Monday, November 23, 2015

Bath & Body Works | $5.00 Shower Gel Haul | November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015
Much busier days now at the B, today for sure with a $5.00 Shower Gel sale (that may continue tomorrow) and a $3.50 wallflower bulb sale the stores I traveled to had many shoppers and a few long lines.  I didn't mind the wait, I enjoyed people watching the customers at the counter with their treasures as giddy as I am.
The staff at some of the stores visited still were not helpful with basic questions....and I am not saying that to come off as negative and mean.  And I am not asking them for next years secrets.....these are the same people who told me what was coming months ago....excited for this holiday season and sharing a bit of it to build my excitement.
I am only mentioning it because it isn't right to treat a customer....longtime and  passionate about this brand or a brand new walk in....the way they have been.  My husband is way past done with my shopping me.  He told me again tonight, enough is enough.  Either buy it on line or not at all, this is well past ridiculous and I would rather you not let them make a fool of you.
And I am not alone with this feeling of discontent as there are numerous customers who came in today expecting some new and found an associate to ask if there was only to have the same nonsense said. 
"we don't know....they won't tell us anything until the morning of....we don't receive direction until it is to launch....we're not allowed to talk about it or we can get fired....or my favorite...I never heard of that, I don't think that is something we are getting."
I don't expect too much new left to come out for this holiday shopping season in store, so I don't think I will be missing out on too many things to worry about how often I go.  I am not planning on going on Black Friday...{or Thanksgiving Night as a few stores here are open at 6pm}.  I did hear that the blanket will be offered as well as the VIP TOTE. 

The first look email for the tote online, arrived earlier today and the price is the same that I paid last week when I found it online and figured out what the code could be and ordered it then.  $20 with a $40 purchase.  I bought more of the hobnail glass single wick candles to qualify. That order should arrive tomorrow...along with another.
The price point on that Tote varies from purchasing it in store Thanksgiving night, purchasing it Black Friday and purchasing it online.  The only bonus for purchasing it in the store is you can stack a coupon or two to save on the $50-$60 cost whereas online you need to use the Code provided which does not allow for any kind of additional discount.
I once loved going to the store on Black Friday...filling my blue mesh bag(s) with goodies that would end up earmarked as gifts for everyone else and leaving the store struggling to carry everything myself. 
After a stressful fall season and now holiday in what was once my happy place....I will pass and hope that things straighten themselves out without the need of a "Saging"  Ha ha.
Now, onto my purchases.
I did visit the store on Saturday for the $2.75 wallflower bulb sale ($1.65 if you had a 40% off coupon) to pick up some for a family member that couldn't attend and I grabbed the 15 minimum allowed although she wanted 20. The ever popular evergreen scent was sold out first thing {although bags filled on the cash wrap had some} so I was glad I got mine on Friday (shown below) at the regular sale price. I knew the sale was coming Saturday but I didn't want to chance not getting what I wanted. I really like the décor bottles the best.
 With today's $5.00 deal on Shower Gels, I grabbed a few and added my favorite wallflowers, another single wick candle and some pocketbac refills in the Destinations collection coming soon to stores but already online. 
That cute little Santa Claus cap was on a few bottles of both Signature and Hand Soaps throughout the store and for the $1.00 price....I had to get it....
The fur trim has silver sparklies through it and the fabric is a soft velvety like polyester fabric, not felt. 
How I am going to use them...most likely on the bottles of fragrance I basket gift well sitting next to a plate of cookies for Santa....Or a plate with a candle on it.
They measure approx. 3.5"-4" across folded flat so it is a nice size. And since they are suppose to be out in stores Wednesday (if not sooner) if you want them I would suggest you be sure to ask for them Quick.
I like these little add-ons.  One year Yankee Candle had a pair of santa pants with black strap like suspenders that held two of their mini jar candles....and they were offered around Black Friday for $1.00 too.  They sold out quick and really made the gifting of those little candles more special.

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