Friday, February 12, 2016

Bath & Body Works | Quikly | Valentine's Day Offer

February 11, 2016
On February 7th a link became available for the chance to add your name to "Quikly", {a place that offers short term rewards to those who act fast}, to be eligible for rewards from Bath and Body Works.  The first reward was going to be a Fine Fragrance Mist for Valentine's Day and it, as expected, happened  yesterday at 3:30pm. 
I received notice that it would be happening just prior to the email announcing it went live and it was super simple to get the reward.  It was for either an online freebie, with any purchase, that did require you to pay the $5.99 shipping or an in store coupon that enabled you to receive your mist with any purchase.
At the beginning of the offers release, it was shared that a few stores were refusing the offer as they were unfamiliar with it. 
I chose French Lavender and Honey as my free Fragrance Mist...What did you get?


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