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Bath & Body Works | Semi Annual Sale Finds

June 9, 2016
Here are some of my finds from the June Semi Annual Sale at Bath and Body Works stores until July 3rd.  I don't know about anyone else but I am READY for the fall and Halloween things....
Day one and  I got sprayed with lotion from an exploded in the box bottle and I was like...okay I am good... come on Pumpkins.
 First, there are a few new Pocketbac Hand Sanitizers out. My store had no clearance pocketbacs available any where....(they didn't have anything else good out 75% off either....wonder why?) But these are a few new refills with a brand new base price. $2.00.  Boo.   They are currently still in the promo buy 5 for $6.00 but I am not thrilled with this being another over inflated price jump. I can go to Walmart and grab a huge bottle of sanitizer for a few dollars and refill some older bottles rather than paying this new price point. 
Another new item out on the shelves; Summer Boardwalk in the White Barn Colored Glass Collection Candle.  It joined the Lavender Vanilla, Pomegranate Lemonade and Strawberry Cupcake already out earlier this week.
I am not sure how I feel about the Yellow Glass...I think it is one of those scents you expect to see in a nautical / summer themed stickered glass but I will be grabbing one when candles go on sale.
I was able to get a ceramic pineapple, well two actually.  I am not sure if I am keeping them both or selling one.

The collection of things available varied from store to store and those stores closest to me didn't have anything half as good for 75% off like others stores did....Not that I expected to see any cheap candles hit the floor here. I saw some interesting SA behavior for sure first thing Monday. And I was told anything good will not come out as the SA's will buy it first. 
The tall sunburst like luminary....I was talked into this....easily I might add.  I purchased the smaller version for - $19.50 - as soon as they came out earlier this year and I use it in my office at night as I work. Love it!  I am not sure what to do with this one...yet.
Found sitting alone on a shelf at the sale...Calling to me.  I answered.
At the cash wrap, a impulse clearance wallflower buy.
I said I was read for some pumpkins...
I found a few Lavender though...
And some 4 oz. candles.  The  huge pile of 4oz. candles on the cash wrap were apparently spoken for before I got there at opening. But I am glad to have these few. 
 Only at 50% off but still a good candle find.  I saw Salted Caramel too but passed...
And out of maybe a dozen Forever Red Creams, this was the only one that was new looking inside and not all stirred up like fingers were in it. Yuck.  I had to add it and the two WF bulbs to my second order because the mid store hand held check out (because of huge lines) wouldn't take my survey coupon I was told and I had to use a $10 off of $40 coupon instead. 25% off vs 33% off.  Hmmm.
On Monday the stores I visited wouldn't bring this out for sale.  Today I spotted in one of the stores I visited.
I noticed, since I am trying to tag my stash of signatures now with the year, that a few of the items I purchased...the Sonoma items....were dated 2016.  So am I to assume these aren't left overs from last year shipped to the store but now newly produced products?  Many of the other signature items in the red boxes had the year they released stamped on them.
On a scale of 1 - 10 my rating of the SAS so far is a 3. I am basing it on the items each store had to offer, the long lines I had to stand in to get a few things, the behavior of the staff ( more to that story for sure), and my expectations of what I would see not being met. 
Compared to other stores and photos shared on IG, and FB...many people are making a killing on some really great products while the rest of us have some boring same ole, same ole.  Tell me, if you can do production on signature fragrances for the sale, why is it so hard to pour some Sweet Shop Candles for the sale?  What is it about that line that we can't seem to get a redo on it?
With 24 more days of SAS to go what could be offered that would make me want to go back?

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