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Bath & Body Works | November - December Floorset | The Perfect Christmas

October 13, 2015
I have been told in many different stores that Holiday I begins November 8th, while a few others have said they may set as early as November 2nd.  I guess we will know in the next few weeks just what will be available and when.  Until then, I will try to keep this post updated with the new things I find.  You know, like Santa's Little Helper. :)

*Available November 2, 2015

Holiday Traditions Fragrances
Holiday Favorites returning:
Winter Candy Apple -
  • Top Notes: Red Apple, Candied Orange
  • Mid Notes: Maple Leaf, Fresh Cinnamon, Winter Rose Petals
  • Dry Notes: Winter Musk, Orris, Oakmoss

Vanilla Bean Noel -
  • Top Notes: Fresh Vanilla Bean
  • Mid Notes: Warm Caramel, Whipped Cream
  • Dry Notes: Snowkissed Musk, Sugar Cookies

Twisted Peppermint -
  • Top Notes: Cool Peppermint
  • Mid Notes: Sugared Snow
  • Dry Notes: Vanilla Buttercream, Fresh Balsam, Hint of Musk
Some new additions:
*Jingle All the Way -
 iced clementine, sparkly snow flakes, north pole vanilla, holiday poppies, and blue spruce
*Merry Berry Christmas -
frosted raspberries, holly berries, pink Prosecco, jasmine wreath and crystal musk
*Red Velvet Cheer -
red velvet frosting, Christmas citrus, festive apple
Available Forms:
Shower Gel
Body Lotion
Body Cream
Fine Fragrance Mist
Travel Lotion and Mist
Lip Gloss
Snowflake Scrub
Swirl Lotion

b2ap3_thumbnail_pBBW1-21698285v850.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_pBBW1-21698269v850.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_pBBW1-21698274v850.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_pBBW1-21922751v850.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_pBBW1-21698263v850_20151023-175308_1.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_pBBW1-21698280v850.jpg
b2ap3_thumbnail_pBBW1-21698275v850.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_pBBW1-21698286v850_20151024-194917_1.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_pBBW1-21922752v850.jpg
b2ap3_thumbnail_pBBW1-21698268v850.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_pBBW1-21698264v850.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_pBBW1-21698281v850.jpg
b2ap3_thumbnail_11204467_10205412902905119_264805187789779680_n_20151024-194747_1.jpg (photo credit @thescentedprincess)
b2ap3_thumbnail_pBBW1-21698282v850.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_pBBW1-21698265v850.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_pBBW1-21922753v850.jpg
Holiday Traditions Hand Soaps
Deep Cleansing and Gentle Foaming
Vanilla Bean Noel- fill your heart with laughter with vanilla bean noel, a blend f fresh vanilla bean, warm caramel, sugar cookies, whipped cream, and snow-kissed musk, inspired by pure comfort and joy.
Winter Candy Apple - tis the season to indulge in irresistible treats like winter candy apple, a blend of red apple, winter rose petals, candied orange, maple leaf, and fresh cinnamon. Make holidays sweet.
Twisted Peppermint - share the sweetness of the season with twisted peppermint, a whimsical twist on a holiday favorite with notes of cool peppermint, sugared snow, vanilla buttercream, fresh balsam and a hint of musk.
Merry Cookie - let visions of sugar dance in your head with merry cookie, a blend of buttery sugar cookies iced with vanilla bourbon frosting.
Jingle All the Way - A merry blend of iced clementine, sparkling snowflakes & North Pole vanilla
b2ap3_thumbnail_z12068859_10205373660364080_2171220316355678081_o.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_z12108161_10205377961191598_1750978986575307574_n.jpg
b2ap3_thumbnail_z12140692_10205373660444082_4053179076282743109_n.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_z12118788_10205377961231599_88047571361835078_n.jpg
b2ap3_thumbnail_z12144771_10205373660484083_9074372426297372165_n.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_z10361511_10205377961071595_3013962823116170143_n.jpg
b2ap3_thumbnail_z12108761_10205383467249246_7373968916297014383_n.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_z12109129_10205377961751612_4295570503361400711_n.jpg
Hand Sanitizers and Hand Cream
Holiday Traditions:
Twisted Peppermint
Vanilla Bean Noel
Winter Candy Apple
Red Velvet Cheer
Merry Berry Christmas
Hand Creams:
Twisted Peppermint
Vanilla Bean Noel
Winter Candy Apple

Pocketbac Holders:
Silver Bow
Pink Bow
Reindeer Mouse
Blue Snowflake
Pin heart with gems
Snow Bunny
Jingle Bells
Purple Jingle Bells
Pink ombre sweater pattern
Blue ombre sweater pattern
Best Friends Penguins
Polar bear and Penguin
Tree Hugging Bear
Glitter red
Glitter gold
Glitter multi
Character-like Hand Soaps and Pocketbacs:

Oh Snap- Jolly Gingerbread
#Snowday - ice blizzard
Santa Paws - jungle juice
Stasher - Reindeer Raspberry
Elfin Around - north pole punch
#sELFIE - Christmas tree
Santa-tizer - ho, ho, honeycrisp
Pink Prancer - Sugared Strawberries
    (5 photos credit @thescentedprincess)  
Hand Soaps:
Oh Snap - Jolly Gingerbread
Elfin Around - North Pole Punch
Candy Cane Bliss
Stasher - Reindeer Raspberry
Kiss Kiss Mistletoe
Holiday Traditions Home Fragrance
*Dashing Through the Snow -
Breathe in the crisp cool air of a holiday sleigh ride with a blend of green balsam, wintry musk and the jingle of sparkling citrus.
 *Evergreen -
 *Jingle All the Way -
Jingle Bells will ring and make spirits bright with this merry blend of mandarins, apples and coconut cream.
 *Sparkling Sugar Plum -
Visions of this beautiful blend of sparkling sugarplums, apple blossoms an a touch of mint will dance in your head.
 *Sweater Weather -
 *Tis the Season -
 *Twisted Peppermint -
 *Vanilla Bean Noel -
 *Winter Candy Apple - 
Holiday Traditions Wallflowers
Vanilla Bean Noel
Winter Candy Apple
Twisted Peppermint
Sweater Weather
Marshmallow Fireside
Holiday Traditions Room Sprays
Vanilla Bean Noel
Winter Candy Apple
Twisted Peppermint
Tis the Season
Sweater Weather
Marshmallow Fireside
Snowflake Collection Hand Soap Collection
Sparkling Icicles
Fresh Balsam
'Tis the Season
Mahogany Teakwood
Snowflake Collection Pocket-bacs:
Fresh Balsam
'Tis the Season



Holiday Traditions
Top Picks Bucket
Purchase with Purchase $25 with a $35 purchase---
October 26, 2015

 Vanilla Bean Noel Shower Gel

Vanilla Bean Noel Body Lotion...

Vanilla Bean Noel Fine Fragrance Mist

Vanilla Bean Noel Pocketbac Refill

Green Pocketbac Holder

 Winter Candy Apple Nourishing Hand Cream

Winter Candy Apple Gentle Foaming Hand Soap

Twisted Peppermint Deep Cleansing Hand Soap
Twisted Peppermint Mini Candle

Red Shower Poofie

Large Assortment of PENGUIN
accessories coming
Large Stuffed Waddles the Penguin $150.00
Small Stuffed Waddles the Penguin
Penguin Cookie Jar $45.00
Polar Bear Cookie Jar
Snowglobe Polar Bear- Penguin
Pedestal Snow Globe Penguin
b2ap3_thumbnail_z12200959_10153216587347338_1191178865_n_20151101-190154_1.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_z12182337_10153341791153458_1193885089_n.jpg
b2ap3_thumbnail_z12177875_10153207837577338_1962288365_n.jpg  b2ap3_thumbnail_z12065927_960452864026526_5534763155773867479_n.jpg
Ceramic Village House Luminary $79.50
Ceramic Village House Hand Soap holder $10.50
New Signature Fragrance
*Available November 9, 2015
Be Joyful Signature Fragrance
 - Sparkling Clementine, Golden Mango, winter melon, Frosted Jasmine, Golden Amber
Available Forms:
Shower Gel
Body Lotion
Fine Fragrance Mist
Body Cream
Eau de Parfum
Foaming Sugar Scrub
Diamond Shimmer Mist
Travel Trio
Lip Gloss Wand
Eau de Parfum Preview
Be Joyful Candle:
Let your heart be light with this blend of shimmering sugar, sparkling clementine and frosted jasmine in our most joyful fragrance ever.
Black Friday VIP Tote Bag:
Be Joyful Fragrance:
-Body Lotion
-Shower Gel
-Fine Fragrance
-Be Joyful three wick candle
-Be Joyful Hand Soap
Celebration Hand Soap
9.5 ounce bottle $8.00
-Holiday Peach Punch - Pop, Clink, Cheers! Spread some cheer with a festive blend of Peach Nectar, Sparkling Prosecco and Lemon Twist
-Merry, Merry Cherry - Pop, Clink, Cheers! Get Happy with a very merry party of maraschino cherry, White Nectarine and Vanilla Sugar.
-Spiced Apple Toddy -
-Be Joyful -
Celebration Candles
*Black Tie -
Your perfect date to any holiday party- green sage, sandalwood and Tonka bean
 *Champagne Toast
 *Cinnamon Caramel Swirl
 *Cranberry Sugar Cookie -
Fill the holiday cookie jar with the sweet scent of ruby red cranberries, fresh creamery butter and cinnamon sugar.
 *Golden Peach Sparkle -
Here's a pretty blend of festive greenery, creamy vanilla and juicy peach that's perfect for every holiday party.
 *Snowflakes and Spruce -
Kick off the holiday season with an outdoorsy blend inspired by snowcapped spruce, and sweetened by a touch of creamy vanilla.
 *Pomegranate Prosecco Punch -
Ring in the holidays with this bubbly and bright blend of Italian Prosecco, juicy pomegranate and a splash of pear.
 *Sparkling Icicles -
Let your holiday party sparkle with this bright fragrance of moss, bergamot and a finishing touch of citrus.
 *November 23, 2015
Signature Collection:
Sparkly, Festive Packaging
Available in Signature Collections, 3 wick candles and Gentle Foaming Hand Soap
Beautiful Day
Moonlight Path
Warm Vanilla Sugar
Japanese Cherry Blossom
Sweet Pea
*November 27, 2015 BLACK FRIDAY--info to come
WHITE BARN Candle Collection
*Noel- Silver Pine and Cedar
Create a beautiful home for Christmas with this aromatic blend of pine needles, cedar and juniper sprigs.
 *Peace - Iced Vanilla Woods -
Enjoy a peaceful holiday with this soothing blend of sweet vanilla, smoldering woods and iced lavender.
 *Wish - Christmas Spice -
A warm, inviting scent made from classic Christmas spices- cinnamon stick, ground cloves and nutmeg that's sure to become a tradition in your home.
 *Joy - Peppermint Marshmallow -
Indulge in the fragrance of fluffy vanilla marshmallows, which are full of holiday sweetness and Peppermint Joy.
 *Celebrate - Merry Cookie -
The scent of classic holiday cookies made from vanilla, butter and sparkling sugar will instantly evoke warm Christmas memories.


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