Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Bath & Body Works | New Sunset Glow Body Care Collection - First Thoughts and Review

Bath and Body Works Newest Body Care Collection, Sunset Glow,  Coming soon online and in stores.

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Bath and Body Works Sunset Glow Body Care Collection

Captivating like a beautiful sunset, addictive like a sugar rush. This is a sweet treat that you've been craving. Inspired by warm summer nights and delicious confections.  Sunset Glow is free-spirited perfection from sunrise to sunset.

Scent Notes: Fresh Coconut, Sparkling Cherry Seltzer, Dreamy Moonflower, and Caramelized Vanilla.

I have been wearing this Sunset Glow Body Lotion last night and into today, refreshing it often not that it needed to be but I wanted to get the scent notes fresh as I smelled them.  In this 84 degrees heat in my office currently, it smells really nice and I find it is loaded with many scent layers.  If I didn't read the notes on the bottle, I would have guessed vanilla, cherry, and a smidge of coconut.  This is floral, a bit...which?  I couldn't say for sure.

When I first applied it, I got cherry.  Not a cough syrupy cherry...not at all.  And not Black Cherry Merlot.  It's on my other arm and there is NO comparison.  This is a good cherry smell that you want to keep enjoying.

I get some creamy vanilla and of course the brightness of the coconut, but not overwhelmingly so.  It has some floral making it perfect for this time of year.  Not heavy, this fragrance has a sweetness to it and as it dries down it has warmth.  Smelling it in the bottle, you get that vanilla cherry scent, but on my skin with my chemistry, it changes all through the dry down.  It smells familiar - like all of their vanilla scents do.  And I did think of the Signature Cherry Vanilla fragrance from years ago.  I don't have one of those left to compare it to.

I will buy the Fine Fragrance Mist when it comes out to add to my collection and I do recommend trying it yourself in the store to see how it works with your chemistry. Sunset Glow is a great transitional scent perfect for these warm days of summer...right before the first leaves of autumn fall.  Be sure to let me know what you think of it when you try it out.

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