Wednesday, February 3, 2016

White Barn - Bath & Body Works | Candle Collection February 2016 | Watercolor labels

February 3, 2016
I had not seen these candles in person in any Bath and Body Works stores near me but when they started showing up on social media sometime last week I wondered if they were some sort of test candle collection for later this spring so I tried to get some info on what these were.

I did call a few White Barn stores for information and these did launch in all stores this Monday, February 1st as they told me they would.  There were a few stores that snuck them out early. hence the social media influx of photos... but the general thought was that these are not testing, persay.  But with the way things have been lately...who knows.

As more and more people fortunate enough to have a White Barn/Bath and Body Works store near them found them and shared...the reviews on them seem to be less favorable.

Many are calling the labels wallpaper like.  Personally I thought they were reminiscent of watercolor art and while I can appreciate diverse marketing...these would be a pass for me not only because of the many re-do scents but the label is not appealing to me.

There are five scents released so far as told from the store and it matches up with what I am seeing on Instagram. Found on EBAY now by seller skk96.

*Bowties and Bourbon
*Beautiful Day
*Praline Pecan Cobbler

*Strawberry Vanilla -Add a juicy sweetness to any spring day with the scent of ripe garden strawberries infused with fresh vanilla.
*Eucalyptus Mint and Rain - Breathe in the fresh fragrance of raindrops sparkling on eucalyptus and mint leaves in the garden.
*Georgia Peach-
*Sweet Pea-
*Watermelon Lemonade-

*White Tea and Ginger - our classic White Tea and Ginger fragrance balances delicate white tea leaves with sparkling citrus and a hint of ginger for a fresh, irresistible fragrance.



I cannot for the life of me understand why we as consumers who constantly share our thoughts via social media of our likes and dislikes with this brand....why we cannot see the return of favored fragrances to the stores.  Or for the matter why that point is never addressed with us via their social media when we ask.

I have read people clamoring for vintage Slatkin fragrances to return as well as other "failed" test scents over and over again, yet floor set after floor set...nothing.  What constitutes a fail regarding testing? Was the scent too light in fragrance?  I was told that Sugar and Spice failed because it was.  I thought it was perfect.  Sometimes I want a slight fragrance...I don't need it to be so strong to bring on a migraine.  Or does it fail because of sales? 

If Pink Bubble Gum or Lavender Marshmallow is getting top prices on the secondary markets because of demand and you can't go a day without someone mentioning it on social media...maybe, just maybe it wasn't a Fail.

I was just told that there are other scents to this collection and as they become available I will add them to the post.


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