Saturday, June 25, 2016

Bath & Body Works | Update Information

June 25, 2016

I wanted to share a few things I heard so I don't forget them as they may be of interest to you for your upcoming Bath and Body Works shopping experiences.

  • The next floor set for July is called The Perfect Summer Sale.
  • The exact date of when The Perfect Summer Sale launches is STILL up in the air until possibly Monday.  It will either set July 3rd for store opening July 4th....Or July 5th.  I will keep an updated post handy so we know for sure.
  • The new Signature Scents I announced yesterday may possibly come out in August.  The thinking behind this is because the last time five scents came out it was mentioned then that Malibu Heat was "coming soon" and it launched the next month.  Again, as I find out more, I will keep it updated.  I make mention of it now only because when I shared the names of the new
Forever Beach Days
Sweet Summer Sunset
Blue Waves and Citrus
Poolside Coconut Colada
and Possibly Seaside Breeze
  Someone reached out to me letting me I can always keep my posts as spot on correct as possible.  And truth be told, I want to try out the new July five fragrances....without worry of not getting them all because of five others out at the same time.  That overload of fragrances does cause the budget to burst a bit.

  • The next bounce back coupon will feature a photo of A Thousand Wishes on it and it is a $10 off of $30 purchase.  Photo to come.
  • There has been much speculation from last year when there was talk about Watermelon Lemonade coming out as body care, that BLACK CHERRY MERLOT may also join that journey to a Body Care Collection. I wouldn't be surprised to see it. ;)  Possibly in August as well.
Okay I think that is all I made note of. If I remember anything else I will add another post.

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