Saturday, July 18, 2015

Bath & Body Works | New Fall Hand Soaps | Pumpkin

July 18, 2015
This next collection of hand soaps coming I will share is the Pumpkin Collection. Typical fragrances that we love and adore.
I shared these, July 30, 2014 the
Pumpkin Café Collection:
  • pumpkin pecan waffles
  • pumpkin spice latte
  • pumpkin cupcake
  • sweet cinnamon pumpkin
Here are a few of this years Pumpkin Collection so far:
Available in both Deep Cleansing and Gentle Foaming formulas. 
The Deep Cleansing is very thin, much different than years ago.
It's that time of year again - for ALL THINGS PUMPKIN
  • sweet cinnamon pumpkin
  • marshmallow pumpkin latte
  • pumpkin pecan waffles
  • pumpkin cupcake
There could be more to the collection and if there are, I will add them as I get them.  This years collection has clear bottles with white pumps and colored hand soap;
done in varying shades of tan, orange and burgundy in the pumpkin pecan waffles.  Why a plumy burgundy color for the waffle soap is beyond me....
The Label Design:
The majority of the label on this years soap bottle is  clear with a few cropped pumpkin images laid in, rather than a full label of what looked like an actual photograph that we had last year.  The font used is a more Halloween graphic free flowing hand writing style, to me, rather than the script of last years....and it's definitely a more less thought out side label.  I love photographic images on my products to decorate my home. They show me someone actually thought out what the Collection should evoke...not that someone knew how to use photoshop.  Again, just my initial reaction in seeing and comparing.
The Scents:
  • sweet cinnamon pumpkin - warm pumpkin, fresh cinnamon stick and sweet sugarcane
typical scent I mentioned previously on the last blog post.
  • marshmallow pumpkin latte - creamy pumpkin, toasted marshmallows, and praline
perhaps a hair of pumpkin scent, but I find it a more marshmallow...vanilla creamy nutty, scent.
  • pumpkin pecan waffles - fluffy waffles, sugared pecans and maple syrup
definitely another bakery note with a warm, sugary nuttiness to it.  this one does smell a bit weaker than the PPW I remember.  I haven't washed with it I am hoping its stronger in use.
  • pumpkin cupcake - baked pumpkin, and whipped vanilla frosting
definitely a pumpkin cupcake with all of the spices in it topped off with buttercream frosting...a delish bakery scent.
I look forward to seeing these in the store and if there are more to this collection, I will add them to this review.
Up next...Cork and Vine Collection Hand Soaps....

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