Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bath & Body Works | Hawaiian Five Collection | March 2015

January 31, 2015 
Coming this March, possibly around March 9th, we should be seeing a few returning favorites and some new Signature fragrances to get us ready for golden sand beaches, and the sun drenched palm trees of Hawaii.
Today I got to see a few sneak peeks of the new we will see, and those, combined with what I have shared previously should give us an idea of what to expect really soon. As I get more information I will add it to this post.

Hawaiian Signature Fragrance Collection
Hawaii Passion Fruit Kiss Kona Mountain Passion fruit, luscious Kiwi, and Hawaiian Red Pineapple)
Kauai Lei Flower Sun Kissed Plumeria, Vanilla Orchid, Coconut Milk)
Maui Mango Surf Ruby Mango, Guava Nectar, Coral Hibiscus)
Oahu Coconut Sunset Coconut Blossom, Hawaiian Monoi, Molten Amber)
Waikiki Beach Coconut Beach Coconut, Salt water Breeze, and Sun Bleached Woods
In these Fragrance Forms:
Fine Fragrance Mist

Body Lotion
Shower Gel

Ultra Shea body cream

Crushed Coconut body Scrub

Aloe Gel Lotion

Travel Trio


 *in select stores* 1oz fragrance mini

Hawaii Mini Aloe Gel Lotion preview
Hawaii Passion Fruit Kiss
Maui Mango Surf
Oahu Coconut Sunset
Waikiki Beach Coconut
Kauai Lei Flower

Diamond Shimmer Mist

 The Fifth Scent will arrive later...

Beach Blanket and Tote and Cosmetic Sets:


Hawaiian Collection Home Fragrance:
Big Island Bamboo (fresh water, bamboo, driftwood)
Guava Colada (pink guava, peaches, coconut husk)
Hawaiian Hibiscus (pink grapefruit, mango, hibiscus flowers)
Honolulu Sun (coconut milk, pineapple, warm sun)
Oahu Coconut Sunset (tropical fruits, coconut, gardenia)
Pineapple Palm Grass (juicy pineapple, sweet oranges, green grass)
Sweet Maui Mango (fresh mango, mandarin, pink dragon fruit)
White Sand Beaches (fresh blue water, sprigs of lavender, soft woods)

3 Wick Candles
Mini Candles
Single Wick Candles




Hombre single wick candles (look like drinking glasses)



 Hawaii Matches too!

Long boxed mini candle set 

Hawaii Hand Soap and Sanitizer Collection:
Hawaiian Pink Hibiscus (hibiscus petals, pink guava)
Honolulu Sun (fresh island coconut, pacific palm)
Island White Pineapple (white pineapple, sparkling melon)
Lush Bamboo Waterfall (lush bamboo, island mist)
Maui Mango Mai Tai (sweet mango, juicy blood orange)
Papaya Sunset (sun kissed papaya, warm jasmine)





 Nourishing Hand Cream:
Maui Mango Mai Tai
Honolulu Sun
Hawaiian Pink Hibiscus
Island White Pineapple
and Honolulu Sun Lip Balm

Hawaii Room Fragrance:
Large Cans:
Honolulu Sun
Hawaiian Hibiscus
Small Size:
Pineapple Mango
Rainbow Flower
Aloha Woodcut
Stingray Vent Clip
Coconut Drink

Palm Trees
Fish Nightlight
Pool Tile
Nautilus (shell)




Wallflower Bulbs:

Hand Sanitizer Pocketbac Holders:
Sea Horse
Pink Palm Tree

Personalize your own:
Hand Sanitizer Refills:
Honolulu Sun
Papaya Sunset
Island White Pineapple
Maui Mango Mai Tai
Hawaiian Pink Hibiscus
Lush Bamboo Waterfall

Metal leaves hand soap holder
Large White Ceramic Pineapple Luminary  3 wick Size
Orange and Green color inside

Happy Easter Candle Cotton Candy Marshmallow

Canvas Bunny Bag

Full Sized nail files
Shower loofah silicone holders: turtle, palm trees one other

Pineapple eye soother
Waves Sleeves

Shell Sleeve
Luggage Tags:

Coin Purse:
bunny with beautiful day travel size