) buckets filled with products for two different events.  The first bucket I really liked, and the second one was like a repeat of last years every day things in it....I can't wear mad about you and I am tired of seeing it and other regular stuff in those.  I still have two holiday buckets, brand new from the last two years..unopened. 
....and yes!!!!! there is a VIP in color possibly thin stripes... and its a Thousand Wishes kind of bag with full sized products including a FFM (I will get the exact everything in it soon like fragrances as I calm down) and lotion and I think a hand soap and a mini Forever Red and a Tis the Season full sized candle...and more.
And yes there is a special one day only candle...I am guessing for Black Friday ....and it's on a white pedestal and the label is bright red with I think a big polar bear on it. I can't remember the name of the
More to come...
A Snowman and Made with Love (mason jar style) Ceramic Hand Soap bottles $12.50

FFM bottle sleeves 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Bath & Body Works | Todays Finds

September 26, 2014
I wasn't sure that I would be getting to a mall today to check on the current sales and to look for new, but after a morning washing the car and taking care of a few chores a ride out on a beautiful day was the perfect choice.
This store I stopped at had the Thanksgiving table set up in the center of the store.  A larger ceramic pumpkin stood next to the black lanterns and was flanked on both sides with the smaller turkey ceramic mini candle holders and all of the colored glass White Barn Seasonal Candles filled every inch of the table.  I did get last years Turkey Ceramic large jar holder and it sits up the attic never used.  This years turkey has so much detail to it, it is definitely a great choice.
In the corner wall area there were a few of the snow and slopes candles out.  Not the entire line yet as they didn't get them all in. Oh and there was not a candle sale happening today. I used my $11.00 coupon.
I spotted the sparkly at the top of the shelf and found a few glittered snowflake candle sleeves.  Priced now at $10.50 each,  this is full of glitter and plastic beads sleeve and I did grab two for use on my pedestals.  I know that if I hesitate on these kinds of accessories when I see them, I will never find them there later. These were on the Slopes candles and when I pulled them out I see the labels on this collection has lots of sparkle here and there.
Also on the candle shelves is the Peacock Candle sleeve I mentioned previously. Very pretty! Oh, there were no Intrigue and Opulence products out today.
I did ask about the new Pocketbac holders and new pocketbacs set to come out and the SA was helpful in getting me what I needed. They didn't have the Gingersnap or Cocoa Mint yet.
I placed an order this week online for that adorable teacup pup, the new glittery PB holders and the free candle. And it arrived today after a two day wait.  I couldn't wait to finish the car I had to open the box to see that cute holder only to find some random pink something instead. 
As soon as I saw it I remembered the article I wrote yesterday mentioning all of the new pocketbacs and holders to come and I remembered there was one called Festive Pup.  I called customer service immediately and the girl told me that she would replace the incorrect item.  I told her that while the picture online shows and adorable white dog and the name is teacup invoice was reflecting the Festive Pup name.  She said the warehouse has numerous numbers and names and I would get the correct item.  It was priced at $7.50 and that's a lot to lose on something I really didn't order.  So I went back to washing the car thinking about the item.
I worked in a warehouse for a long time and I understand the goings on of picking orders and what happens when things don't match.  That being said, I came back in and called Customer Service again and spoke with a really nice woman who said that the item does have three numbers attached to it and she guaranteed me the item will be right.
Okey dokey I thought...I am getting another pink dog.
I grabbed the little guy and his hat blinked.  Of course it did... FESTIVE PUP.
So I am in the store and I asked the girl about the others I knew of...penguins ....and she showed me where they were and got me a teacup pup.  And I looked at the tag....and it was $5.00. 
Big online problem.  They are showing an item that does not light up for a price that does and the names don't match.  I wrote my friend and told her what happened and she told me she ordered one too and she would let me know what she got in her order. 
Yep...Pink blinking pup..
Today I bought 5 more candles.  Those colored glass candles are so lovely and I was glad to finally see for myself some of the new Holiday Candles.  They came out in test stores September 3rd and other than photos that were shared with me I had no idea how pretty the labels are. I am looking forward to the rest of the Holiday candles, but these will keep me busy for some time.
I also took a few more close up photos of the new holiday traditions that I shared earlier and wanted to be sure to share these labels and how cute they really are.

Here is a pictures of the Free Gift with order that happened one day this week

And my Free items with the purchase of the two snowflake sleeves with coupon.
The stores haven't been handing out new bounce back coupons now for a few weeks because they were told not to disperse the new holiday coupons even though they ran out of the leaves coupons. We are to start getting those on Monday.
So that was a little about my day today...How was yours?

Bath & Body Works | New online today ❥September 25 & 26th, 2014

September 26, 2014
Here is some of the new that arrived online yesterday and today.



Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bath & Body Works | New Floorset Info

September 25, 2014
For as excited as we all are for new, we will be waiting to see an entirely new BIG floor set for a few more weeks according to what is being said at Bath and Body Works Stores.

*This is what I know for Sunday, September  28th :
We will see the new White Barn colored glass candles out on the shelves.
Here are the names of the White Barn Candles:

--White Barn Core--

 Eucalyptus Mint

Japanese Cherry Blossom

Lavender Vanilla


Mahogany Teakwood

 --White Barn Seasonal--

 Bergamot Woods

Cinnamon Clove Buds

Cranberry Woods


Fresh Balsam


Renew and Refresh

Sandalwood Citrus

❥Thanksgiving Feast

tart cranberry, holly berry, touch of cinnamon

❥Thanksgiving Harvest

harvest pumpkin, spice clove, vanilla cream

❥Thanksgiving Morning

pumpkin waffle batter, powdered sugar, pure maple syrup

 They are so pretty, I have been waiting for them for some time now.  And while there is no candle sale happening yet, that I know of, I may just use one of the $11.00 candle coupons I have from the Coffret box and gift sets and grab a few.
 (edit:) I stopped writing this blog and ran to the store and grabbed five of the new candles out.

*We should also see some Wild Madagascar Vanilla product coming out.

*And we should see some of the new Intrigue and Opulence Collection out if the store has inventory.  That's a big problem for a lot of the stores. They didn't get stock of some items yet.
*The new Ultra Shea Body Cream will make its debut with the Wild Madagascar Vanilla scent and we should see all of the Triple Moisture Creams disappear and be replaced with new Ultra Shea Body Creams. 
I have heard it is really rich and some have thought it to be skin drenching softness while a few have said it left a residue. Personally, I have yet to try it... but I will and I will mention my thoughts on it when I do.  I make mention it is coming and the others may leave and return for SAS only because I don't want anyone disappointed that their favorite TMC is gone and they don't care for the new formula.
Then in the next few Sundays, October 5th and 12th, more of the Wild Madagascar Vanilla will appear a well as some holiday.
Those sneak peeks of holiday online have me already so excited and it's only September!

So that is what was scheduled this morning.  Then I heard that the stores are to PUT OUT TONIGHT the Snow and Slopes line of candles. They are in both 3 wick and mason jar forms and I am unsure if both will be put out...but since they are both already coming online, it's a good possibility.


(metal lid, little snow flakes on label)

**new **Alpine Frost-
frosted clementine, snow covered pine and fir balsam

fresh balsam
hot buttered rum
mahogany teakwood
marshmallow fireside
ski lodge
snow and slopes
sparkling icicles
spiced apple toddy
tis the season
vanilla snowflake


That's why I stopped writing and went to see the store for myself only to find that here, the one store I went to, doesn't even have one candle of the Snow and Slopes line to put out.  Another store I called have them out on the wall already.

So much inconsistency.

I initially heard that the floor set was going to be this huge ta-do of new Wild Madagascar Vanilla and White Barn colored glass candles and Intrigue and Opulence Collection items and Snow and Slopes items and now it would seem that we are going to see things in bits and pieces....while some test stores already have things set.

So while we wait to see what shows up, let me share a bit of what Will be out....eventually...
(*) new

Pocketbac Holders:

Owl with apple
pink and gold paillette
tye dyes asst. colors
LED owl- Pink and Blue
Glow in the dark pink, blue and green
pink, silver and green beaded
asst. confetti colors
tortoise flower
purple and black mini flowers
asst. color sweater knit

LED cell phone*
Puppy Party Pup*
Girl Penguin*
Boy Penguin*
Teacup Poodle*
sweet cinnamon pumpkin
crisp morning air
cozy vanilla cream
weekend apple picking
a walk in the wood
golden autumn citrus

{These are called winters wonder
*winter cranberry
*fresh sparking snow
*winter citrus wreath
*iced blackberries
*white pear and fig
*pumpkin frost
*cocoa mint
*ginger snap

vampire blood
pumpkin pecan waffles
pumpkin spice latte
ghoul friend
pumpkin cupcake
franken kitty
hoot berry
mrs owl
pumpkin trick or treat
fresh picked sweet clementine
pear wood cider
fresh picked farmstand apples
fresh picked vineyard wildberries
brown sugar and carrots
fresh picked apricot
fresh picked Anjou pear
sweet plum and verbena
fresh picked meyer lemon

sweet pea
beautiful day
Honolulu sun
fresh strawberries
fresh picked Anjou pear
fresh picked farm stand apples
fresh picked vineyard wild berries
fresh picked sweet clementine
mr. fox
mr. hedgehog
dancing waters
fresh picked meyer lemon
vanilla berry sorbet
paris amour
warm vanilla sugar
island nectar
squa blossom
pure paradise
dazzling diamond
island margarita
carribean escape
mens ocean
AT eucalyptus spearmint
pink chiffon

Pocketbac Holders:

black, pink and brown leopard
turquoise and silver rhinestone
multi faceted disc
purple raccoon
*glitter and asst. swirl holiday
LED boom box, squirrel, snail and mushroom

Full Sized Sanitizers:

sweet cinnamon pumpkin
fresh strawberries
fresh tangerines
sugar lemon fizz
eucalyptus spearmint
summer escape
sweet pea

Hand Cream:

Winters Wonder Iced Blackberries
Winters Wonder Fresh Sparkling Snow

 Intrigue and Opulence Collection:
3 wick candles, **15.8oz candle jars,
wallflowers, and Hand Soaps

Scents: Home fragrance

 Baltic Black Pearl
pink peppercorn, vetiver, liquid amber

 Cardamom and Suede
golden apple, cardamom, rich woods

 **Crimson Velvet
pomegranate, velvet orchid, blonde patchouli

 **Sapphire Sky
sugared citrus, granny smith apples, white cedarwood

 Smoked Berries and Incense
vibrant cranberries, smoked cinnamon, incense

 Sparkling Amber
sparkling amber, cashmere woods, Tonka bean

Topaz Waters
pristine waters, lily blossom, white woods

 **Golden Woods
black pepper, vetiver, pine needles




New Wallflower Units:
Leaf and Berry Shield
Golden Leaf
Cheetah Print Applique
Red Poinsettia Plug
Baroque Snowflake





sparkling amber
mahogany teakwood
deco-mahogany teakwood
topaz waters
deco-topaz waters
smoked berries and incense
deco-smoked berries and incense
cardamom and suede

 New * Intrigue and Opulent Collection
Soaps and Sanitizers

Both Deep Cleansing and Gentle Foaming

❥Malaysian Pomegranate

jeweled pomegranate, red currant, white raspberry

❥Morroccan Honey and Fig

sundrenched fig, golden honey, warm sandalwood

❥Sapphire Plum

rich plum, Marrakesh lemon, dark raspberry

❥Topaz Waters

calm blue waters, fresh moss, light musk

 Along with the Home fragrance we will see:

Peacock Candle Sleeve
Short and Tall Mercury Glass Pedestals


 Room Sprays:
sparkling icicles
vanilla snowflake

 Large Room Spray
fresh balsam
tis the season
sparkling icicles

Thanksgiving Display:
White Barn Candles mini and 3 wick:
Thanksgiving Feast
Thanksgiving Harvest
Thanksgiving Morning
Cranberry Woods
Mahogany Teakwood
Sandalwood Citrus
Fresh Balsam
Mini Ceramic Turkey Luminary
Large Ceramic Turkey Luminary
Mini Metal Huggie Turkey
Large Metal Turkey Luminary
Small Metal Turkey Luminary