Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Bath & Body Works | Candle Collections | June - December 2016

May 24, 2016


Desert Collection

Desert Rain - parched desert sands are revitalized by the scent of lush raindrops, dew covered grass and a hint of fresh lime.

Sedona Sandstone - follow the trail to awe inspiring Red Tock country with this Southwestern blend of warm amber, cedarwood, and red sandstone.

Adobe Sunset- a spectacular crimson and orange desert sunset is captured by a blend of warm spices, sandalwood and vibrant orange zest.

Desert Heat - a warm blend of Palo Santo wood, golden peach and palm husks evokes the dramatic, yet beautiful desert of the Southwest.

Cactus Lily - amazing desert flowers that bloom by the light of the moon inspired this feminine blend of cactus lily, lavish tuberose and creamy sandalwood.

Mojave Sands - fro the golden sands of the desert to the unique prickly pear cactus, the extraordinary notes in this fragrance transport you to the Southwest.

Wild Sage and Aloe - the lush leaves of a soothing aloe plant blend into the aromatic sage and vetiver offering a fragrant oasis.


Poptails Collection

Island Margarita -

Pink Apple Punch -

Sangria Berry Freeze -

Watermelon Lemonade -

Limoncello -

Mango Coconut Cooler -

Raspberry Citrus Swirl - indulge in a mouth watering mix of ruby red raspberries swirled into a fresh pressed citrus and passion fruit juice.

Blueberry Twist - sweet little blueberries pack a big fragrance punch in this creamy mix of whippd vanilla and coconut.



Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Bath & Body Works | Tomorrow's Sale Information | May 25, 2015

There will be several sales happening tomorrow.

The Beach Candles will be on sale priced at $15.00.

The Beach Hand Soaps and the NEW Kitchen Lemon Hand Soaps will be on sale for $3.00.

Signatures will go back to sale pricing: Buy 3 Get 3 Free.

I know there will be a good sale on candles this weekend, but I am not sure if it will happen Thursday night for Friday morning. Pricing details to come.

Also...a note about SAS:

If you want candles for the SAS I am being told to be there when the stores open.  All of the candles from January to May will be there, as I said before, as long as there is still stock available. And the stores are receiving Fall candles as well as Fall Signatures...and I was told this could be the biggest SAS ever.

Grab your Coupons!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Bath & Body Works | Candle Collections | January - June 2016

May 22, 2016
Fiesta Collection
Baja Cactus Blossom- The alluring beauty of a cactus flower captured in a blend of fresh white flowers, green cactus stems and sun kissed coconut

Black Teakwood- Rich black teakwood blends with soft sandalwood and crisp lavender in an elegant home fragrance

Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla- Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla - The delicious fragrance of rich vanilla beans sprinkled with sugar crystals and fresh ground Mexican cinnamon

Coconut Vanilla- A carefree tropical blend of fresh creamy coconut water, sweet vanilla and golden toasted coconut

Guava Pina Colada-The perfect scent for a hot sunny day–freshly picked guava, creamy coconut milk and orange flower

Island Margarita-- The intoxicating scent of sunny lime, sweet mango and juicy plum with a freshly salted rim

Mango Dragon fruit- Fiesta forever with this vibrant tropical blend of juicy golden mangoes and lush pink dragon fruit

Pineapple Lily- Fresh pineapple, delicate lily petals & crisp greens create the prettiest spring fragrance

Not Released Nationwide:
*Mayan Caramel- a mouthwatering mix of luscious caramel swirls, creamy vanilla and Tonka.

*Prickly Pear and Sugarcane-Bring home a blend of luscious prickly pear fruit and sweet sugarcane inspired by the exotic flavors of Mexico.

Italy Collection
Coconut Sandalwood- Fill your home with a tropical blend of creamy island coconut, luxurious sandalwood and a hint of jasmine

Endless Weekend- Days of sunshine & happiness, captured in fresh summer mandarin, sun-kissed magnolia and coconut water

Indigo Sky- Nothing but indigo skies from now on with the scent of deep blue air, sun-dappled orange blossoms and soft amber

Sundrenched Mango- Succulent sundrenched mango blends into fresh pineapple and salted citrus in an intoxicating island fragrance

Seaside Citrus- Seaside cliffs covered in sun-soaked lemon verbena, sea lavender and lily of the valley come to life in this citrusy blend

Tiki Beach- A scent as warm as sunrays - a luxurious blend of vanilla musk, orchids and toasted coconut

Turquoise Waters- It's a shore thing that this blend of sea spray sunlight, and beach grass will transport you to turquoise blue ocean waters.

White Gardenia- Creamy white coastal gardenias blend with watery greens and soft woods in a luminous floral scent

White Sand Beaches- Escape to your dream beach with an airy mixture of coastal tiare flowers, sun-kissed driftwood and bergamot leaves

Not Released Nationwide:

*Mediterranean Melon- escape to the sunny Mediterranean with the tantalizing fragrance of juicy melon, creamy vanilla topped with sparking sugar.

*Sand and Sea - go where the weather is warm and the worries are few with a seductive blend of fresh sea breezes, soft sage and warm golden sand.

*Fresh Bamboo - Online only

Hawaii Collection
Golden Pineapple Luau- Enjoy a Mai Tai at sunset in the scent of Maui pineapple, tropical hibiscus and luscious papaya

Honolulu Sun- Enjoy the warmth of Honolulu sunshine in a happy blend of fresh island coconut, Pacific palm and sundrenched citrus

Tiki Mango Mai Tai- Drink in a tropical blend of mango nectar, jasmine flower and sun kissed grapefruit …now who wants to hula?

Hawaiian Hibiscus- Experience an island getaway with fragrant hibiscus, Hawaii's native flower, combined with creamy coconut and jasmine notes

Rainforest Gardenia- A tropical luxury! The alluring floral scent of beautiful island gardenia blended with fresh bamboo and sweet apple water

Mahogany Coconut- A sophisticated blend of rare mahogany and creamy coconut milk layered over soft sandalwood

Waikiki Beach Coconut- Dream of Hawaiian beaches with the scent of fresh coconut, saltwater breezes and sun-bleached woods

Fiji White Sands- Sail away to a South Seas paradise in a fragrance made from fresh cut sugarcane, white nectarine and sundrenched sandalwood

Island Living Collection (ribbed colored glass)
Blue Ocean Waves- Be inspired by breathtaking blue ocean waves captured in sea spray, creamy sandalwood and fresh citrus breezes

Mango Shores- Discover beautiful new tropical shores with the scent of fresh mango, creamy coconut and Caribbean island blossoms

Ocean Driftwood- Bring home the luxurious scent of beachside oak and opulent mahogany washed smooth by the Caribbean Sea

Coconut Leaves- Turn your home into an island oasis with the scent of palm leaves, citrus zests and soothing coconut

Oahu Coconut Sunset- Escape to Oahu with a sexy blend of coconut blossoms & exotic tiger lily warmed by molten amber

Vanilla Beach Flower- Stroll along the shore and breathe in the fragrance of vanilla flower petals, sheer coconut and soft beach musk

(*Palm leaf glass was shown in test stores only and Honolulu Sun nationwide)
Not Released Nationwide:
Island Hideaway-

Spring Market Collection
Beautiful Day- Bring a fragrance as beautiful as the perfect spring day into your home–sun-kissed apple, wild daisies and fresh pink peonies

Bowties and Bourbon- Relax on a springtime porch with a blend of dark oak, fresh bergamot and a hint of bourbon

Honeysuckle- A beautiful blend of sweet honeysuckle nectar, creamy vanilla and peony

Georgia Peach- There's nothing sweeter than a blend of Georgia peaches, dewy petals and a hint of creamy vanilla

Lilac Blossom- The belle of the spring garden, lilac blossom is the ultimate floral fragrance

Praline Pecan Cobbler- A scrumptious mixture of sparkling cinnamon sugar, lush caramel and crunchy pecans

Strawberry Vanilla- Add a juicy sweetness to any spring day with the scent of ripe garden strawberries infused with fresh vanilla

Sweet Pea-

Sundress- This blend of bright day lilies, tonka beans and bergamot is as easy and breezy as a sunny day

Watermelon Lemonade- Refresh your thirst for spring with this delightful blend of watermelon ice, sparkling water and freshly squeezed Meyer lemons

White Tea and Ginger- A fresh, irresistible blend of delicate white tea leaves with sparkling citrus and a hint of ginger

Not Released Nationwide:
Eucalyptus Mint and Rain - Breathe in the fresh fragrance of raindrops sparkling on eucalyptus and mint leaves in the garden

Destinations Collection
Amsterdam -spring tulip -Treat yourself to the scent of fresh-cut flowers – sweet lilac, pink freesia and Dutch tulips

Capri- fresh water and sea salt-Celebrate Capri's crystal blue waters with notes of sheer jasmine, sparkling orange and warm sandalwood

Hawaii- oahu coconut sunset- escape to the island of Oahu with a sexy blend of coconut blossoms and tiger lily warmed by molten amber

London - tea and lemon- It's teatime! Enjoy a majestic celebration with a royal blend of tea, lemon and sugar

New York - beautiful day -Experience the perfect spring day in New York City with sun-kissed apple, daisies & pink peonies

Paris - lavender macaron -A truly French treat that combines the scent of lavender blossoms with a patisserie cookie

Tahiti -passion flower -Bring home an island paradise with a blend of Tahitian flowers, orange blossom & solar musk

Venice - peach bellini -Raise your glass! A romantic Italian blend of sparkling peach, sweet orange and mandarin

Not Released Nationwide:
*Brazil-rio coconut and teakwood- relax in the warmth of rio's beautiful beaches with a marvelous mix of creamy coconut milk and inviting teakwood

*Aruba- Oceanside-enjoy an instant escape to aruba with this blend of sun-ripened citrus, warm sands, and refreshing ocean air

*Istanbul -

* Caribbean - Caribbean escape -

*Havanna - sweet tobacco and spice- visit the intoxicating atmospheric city of Havana with this rare blend of sweet tobacco, amber and spice.

*Savannah-bow ties and bourbon - enjoy the graciousness of this charming sourthern city with a blend of dark oak, fresh bergamot an a hint of bourbon spirits.

Pink Bellini Brunch Collection
Blueberries and Cream- sweet vanilla bean, garden blueberries and a hint of sugar combine in this mouthwatering fragrance.

Cinnamon Sugar Donut- (online only) - Share delight with a homemade vanilla cake doughnut covered in sugar crystals and crushed cinnamon

Georgia Peach- There's nothing sweeter than a blend of Georgia peaches, dewy petals and a hint of creamy vanilla

Mocha Latte Swirl-Recharge with the wonderfully rich scent of espresso and creamy caramel, topped with whipped cream

Lemon Mint Tea- Refreshing spearmint leaves combine with fresh zesty lemon and verbena to delight your senses

Love- the fragrance of love and happiness comes from the notes of spring cherry blossoms, fresh strawberries and sweet Tonka.

Praline Pecan Cobbler- Indulge in warm caramel cobbler with the sweet crunch of pecan nuts and sparkling cinnamon sugar

Sugared Peony Petals- Treat yourself to the sweet scent of sugared peony petals atop swirls of rich vanilla buttercream

Vanilla Bean Marshmallow- A comforting vanilla fragrance that evokes the sweetness of a homemade marshmallow

Watermelon Lemonade-Refresh your thirst for spring with watermelon ice, sparkling water and freshly squeezed Meyer lemons

Not Released Nationwide:
*Key Lime Pie- Freshly squeezed lime mixes with lush vanilla cream and a hint of coconut in a fragrance inspired by the classic all-American key lime pie

White Barn Colored Glass Collection
Beautiful Day-

Bergamot Waters- A lush blend of blue bergamot waters, creamy sandalwood and a hint of sugared citrus

Eucalyptus Mint - Fresh eucalyptus, spearmint & a dash of citrus evoke the beauty of a brisk walk in cool mountain air

French Lavender- A home fragrance that never goes out of style – the clean scent of fine French lavender heightened by a hint of vanilla

Fresh Cut Lilacs- Bring the beauty of fresh cut lilacs indoors with a blend of lilac blossoms & spring musk

Fresh Balsam - Breathe in the fresh, invigorating fragrance of snow-dusted balsam, fir trees & eucalyptus leaves

Georgia Peach - There's nothing sweeter than a blend of Georgia peaches, dewy petals and a hint of creamy vanilla

Mahogany Coconut- A sophisticated blend of rare mahogany and creamy coconut milk layered over soft sandalwood

Mahogany Teakwood- Ready your home for the new season with an expertly crafted blend of mahogany, oak & frosted lavender. A luxurious classic!

Midnight Blue Citrus - The beauty of tropical seas at night, captured in fresh citrus, blue waters & soft musk

Pineapple Mango- A blend of tropical pineapple, juicy orange mango and fresh red raspberry that's as bright as spring

Pure White Cotton- This blend of sea air, creamy white coconut and soft gardenia petals evokes cool, crisp cotton sheets

Vanilla Bean- A luxurious confection with layers of sparkling sugar crystals & a hint of fresh cream

Watermelon Lemonade - Refresh your thirst for spring with watermelon ice, sparkling water and freshly squeezed Meyer lemons

Wine Cellar- The luxurious scent of fragrant red fruit, rare patchouli & a touch of saffron pairs perfectly with your home

Not Released Nationwide:
*Black Pepper Bergamot- bring home a lavish blend of bergamot leaves, black peppercorns and soft lavender.

*Cashmere and Oak- wrap yourself in the sumptuous fragrance of cashmere musk, gleaming amber and rich oak.

*Spring- spring is in the air with the fragrance of early daffodils, apple blossoms and sycamore woods.

*Coconut Sandalwood- soft sandalwood takes on a touch of the tropics with creamy coconut and island jasmine.

*Golden Grapefruit- a brilliant new blend of golden grapefruit, lemon zest and a touch of cassis.

*Fresh Water and Sea Salt -

*Suncrisp Apple- a blend of sparkling champagne and bright lemon with the sweet essence of juicy suncrisp apple.

*Sweater Weather- breathe in the crisp cool air in a brisk mix of eucalyptus, juniper berry and fresh sage.

*Sundrenched Vineyard- toast the season with a full bodied blend of rich fruit, white wine rapes and oak

Beach Glow Collection
St. Tropez Beach Cabana- Explore the heart of the French Riviera with orange blossoms, warm sands & salty sea air

Bora Bora Tiki Beach- Escape to the tropics with toasted coconut, warm vanilla & South Seas orchids

Caribbean Driftwood Surf- Be transported to white sand beaches with Caribbean coconut, watery citrus and sea-salted driftwood

South Beach Suntan- A sunny South Beach blend of orange blossoms, bright citrus and soft coconut husk

Malibu Citrus Glow- The ultimate beach getaway, captured in sweet oranges, juicy cling peaches & a hint of jasmine

Rivera Maya Plumeria Petals- Be whisked away to the beaches of Mexico with plumeria petals, coconut milk & pineapple leaves

Beach House Collection
Black Sands- An unforgettable blend of ocean mist and exotic amber, finished with creamy cedarwood

Endless Weekend- Days of sunshine and happiness, captured in fresh summer mandarin, sun-kissed magnolia and coconut water

Pineapple Mango- Your ultimate dream beach blend of tree-ripened mango, white pineapple and a trace of warm island vanilla

Sunny Coconut- A beautiful breezy blend of sunshiny orange blended with a creamy vanilla coconut

Seaside Gardenia- Stroll on the shore with the fragrance of gardenia trees in the soft sea air and fresh bamboo

Sparkling Waves- Your ultimate dream beach blend of tree-ripened mango, white pineapple and a trace of warm island vanilla

Beach Cabana- Relax on the beach with a mix of orange blossoms, sun-kissed citrus and soft coconut husk

Tiki Beach-



Bath & Body Works | Semi Annual Sale June 2016

May 21, 2016

This is just a small bit of information about what I will say we could be seeing at Semi Annual Sale and is subject to change.

Keep in mind that most stores will see the same merchandise arrive...and some will have boxes in their box up that will come out from what they had left over while others won't have those things...

There will be a few stores testing SAS before the set launch of June 6th. Now these could be regular stores and/or Test Stores.  I think that s why there were coupons with a May 30th date.

Here is what I know so far, and there is tons more to come so this isn't it:
  • The Flashback Fragrances may preview at $3.75 (pricing may change but as of now...that is what it could be). They all look so pretty...

  • Aromatherapy Returning: Stress Relief - Eucalyptus Basil, Eucalyptus Tangerine and Vanilla Verbena - available in shower gel, body lotion, body cream and they should be priced at 50% off.

  • Warm Vanilla Sugar - Sweet Pea - Be Joyful will be priced 75% off
  • Fiesta Body Care will be priced at 75% off - Hibiscus Guava Fresca, Agave Papaya Sunset, Iced Par Margarita

  • the body soufflĂ© for forever red (in the square glass container) will be 75% off
*Wine Country Collection should be returning: Vineyard Champagne Kiss, Napa Valley Sunset, Sonoma Weekend Escape (pricing to be determined possibly 75%)

* Someone mentioned to me today SUN, SKY and AIR were seen returning so that was not yet confirmed by me but possible.

*Honolulu Sun and Malibu Heat are NOT part of SAS pricing

The pricing on Wallflowers should be $3.00 from what I know and they should match the candle collections .

50% off Candles:
Hawaii and Island Living Collection
Spring Market and Pink Bellini  Brunch
Fiesta Collection
Italy Collection

Destinations Candle Collection  (there was indication of 7 scents could be on the table, not sure if it is only for test stores but some that didn't make nationwide launch were shown so will we all see those too???- $12.00

Market Fresh Picked Candle Collection: 3 Wick: Farm Stand Apple-Harvest Peaches-Eucalyptus Mint-Autumn Mums-Lemon Mint Leaf-Heirloom Pumpkin  $12.00
White Barn Colored Glass and the new Beach Glow candles will be FULL PRICE